Joy meet and greet coming to Pixar Plaza at Disney's Hollywood Studios

31 days ago in "Character Meet and Greets at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Thursday March 21, 2024 11:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Just in time for Disney Pixar's "Inside Out 2," which premieres in theaters June 14, Joy will begin meeting guests in Pixar Place at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The new Joy meet and greet begins June 10, 2024.

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MagicHappens197128 days ago

At first she most likely was as part of the marketing, but those funds would've run out by now. I'm sure TDO is funding that M&G now. I'm not sure why they haven't transitioned to another character yet, but I guess there hasn't been a new movie to promote.

bmr159129 days ago

There are empty M&G locations at Pixar Place where she could fit.

Zummi Gummi29 days ago

I’m sure the live action Ariel meet and greet is being paid for by the film studio. She’ll be there as long as they want to continue to fund her.

mastromjm30 days ago

They very rarely add without removing which is such a shame. Live-action Ariel is still meeting, I feel like her days are probably numbered

doctornick30 days ago

That's what I thought in terms of a lineup, but wasn't sure what was currently going on. Other than Edna, the others are all just ones that appear on the street essentially, right? So, I wonder if Joy is going to be replacing Edna vs replacing one of the others vs an addition to the lineup. Anyone know the plan? @drew81

DCBaker30 days ago

Sully, Mrs. Incredible and Mr. Incredible as well.

Zummi Gummi30 days ago

Edna and Frozone, I believe. I can't imagine she's replacing Edna, who has a rather elaborately themed queue and greeting area.

doctornick30 days ago

So... who currently meets at Pixar Plaza? And will this replace an existing M&G or be an addition to what is there?

seabreezept81330 days ago

Thanks! I'm shocked by how obsessed my kids are when they didn't show as much interest when we first saw it in theaters.

Cmdr_Crimson30 days ago

Unless she moved..She was last seen greeting guests at the gazebo just off the World Showcase promenade by Mexico.

seabreezept81330 days ago

Does Asha meet anywhere now? When we saw Wish in December in theaters I was like oh this might be a bust... but I'm thinking it might get Encanto attention once released from DisneyPlus. My girls asked me to buy the DVD and they have watched it every day since and listen to the Asha Tonie on repeat.

UniversalIsMid9830 days ago

She’s in fact leaving Epcot to head to DHS for her new likely long term home(according to a blog that’s named after a mouse), and Hopefully we’ll see announcements for the following within the next few weeks: -Fancy Nancy’s last day on Animation Courtyard and the return to Sofia the First in that spot she held pre 2019 -A new character at Walt Disney Presents, maybe.., Luz Noceda, as the live action Ariel was just a movie promotion to a remake that wasn’t even a box office hit(Luz might be as likely as Ethan Clade which is pretty much a zero percent chance) -Ember and Wade joining the Pixar Place gang later in the year -Bruno replacing Olaf at Celebrity Spotlight -Molly McGee likely meeting on Grand Ave, probably near the old Muppet store(I know her series just wrapped up so that might be equally as unlikely as Luz)

Phicinfan30 days ago

Will you stop saying it then? Evidently they are listening... She meant we need an updated Imagination with Figment and Time keeper please :D

bmr159131 days ago

Most of the time neither have a wait.