Disney Enchantment fireworks returning to Magic Kingdom in 2024

Oct 24, 2023 in "Disney Enchantment"

Updated 'Disney Enchantment' firework show - August 2022
Posted: Tuesday October 24, 2023 9:11am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Magic Kingdom's 50th-anniversary firework show "Disney Enchantment" is making a surprise return in 2024.


The nighttime fireworks spectacular, now named "Enchantment," will return exclusively to Disney After Hours events at Magic Kingdom – meaning on event nights, early arrivals will have the opportunity to see both "Happily Ever After" and "Enchantment."

Disney After Hours at Magic Kingdom will take place on select nights from Jan. 11 through April 8, 2024. Find out more.

"Disney Enchantment" had its final performance as part of the 50th celebration on April 2, 2023, to be replaced by the fan-favorite Happily Ever After on April 3, 2023.

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Starship8244 days ago

I'm curious to see what the projections will look like without the 50th decorations. Hopefully it looks better and you can see the details better.

wtyy214 days ago

Well. DE could be played during Cast Member Service celebration next year like in 2022 and 2023.

jrhwdw4 days ago

I'm hoping DE gets less bad PR in 2024!

Comped4 days ago

RoE made $120 million (or about $6 million a year) of paper profit during its lifetime, far exceeding costs. This could be a way to try and make Enchantment have vaguely OK numbers in comparison.

DCBaker4 days ago

The showtime for Disney Enchantment during After Hours at Magic Kingdom has been released - 11pm.

TheMaxReboOct 24, 2023

For Very Merriest back in 2021, that ran from 9pm to 1am and they did the fireworks (which for ticket holders was 2nd fireworks of the night as they did regular for everyone during regular park hours) at 11:15, so figure something similar for this

MisterPenguinOct 24, 2023

Maybe some accounting maneuvers are at work to accrue a portion of AH revenue to a fireworks show that had a limited run so as to not make it look like such a waste of money? Or there's a bet within Disney as to whether Enchanted can get a fair review among Disney fans if, at the same time, HEA isn't taken away. These are my conspiracies. I own them. I am not stating them as sure-fire reality. Jus' FYI.

Andrew25Oct 24, 2023

Wondering this as well as I can't see it running past 11:30PM. It takes them 45ish minutes to clear the non-Main Street areas of the park (depending on how backed up queues are). Can't imagine they want "regulars" able to watch it either, so if they stick with their Main Street stays open for an hour and you're still able to watch it... kinda takes away the draw for the event. The latest I've seen MK fireworks (outside testing) was around 10:45 earlier this year when fireworks were delayed for rain. And I can't imagine the emporium will be happy losing an hour's worth of sales if they want to force people out immediately. 10:00PM MK Closes 11:00PM Main Street Shops Close 11:30PM Enchantment 11:45AM Guest Services Line at the Contemporary opens for those complaining they're trying to catch some sleep before waking up at 6:45AM to get a Tron Boarding group.

ToTBellHopOct 24, 2023

It won’t be at 1 am.

doctornickOct 24, 2023

Well, no one will "line up" to see this - After Hours are small enough attendance that anyone can walk up a few minutes before the show and watch. But it makes me wonder - and I don't see the answer - when will they do this show? After Hours runs 10:00 PM - 1:00 AM so is this going to be in the "middle" of that time (say at midnight) or will it begin at 1:00 AM? If it is the latter, then it obviously is late, but won't lessen the opportunity of riding as many rides as possible and would be a "bonus" compared to current offerings.

TheMaxReboOct 24, 2023

I think trying to provide some additional values (whatever the show, an extra firework show has value) but with minimal effort/extra expense

rtmachineOct 24, 2023

Yes, it was overwhelming with all the nighttime action back then

doctornickOct 24, 2023

I can't speak for anything else and I wouldn't pay for the After Hours events. But... if there were an exclusive fireworks show that I otherwise couldn't see, it would certainly make me more interested in paying for After Hours than otherwise.

jrhwdwOct 24, 2023

1 or 2 Spectros/MSEP, 1 FITS/Wishes. Later Years, 1 or 2 MM&Y/CTM along with the above. Man!! I miss those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!