Snow White meet and greet on the move again at the Magic Kingdom

Jun 23, 2014 in "Character Meet and Greets at the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Monday June 23, 2014 2:06pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Snow White meet and greet is once again on the move at the Magic Kingdom.

Earlier this month, Snow White was moved from the Town Square Courtyard to Center Street on Main Street U.S.A. Beginning this week from June 22 2014, Snow White will now be meeting guests on the front porch of the Town Square Theater.

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omuriceJun 27, 2014

I asked the CMs in front of Fairytale hall right after the change -- Are Snow White and Aurora really gone from Fairytale Hall? They said yes but you'll see Snow White soon on Main Street. So I added, are you saying Snow White is now evicted from what was once her own buidling? They said well yes but don't look at it that way, you can still see her. Then I asked the following in mock anger: So are you telling me that as of now, Snow White, Disney's first princess, is now some kind of homeless STREET WALKER?! One CM looked slightly horrified and the other giggled... and I beat a hasty retreat out of there before they ejected me out of the park. If Snow is not safe from eviction, then I am certainly not safe.

FerretAfrosJun 24, 2014

This is a pretty terrible-quality image, but it clearly shows that guests inside the restaurant wouldn't be able to see Snow White if she was greeting next to her attraction. The ground level paths surrounding it are covered by the Carousel, castle walls, and PFH building. The more likely reason that she doesn't meet there is that there's no good place for it, since it's surrounded by relatively narrow paths with no quiet corners for her to use and to form a queue in. The wishing well in Germany is along a major walkway, but is out of the way; there are no little offshoots like that from the path around the Mine Train

asianwayJun 24, 2014

Yeah but that's slightly different than line of sight out the back windows

mm52200Jun 24, 2014

She is at CRT but honestly they don't seem to care too much since Cinderella, Aurora, and Snow all appear in the Castle show at the same time they're in CRT, Ariel is over at her Grotto, etc.

asianwayJun 23, 2014

I believe she is at CRT and needs to be kept out of sight, no? @berlioz70 @mickey_hunter

mousehockey37Jun 23, 2014

I haven't looked at the other 5 pages of this thread but... Since the Mine Train is up and running, why can't she just meet and greet back there? Makes sense, oh wait, common sense doesn't apply, o_O...

Zummi GummiJun 23, 2014

Good point. I forgot most people just get the Memory Maker now.

asianwayJun 23, 2014

Once you've bought the bundle, does one more really matter? Do they sell a lot of one off downloads?

Zummi GummiJun 23, 2014

Probably true but I'm sure photo pass sells significantly more photos with Pluto from that location than they would if it was Foulfellow.

asianwayJun 23, 2014

Which just proves that she is expendable. Time to start cutting some of the fat from the entertainment budget. I still maintain they could put any character at the flagpole and there would be a line

Matt_BlackJun 23, 2014

And I never mentioned box office. My precise words were "critical and commercial success", the latter of which includes home video and merchandise. The entire point of the franchise is to sell dresses and other items to little girls. It is a marketing and merchandising franchise first and foremost.

GiveMeTheMusicJun 23, 2014

And those films don't have princesses in them. I was saying a new princess character being added to DCP's princess line has nothing to do with box office; which has nothing to do with Chicken Little, Brother Bear or Stitch.

Matt_BlackJun 23, 2014

Box office isn't the only factor. The amount of merchandise moved is an important factor too. Chicken Little and Brother Bear had impressive box offices considering they're from the "Dark Age", and yet of that period, the only film represented in the parks is Stitch, because Lilo & Stitch still moves merch.

GiveMeTheMusicJun 23, 2014

Sure can. Anyone could have told you Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida and Anna/Elsa would have been added to the line - Kida and Eilonwy don't jive with the princess brand of beautiful girls in fairy tale or romantic stories. Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa all fit the standard princess mold with little variation, and their inclusion in DCP's line has nothing to do with box office success or Tiana wouldn't have made the cut. These decisions are made well in advance of a film's release date. Anybody with a brain at Disney could have looked at the release pipeline and made a strong educated guess that those girls would join the line. It's not brain surgery, but we are talking about Disney here, where the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing most of the time. Imagineering and park ops don't have to rely on trailers, which marketing skews how they see fit. They can get complete access to a movie in production at WDAS or Pixar for character info, music, scenes, etc.