Twice-nightly performances of 'Disney Enchantment' coming to Magic Kingdom in July

Jun 24, 2022 in "Disney Enchantment"

Disney Enchantment preview
Posted: Friday June 24, 2022 6:15pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

"Disney Enchantment," the Magic Kingdom's 50th-anniversary firework spectacular, will have two performances each night during the busy July period.

According to the latest Walt Disney World schedule, "Disney Enchantment" will be performed at 9:20pm and 11pm from July 14 through July 24 2022.

The 16 minute "Disney Enchantment" features fireworks, lighting, lasers, projections - and for the first time, projection effects extend from Cinderella Castle down Main Street, U.S.A.

Watch the video below for a look at the October 1 performance of "Disney Enchantment."

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TheMaxRebo1 hour ago

Make them look like the ToT with an actual Tip Top Lounge at top (at and extra fee to access of course)

Fido Chuckwagon12 hours ago

Still time to drain the lagoon and build a new DVC tower instead. With it’s own dedicated entrance to HS they could charge $300 a point!

jrhwdw13 hours ago


disneyglimpses13 hours ago

No, they had no idea for the 100th at MK. Enchantment was supposed to last for several years.

jrhwdw13 hours ago

Yup later this month. Saw that yesterday but didn't post the Tweet because I never know who we like on here and not! LOL! At least Steve gave us Info Today!!!!

wtyy2113 hours ago

Mickey Views tell that the modified version will debuted soon, despite not tonight. They maybe need a more pyro testing.

jrhwdw13 hours ago

Forgive me if I'm not understating but, MK's only Idea for the 100th was Wishes?????? I get the Wishes Theme for the 100th but still.... Or was MK going to return to either Wishes or HEA after DE??? LOVE Wishes!!!! But IDK why would MK skip over HEA to return Wishes....... And.......Steve was Right!!! 2021 Enchantment tonight! Darn for everyone at Testing that there's tonight! LOL!!!!!

SoFloMagic13 hours ago

Record profits despite no Fantasmic or swagass at studios, no rivers of light or awakenings at AK, no once upon a time at MK, and the only two fireworks shows at the resort being piles of hot garbage. The guests these days come for the Instagram shots, not the nighttime spectaculars. Sadly.

disneyglimpses13 hours ago

I am told "no way." That's why we're all so hung up on HEA (and because going to Wishes would mean a huge step back in tech which they won't do).

GhostHost100016 hours ago

They have to get a show back in that amphitheater. What that may be is up to them. I like fantasmic don’t get me wrong I want it back, but if it’s not that then give us something. I just thought they might use the Covid shutdown excuse to rip out fantasmic and put in world of color there which is less cost to operate

jrhwdw17 hours ago

Don't you think DHS is lacking??? If F! was publicly canned with no replacement that would calm the response, no one would baluk at DE/Harm! All the anger would be twoards DHS!!!! I for one would think that F! canned would be a huge loss for DHS/WDW!!!!!

GhostHost100018 hours ago

I would take HEA back over a nighttime parade or even Fantasmic. I’m a little surprised they are even bringing Fantasmic back with the people cost to run that show. Thought they might use this as an opportunity to turn that into a world of color water projection and fire only show lagoon

jrhwdw18 hours ago

Is there any talk of skipping HEA and making a 100th Show?? Or did DL win that and MK doesn't have time to make a Proper 100th Show???? If HEA has the same Magic and Guest Reaction, how eager will MK be to make a new show???? I do appreciate Monday's Test but I think the Bigger problems at TDO are F!'s Date and no Nighttime Parade at MK!!! That should be MK'S next Project, whether or not we need to go back to HEA.....

jrhwdw19 hours ago

I think that was what everyone wanted after DL. Was the original Enchantment like RDCT???? Was any new Tech planned that we don't have now??