The Incredibles characters return for meet and greets at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Feb 02, 2023 in "Character Meet and Greets at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

The Incredibles characters at Echo Lake - February 2023
Posted: Thursday February 2, 2023 11:05am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Hollywood Studios has more returning character entertainment this week, with The Incredibles now appearing around Echo Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible are meeting guests for photos and autographs outside Hollywood & Vine alongside Echo Lake.

Edna Mode and Frozone appear near the dedication statue, across from the Hollywood Brown Derby. Frozone and Edna only appear for sightings and are not signing autographs or meeting guests up close.

Edna and Frozone are alternating appearances at this location, beginning around 10:15 daily.

The new meet and greet location is slightly surprising, as the original Pixar Place area is still available and currently sits empty.

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StupidoFeb 03, 2023

Just saw the Edna Mode face character that debuted on the ships. Such an improvement over that monstrosity of a fur character.

drnilescraneFeb 03, 2023

I was partially making fun of Chapek. Other theme parks have characters, or even streetmosphere. Other theme parks don’t have *those* characters.

dmwFeb 03, 2023

What do you mean by "distinctly Disney"? Other theme parks have characters...

drnilescraneFeb 03, 2023

I was going to say that. I’m not naïeve enough to believe WDW will ever have free roaming characters again like other Disney parks, it’s just not the way the industrial engineers in Florida like to roll. But having them out does bring some life back into the parks and it is a “distinctly Disney” form of entertainment.

castlecake2.0Feb 03, 2023

That could be it, the character sightings also do well in guest surveys so it could be a way to offer both options for guests

drnilescraneFeb 03, 2023

Might be a character attendant shortage. They won't send them out without at least 2 - one to line wrangle and one to be bodyguard. DLR seems to like a 3:1 ratio. Putting them in the garden bed allows a 1:1 ratio.

WorldExplorerFeb 03, 2023

Is there a practical reason, from their end, why they're keeping up the "Sightings" thing?

dmwFeb 02, 2023

those masks must be very hot to wear...

castlecake2.0Feb 02, 2023

Sure. Meet here. Instead of the actual area of the park themed to incredibles. Blows my mind.

CaptainAmericaFeb 02, 2023

Human Pixar characters always give me the creeps.