EPCOT'S brand new Club Cool now open at Walt Disney World

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New Club Cool 2021
Posted: Wednesday September 15, 2021 11:17am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Opening alongside Creations Shop, Club Cool is back at EPCOT, offering tasting of Coca-Cola products and a range of merchandise.

The space follows the design cues from the new Creations Shop - bright, airy, with high ceilings.

Most drinks from the original Club Cool are back to sample, including the fan-favorite Beverly drink. There are also some new additions to try.

Check out the video below for a quick look around the new Club Cool.

Operating hours are from park open to park close, and you can find the entrance in the breezeway on the east side of the park (former Mouse Gear area.)

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Figments Friend6 hours ago

Looking forward to trying all the new added flavors. And getting my next hit of 'Beverly' in a couple of weeks. The new flavors sound yummy.... Looking forward to the sugar high! 🍹 -

kpilcher11 hours ago

Very much smaller in terms of drink stations. Square footage is probably close. But just 6 drink stations. Ridiculous.

danlb_20001 day ago

I have heard some interesting review of the Smart Sour Plum from China. Some say it tastes like BBQ sauce.

preludevtec011 day ago

Looks uneventful. Bring back the ice tunnel.

TikibirdLand1 day ago

Freestyle machines are a menace unleashed upon society. The soda taste is terrible since it comes out of the very same nozzle. And, the mixing of the stuff that's supposed to be coming out is just bad. Just keep the traditional single heads.

*Q*2 days ago

Club Cool should have taken over one of the towers shops. You're trying soda from around the world, this should be in World Showcase.

Haymarket20082 days ago

Spezi’s (and Mezzo Mix) are a staple in my household. I’ve got German blood in my veins. Also I’m down the street from a famous NYC German market that is consistently stocked with Mezzo. I’m spoiled.

lazyboy97o2 days ago

While the German Cast Members will gladly make you a spezi, Mezzo Mix should just be for sale at the Germany Pavilion. It should also be for sale at Publix and Wawa and Kroger and Walmart, but we can start with the Germany Pavilion. Seat walls have been part of a lot of projects for years now.

the.dreamfinder2 days ago

Or one of the gift shops between FW and WS Lagoon.

Joel2 days ago

Make it the fifth gate.

egg2 days ago

If they built an entire pavilion sponsored by Coca Cola that offers unlimited free soft drinks plus exclusive options, I think that would be one of the highest-rated attractions at Epcot. Nobody wants the Play! pavilion… turn it into a dome filled with drink machines, and the Drink! pavilion would be a hit. Or heck, an addition to the American Adventure pavilion would be a fitting location! I’m only partially joking.

egg2 days ago

I’m shocked that they opened a brand new place with those traditional machines. Like even if they didn’t want to go with custom freestyle machines for capacity reasons, I’d have thought they’d do something more modern. But hey, if Club Cool is back and free then I won’t complain!

Cmdr_Crimson2 days ago

I got a feeling that's Creations back storage area.

awoogala2 days ago

yup. I've been there! I just think it would be awesome if you could buy a full size beverly! ;)