Disney's Hollywood Studios Streets of America character meet and greets to close next week

Jan 01, 2016 in "Character Meet and Greets at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Friday January 1, 2016 9:24am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

On the Streets of America at Disney's Hollywood Studios, both the Phineas & Ferb and Lightning McQueen & Mater meet and greets will be permanently closing next week.

The last chance to see the two meet and greets will be January 4 2016.

The recently built Joffrey's coffee kiosk will also close at the end of January 4 2016.

The closures are related to the imminent construction coming to the park as part of its redevelopment.

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captainmochJan 16, 2016

Are any of the P&F/Cars sets still there or have they already been dismantled/demolished?

WDWtravelerJan 16, 2016

Photo update as of Thursday, Jan 14. With the announcement that the character meet and greet along Hollywood Studios Streets of America would be closing, here is a photo of the long construction wall that borders the walkway. As of the date of this photo, the meet and greet sets were still in place behind the wall. The construction wall runs from an outside wall of Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano (viewed here in the distance)..... to the theatre where the Frozen Sing-Along first appeared (behind the San Francisco street scene).

roj2323Jan 06, 2016

There's really no reason not to run it until the walls go up. All it takes is one cast member to run. You can probably expect this to be the case until the morning of the 11th.

YodaManJan 06, 2016

Even though Disney is saying that everything back there is already closed, the Cars M&G is still running today. Guess they hadn't relocated them yet and thought it was better to reopen them for a day to handle the increased crowds for the last day of the Lights (Joffreys and P&F are still done for, though)

DancerJonathanJan 05, 2016

I agree.

SYRIK2000Jan 05, 2016

You think the people who couldn't figure out entrances would speed up construction?

Thumper 32Jan 05, 2016

Yeah, was pretty much only on the Fantasy, and even that has already been subjected to change. If you look at any recent navigators from cruises, P&F are no longer listed. Nor are a lot of the more interesting characters, like Genie, Dopey, etc. The Fantasy used to have a pretty good assortment, but all the endless hours of ticketed greetings for princesses, Frozen, etc have eaten away at that.

danlb_2000Jan 04, 2016

Then I think those people should be made to help out with construction, might help get things done quicker. ;)

roj2323Jan 04, 2016


danlb_2000Jan 04, 2016

So are you thinking the guests might accidently enter the construction road and then need a way to get back to the guest entrance?

roj2323Jan 04, 2016

The access road may be marked for construction traffic but it appears there will be a guard shack and a bypass to the existing guest entry point. this is why the roadway is divided and there's an off shoot. Having worked at studios I know there has been talk and desire for an alternate entrance to backstage areas so i really would not be surprised to see this entrance become a permeant fixture.

danlb_2000Jan 04, 2016

Yeah, that is an odd arrangement there. Maybe they are going to use the access road as a bypass for guest traffic when they tie the new Osceola ramp.

DancerJonathanJan 04, 2016

P&F still meet on Disney Cruise Sailings. But as they always say. Entertainment is subject to change.

Kevin_WJan 04, 2016

I remember a couple years ago visiting WDW during "Long Lost Friends Week" and meeting the 3 little pigs, robin hood, and others. Perhaps in a few years, they'll host the event again and P&F will become long lost friends.