AMC Disney Springs 24 now offers reserved seating

Nov 09, 2016 in "AMC Disney Springs 24"

Posted: Wednesday November 9, 2016 9:30am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

AMC Disney Springs 24 has introduced reserved seating at its Disney Springs West Side movie theater.

The service has been used previously for the Dine-in theaters, and operates in the same way.

When ordering tickets online, via the app, at an automated kiosk or at the box office, you can now view availability and select a specific seat number.

AMC Disney Springs 24 is typically open 10:30am to 11pm Sunday - Thursday, and 9:45am to midnight on Friday and Saturday.

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JohnDNov 09, 2016

The AMC in Tallahassee uses them. Nice.

WhatJaneSaysNov 09, 2016

D-Box is one of the brands of "motion seats" that some theaters use.

Mad StitchNov 09, 2016

What are D-Box seats? The theater I go to that has reserved seating has large leather reclining (with foot rest) seats. Yet another reason why I love it.

JohnDNov 09, 2016

This has nothing to do with Disney. AMC offers reserved seating nationwide. You might argue being at Disney is a reason for AMC to switch over their theatre. But beyond that, they're not tied into Disney's system, FP+, or anything like that.

JohnDNov 09, 2016

My guess is no. It's a service offered at AMC theatres around the country. You can reserve through AMC or any movie app that gives you access to AMC theatres.

AndrewsJNov 09, 2016

Now if they would just install some of the D-Box seats. I saw Batman v Superman in Los Angeles in the moving seats and the seats were much more entertaining than the movie.

Mad StitchNov 09, 2016

I only go to theaters that offer this. I buy my tickets online, show up just before the movie starts. It's great.

mm121Nov 08, 2016

but waiting to buy day of during popular times GUARANTEES crappy seats, which use to just be avoided by arriving early.

cmoliver68Nov 07, 2016

Several people have mentioned that Disney is forcing them to book early. In no way is it implied that will be required based on what I have heard. If you want a specific seat or a specific area of the theater then you MAY have to do that depending on the movie. However, you can walk up to LaNouba on almost any night and purchase a ticket (reserved seating) at the last minute. As far as going with friends, you walk up together, get a block of seats then pay for them separately. Surely there will be a way to split the transaction. Same for the movie date, just wait until you get there. There is no way anyone is going to be forced to book early for a movie. That will lead to empty theaters which the production companies will never allow.

rushtest4echoNov 07, 2016

Figures... of course a DISNEY theater is ruining my spontaneity by FORCING me to book early. /s

Mike730Nov 07, 2016

I do like being able to reserve seats (as long as all seats stay the same price), but it does make spontaneous movie-going a drag.

*Q*Nov 07, 2016

I'm really happy with this!

Nmoody1Nov 07, 2016

Seems to work perfectly fine in countless cinemas across the globe. I don't get the uproar.

mm121Nov 06, 2016

I hate hate hate this trend! it makes going with friends hard, and makes movie dates IMPOSSIBLE!!! since with friends one person would have to pay upfront for all the tickets then get paid back and people aren't really very good about committing and following through and for movie dates if you go out to eat or something before hand to meet, what if it doesn't go well, and you'd both rather not go, but you've already paid for tickets this is a SOLUTION, in search of a PROBLEM, where one never existed and its just a scam to collect more fees, as they charge extra fees to buy the tickets online, plus the profit margin gained when people buy tickets but then aren't able to attend. especially at disney springs this is dumb, since sometimes when you just hanging out and looking for something to do your just like hey lets go to the movie but when they have reserved tickets if you try to buy them at the box office you always end up with TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE seats, though the theatre can be empty when you arrive and it motivates even more people to SHOW UP LATE, as their is no incentive to show up on time or early