Disney Junior's Fancy Nancy coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

Mar 01, 2019 in "Character Meet and Greets at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Friday March 1, 2019 3:10pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Animation Courtyard at Disney's Hollywood Studios will soon be home to Disney Junior's Fancy Nancy.

You’ll be able to find Nancy at an all-new character greeting location in the park’s Animation Courtyard, where she’ll be meeting in front of her backyard playhouse. Nancy will also soon be part of breakfast at Disney Junior Play ‘n Dine at Hollywood & Vine - joining Vampirina, Doc McStuffins and Roadster Racer Goofy.

Sofia the First will be leaving both the Animation Courtyard and Hollywood & Vine to make way for Fancy Nancy.

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HoustonHornMay 02, 2019

The only good thing about that show is its use as a teaching tool. We have to constantly ask our 4 year old: "Did she make a good decision?" "Are you supposed to do that?" "Do you think that would work in our house?" "Was that a good choice?" The answer to those questions, without fail, is an unequivocal, resounding "NO!"

Gitson ShigglesMay 01, 2019

You aren’t claiming Fancy Nancy is a pretentious little...? I’m now comparing that character’s personality to Sofia’s and Doc McStuffins’.

HoustonHornApr 30, 2019

I have a 4 year old who loves Fancy Nancy. I think she (FN, not my daughter) is the absolute worst. She is arrogant and condescending, and she constantly makes bad decisions. And her dad is a complete moron. My wife has made the point that at least the vocabulary is expanding, but I cannot find another redeemable quality of that show. I wish they would have added Bingo and Rollie (and Hissy) from Puppy Dog Pals instead of Fancy Nancy.

NelsonRDApr 30, 2019

She still looks ridiculous.

mm52200Apr 30, 2019

Fancy Nancy is not 7 feet tall. She’s actually very small and short and the same height as our mice friends like Mickey and Minnie and the ducks

NelsonRDApr 30, 2019

I disagree. The examples you show are poor examples, they are not teenagers. I am suggesting Disney can do better. They can cast an 18 year old college program girl that looks younger to sell the experience, or don’t have this meet and greet at all. Disney takes casting seriously for face characters, and I believe the same guidelines can apply to the Disney Junior characters. I shouldn’t have to make excuses why Fancy Nancy it 7 feet tall, with a big plastic head - at Walt Disney World. Disney is all about the experience, and this experience is poor. I have been critic of this for a long time. There is so little for young girls to do at Hollywood Studios to begin with, and to have these characters, the way they are, meeting outside under a tent, is laughable. One reason we go to Disney is to meet the characters, something you cannot do anywhere else. People will post 300 pages on a broken yeti, and no A/C on a 7 minute Gondola ride, but are ok with with these halloween interactions? It just amazes me.

DisneyDreamer08Apr 30, 2019

They actually do use adult face actors for the touring dance party shows. I actually much prefer the costumes used in Disney parks. They look more “realistic” and true to the characters. I think most kids would see these are clearly adults, not kids. Especially up close hugging them. On a stage far away, maybe it’s not as noticeable. My daughter did ask once a few years ago why Chip and Dale were the same size as Mickey. We told her that Mickey uses his Disney magic to make all the characters nice and big so all the kids can see them and hug them. She never asked about them not talking but my friends daughter did. She told her if all the super popular characters like Mickey and Minnie talked to all the kids all day long, their throats would be sore. So they are resting their voices. Honestly, most little kids don’t notice things like we do. By the time they start to question it, 7 for my daughter, they are old enough to realize on their own what the characters are anyway.

Andrew CApr 29, 2019

I took "younger girl" to mean child.

NelsonRDApr 29, 2019

Did I ever suggest it should be a child? I said a younger girl that can pull it off.

Kman101Apr 29, 2019

Maybe some kids are just too young or not into characters? It's no different than any other foamhead. They're all a bit scary ;) EDIT: Though I have to admit as I was looking at WDWMagic's pictures, how do kids feel that the character can't talk to them? Would that make it more or less creepy?

Andrew CApr 29, 2019

Child labor laws? Also, none of the other D Jr characters are face.

NelsonRDApr 29, 2019

This is disappointing. Why couldn't they find a young girl and make her a face character? These halloween costumes are terrible, and do scare my girls. This is Disney, where image and show is everything. I got pushback on this posting my dislike for other children's characters like Doc... but i still think this is not very Disney, Immersive, Memories, Magic, and any other buzz word Disney uses to sell the experience.

BoarderPhreakApr 29, 2019

Why is Nancy so freakishly large? LOL... Like Goofy at the Epcot MnG - sure to scare kids. 🤣 Exhibit A - and yes, DD bugged out at the dog that eclipses Clifford:

Kman101Apr 29, 2019

Always nice to see a new character out and about. I can see why they switched Sofia with her. Likely because the performers are the same height/etc.