Club Cool to reopen this summer at EPCOT

Apr 09, 2021 in "Club Cool"

Posted: Friday April 9, 2021 10:11am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Club Cool will be back at EPCOT this summer in a location next to the new Creations Shop which replaces Mouse Gear.

According to Disney, Club Cool Hosted by Coca-Cola will "celebrate Coca-Cola in a fresh new way, while keeping the fan-favorite experience that invites you to explore tasty drinks from around the world. This space will also have some new magic to bring the global experience of Coca-Cola to life for you."

Club Cool became a fan favorite at EPCOT with the free samples of Cola Cola products, including the infamous Beverly.

Construction is still very much underway in this area.

The new Club Cool will be located in the former Innoventions East building in new World Celebration area, which replaces the original Future World.

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networkpro14 hours ago

Dividetur terra adhuc pax est fabula

RSoxNo114 hours ago

I think from a "guest expectation" standpoint when they hear Disney has a Star Wars land they would be surprised if the bulk of the choices were made around Episode 8 and Solo. I think it was a poor choice, and I'm guessing in hindsight, Disney has realized that as well. The good thing is, the choices were largely subtle enough outside of Falcon so that they timeline is somewhat muddled.

Movielover21 hours ago

Say's your opinion :rolleyes: Agreed.

RSoxNo11 day ago

I know you're being sarcastic here, but here is my understanding of the things you identified... Falcon and Galaxy's Edge in general was Trowbridge's idea to be set in the time frame it was. Knowing how Disney operates, I can't imagine it was a unilateral decision but with so much of the focus being on Episode 8 and Solo related plot points, it's pretty safe to say that was a poor choice. Thankfully, Rise of the Resistance is still an incredible attraction and the bones for Falcon are there where a new mission could largely fix that. Regarding Mission: Breakout... I think it's a better ride than DCA's Tower. It's not as well paced, but the ride is better. Admittedly it now contributes to DCA being a bit more thematically disjointed but from a makeover standpoint, I don't really object to it. My biggest beef with Disney right now is the direction that EPCOT is taking and I would attribute a lot of those decisions to Riddley and Chapek. Someone with more insight than me could correct me, but it definitely seems like Tom Fitzgerald was cast aside from EPCOT's redo, and I suspect it's because he disagreed with some of the direction.

RobWDW19711 day ago

Oh man, remember that time Bob Chapek designed the world's first Millenium Falcon ride and spent $100M+ and wrote the story to be a boring errand to pick up cans in the dark and have somebody shouting at you the whole time? Or how about that time that he designed the world's first Star Wars restaurant and decided to have us eat inside storage crates? Or even worse when Bob Chapek wrote the overly complicated backstory to Guardians about using our hands to unlock something or other so that we could be yelled at throughout the pre-show and ride to "RAISE YOUR HANDS!!!". Good lord, he is truly a terrible, incompetent Imagineer.

Bocabear1 day ago

Pixar Pier was forced...but also trying to make sense of a concept that was just misguided from the beginning... After sinking 4 billion back into the park, it is now pretty decent. DHS needed that sort of overhaul after closing and shuttering so many attractions. What they have done is OK... There were so many things they could have done that would have been better...

RSoxNo11 day ago

I think there's plenty of blame to go around. But when the directive from the top is to shove IP onto every swatch of pavement, you're not going to get inspired projects. It's very easy to see what projects were forced and which ones weren't. Pixar Pier was a forced project and the results (especially on the Incredicoaster) show it.

RobWDW19712 days ago

Absolutely! Remember when Chapek designed the new ridiculous Pirates Antique Road Show scene and wrote all of those painful chicken jokes for Pirates? And when Bob Chapek designed and wrote the script for the latest Imagination ride? Or when Bob wrote all of those pathetic meta jokes and designed the "Babies on a Sticks" on the Incredicoaster?! Man, Bob Chapek is truly a terrible Imagineer.

MisterPenguin3 days ago

“Futura terra est omnis divisa in partes tres” - Robertum Imperatum

DreamfinderGuy3 days ago

Objection! Imagination is part of Celebration. West is technically divided into two new lands, with Nature being a weird trifecta eating into the central plaza.

trainplane33 days ago

Oh come on now. It's World Celebration plaza! You know. (Discovery=Future World East, West=Nature, center=Celebration. But ya, not very memorable.)

Bocabear3 days ago

I would certainly not blame "Zack" but he is not making these postings up by himself...there is an entire machine behind him... He would never be able to post whatever he wants without everything going through the PR machine. I get it, you want to post things to keep interest up, but they need to either allow more access to things that will excite people rather than the most mundane of details... "Hi ! Imagineer Zack Ridley here...Here is some conduit and wire that we have imagineered to bring power into the restrooms of World Discovery plaza that will open in 2025..." lol

Inspired Figment3 days ago

Fixed that for ya..

Inspired Figment3 days ago

In all honesty, I think less of the blame should be on Zach and more on Chapek and the limitations he’s placed on him along with how & what he can say in his posts. Like somebody else said, if he posted stuff like say Joe Rohde, Eddie Sotto, or Tom K. Morris did. Being his genuine, authentic self, really delving into the creative process of things, posting things he loves (sometimes stating why and what he loves about them and in the design, etc.), and focused less on repeating the same PR fluff/talking points recycled to death around everyone within the company these days… he’d be a lot better received by the fan community I think. I genuinely think he’s a passionate fan that cares.. but I feel he’s so desperate to stay in his current position until better management comes in to really let him showcase his true mind & talent.. that, as a result, the longer lousy, soulless management stays without any real progress or respect for the free-spirited creativity Disney & EPCOT especially need & thrive upon, the more damage it does to the quality & integrity of the work he’s in charge of, which ultimately reflects onto his reputation, particuarly when he’s positioned to be the face of it.