Walt Disney World casting for performers to play Asha from the upcoming animated musical 'Wish'

Jul 25, 2023 in "Character Meet and Greets at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Tuesday July 25, 2023 3:16pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is hosting a casting call on August 8 for performers to portray Asha from the upcoming Walt Disney Studios animated musical 'Wish.'

Disney Live Entertainment is seeking Disney Character Look-alikes for the role of ASHA as depicted in the upcoming Walt Disney Animation Studios film Wish. Performers will have the opportunity to bring this role to life, in addition to performing as world famous Disney Characters at our Parks & Resorts near Orlando, Florida.

No word yet on precisely what Disney's plans are for the character in the parks, but Disney's Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom would appear as likely destinations for Asha.

Wish opens in theaters on November 22 2023.

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Advisable JosephNov 02, 2023

Wish isn't set in Morocco, but a mixture of Mediterranian locations. Maybe we'll see street petformers, food stands, etc. Frozen is set in Norway, albeit in a fictional Norwegian petty kingdom because it is a fairy tale. Geography, clothing, etc. are still the same. I still remember a thread where a Scandinavian lady mentioned that the ride was so Norwegian that it helped with homesickness.

Andrew CNov 02, 2023

A respectable lady like her?!?

ToTBellHopNov 02, 2023

Why can’t Mary collect butterflies?

Sir_CliffNov 02, 2023

Or, if the film is big enough, there's no reason it can't be in two parks! I'm sure they'd rather use their own IP than pay CBS for the Twilight Zone...

Cmdr_CrimsonNov 02, 2023

If they did this then they would have to repaint ToT to match the skyline and lord forbid the fans would go ape spit because of it...

Sir_CliffNov 02, 2023

Those poignant/vaguely menacing pandemic Pooh meet-and-greets will be forever in our hearts!

Cmdr_CrimsonNov 02, 2023

Same goes with that "other" film..

Thumper 32Nov 02, 2023

No, Pooh was already in the park, he just moved from Imagination lawn to UK.

Sir_CliffNov 02, 2023

I'm sure they won't replace Morocco with a Wish pavilion.

SpectroMagicianNov 02, 2023

Disney has lost money on almost every release in the last 2 years so I bet they are REALLY hoping it does well. The premise to me seems kind of dumb where the "villain" understands you can't grant everyone's wishes because it would destroy society, but this girl fights him so that everyone's wishes can be granted. Seems like the wrong message to send to kids that everyone should get what they want all the time without working for it... but we will see.

JohnDNov 01, 2023

Oh bother!

MisterPenguinNov 01, 2023

Mary out. Pooh in.

Disstevefan1Nov 01, 2023

One more reason to go to EPCOT I guess.