Limited-time meet and greet with Belle at the Magic Kingdom's Heritage House starts soon

Aug 04, 2016 in "Character Meet and Greets at the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Thursday August 4, 2016 12:09pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom will present a special limited-time meet and greet with Belle from this weekend.

Starting August 7 and taking place daily through to August 31 2016, the experience will be available exclusively to guests who have purchased Memory Maker, Memory Maker One Day package or a Disney Annual Pass with complimentary Disney PhotoPass entitlements (Disney Platinum Plus Pass, Disney Platinum Pass, Disney Gold Pass or Disney Premier Passport). Only one person in each party will need to hold the entitlement to enter, verified by a MagicBand or ticket scan.

Appearing in her formal dress, Belle will appear intermittently from 11am to 5:40pm.  Belle will also continue to appear at Enchanted Tales with Belle in Fantasyland.

Heritage House in Liberty Square has served a number of different roles since closing as a store a few years ago, including a MyMagic+ service center, and most recently as a meet and greet venue with Tiana.

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lazyboy97oAug 13, 2016

The argument "My kids will love it" is proof that Disney has failed. Disneyland was a reaction against such vicarious enjoyment. It also is a strategy that doesn't work that well for long term success. It's an field full of fads and way too many local offerings.

rreadingAug 13, 2016

I would expect (having been one) that the vast majority of folks who purchase the photo package do so for pictures of/with their kids. Most of the kids don't want to see someone random - they may even be afraid of them. Whereas it's the highlight of the trip the 3-4 y/o girl to get to visit with a princess. (At least it was for mine; now that she's 11, she's excited about her Space and Splash FP and will be sorely disappointed about SoAT closing in Oct). I agree with the theme issue. But even more egregious is seeing Rapunzel's faux tower from LS. Or Guardians in Future World? But re: the meet and greets: they know what they're doing. How long they'll be able to ride that horse, I don't know. But we would have been there if we hadn't already met her at Akershus.

RSoxNo1Aug 13, 2016

There are swingers clubs in Orlando, you could do that too.

mickeyfan5534Aug 12, 2016

The little boy in love with Belle in me says 'Yes!' but the grown man I am says 'Why couldn't we just had her take over Rapunzel/Tiana/Aurora's spot in PFT?'

Matt_BlackAug 12, 2016

I've said it before and I'll say it again- I would LOVE for AK to have a good solid attraction or exhibit about cryptozoology.

FigmentFreakAug 12, 2016

Aladdin and Jasmine - Time traveling flying carpet to Tomorrowland Ralph and Vanellope - meeting with candy making games in France Lilo and Stitch - Looking for other aliens that are hiding as animals in AK

FigmentFreakAug 12, 2016

Can't you just go to Marrakesh in Epcot. Belly dancer for the big boys to ogle.

tirianAug 12, 2016

"Don't expect me or my children to comprehend standards. Just give us what we want NOW, regardless of whether or not it makes creative sense at a company that built its reputation on unprecedented creativity." The pixie duster lowest common denominator strategy wouldn't have created Pinocchio, Fantasia, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Epcot, DisneySea, POTC, Splash Mt, BTMRR, HM...

GiveMeTheMusicAug 11, 2016

Gotta get that YouTube ad money

asianwayAug 11, 2016

The fact there is a video for this scares me

brb1006Aug 11, 2016

asianwayAug 10, 2016

Rally or paid speaking engagement - does it really make a difference anymore? Check @benetwilson on twitter for the photo

Magenta PantherAug 10, 2016

WHAAAAAA - there was an official Disney character at a political rally?! Good god, has Iger lost his mind?

RoysCabinAug 10, 2016

Well, on the bright side, it's only a limited time thing? Still, it's another brick on the load, I guess, of the whole "theming doesn't matter anymore, synergy does" vibe that's floating around. At least with the Muppets the announced show is said to revolve around American history, plus it's not replacing anything already in place in Liberty Square, but it still begs the question "why can't Imagineers be allowed to make American history interesting in their own way?" Again, maybe Belle here is just a test-run for some new concept, so I'm not going to flip out or anything, but it gets tough not to feel annoyed when stories like this become so constant. It's kind of sad how the meet and greets are becoming increasingly money-driven, I suppose. As a kid I did love walking around with my autograph book and happening upon Mickey and pals, and I totally sympathize with the changes that were made to character meets when CMs demanded better protections and organization to it (seriously, check out the historical horror stories of how a lot of costumed CMs were treated when they'd just randomly stroll around in parts of the park), but getting to this point of "pay x-amount extra to meet so-and-so" feels a bit cynical, I guess. Plus, man alive, it'd be nice to get back to appealing to more than just princess and pirate fans. Yes, I loved meeting Mickey when I was growing up, but I also loved dinosaurs (and thus got drawn in by Universe of Energy and even Gertie), American history (debatable if LS and American Adventure helped me get a masters, but y'know what I mean :p), and lots of other things that, because WDW was willing to indulge a wide array of interests, made me feel an even greater connection with the resort on the whole. If I have kids in the near future I want to bring them to WDW the way my parents brought my brother and I, but I would never want the experience to feel "limited" to them, that may be the best way to say it.