Cinionic Laser projection arrives at AMC Disney Springs

Sep 01, 2022 in "AMC Disney Springs 24"

AMC Disney Springs 24 overview
Posted: Thursday September 1, 2022 8:55am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

AMC Disney Springs is the first AMC movie theater in Florida to be updated with Cinionic Laser projectors and one of only nine in the country.

The Laser at AMC experience delivered by laser projection from Cinionic includes improved picture contrast compared to digital projectors, more vivid color, and maximum picture brightness, with guaranteed light levels that exceeds most 2D digital projection.

You can see all movies currently playing with laser projection at AMC Disney Springs here.

Adam Aron, Chairman and CEO of AMC Theatres commented: "For the last two years as AMC has navigated its way through the pandemic, we have done so not only with the intention of survival, but with an eye to the future of moviegoing and continuing to enhance the guest experience at our theatres. Through our wonderful Premium Large Format partnerships with IMAX and Dolby, AMC is firmly established as the industry leader in premium experiences. Laser at AMC, powered by Cinionic, allows us to bring a premium on-screen presentation to hundreds of our theatres and thousands of auditoriums around the country, for a greener way to go to the movies, with only a minimal capital investment. This partnership with Cinionic helps ensure that the future of the on-screen presentation at AMC is, fittingly, very bright."

"At Cinionic, we’re in this for the long-term. Together with AMC, we’re giving moviegoers the laser difference that you can only get in the cinema," added Wim Buyens, CEO of Cinionic. "Made possible by our industry-pioneering Cinema-as-a-Service program, the partnership with AMC enables a consistent, elevated, and laser-powered big screen experience for the next generation. Cinionic is dedicated to cinema and investing in its future."

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DisneyCaneSep 06, 2022

What I meant and worded poorly was that Barco also makes 2k laser projectors and the press releases didn't specify which (2k or 4k) were being installed.

vikescaperSep 04, 2022

I’ve tried the Dine-in a couple times pre and post pandemic. I feel that the food has gone down in quality but I did enjoy the updated seating.

GringrinngghostSep 03, 2022

I saw Jaws today in the AMC Dine-in since that was the only format they were showing in. Here’s an photo of the updated dedicated dine-in theater.

SailorMercurySep 03, 2022

I don’t know what this laser thing is about, but if it can burn the Nicole Kidman ad into my retinas then sign me up

lightningtap347Sep 02, 2022

The food is a far cry from the quality of 2017. To be fair, I only went to dine-in to see movies I didn't necessarily care about getting distracted in, and I and my friends enjoyed sitting and eating food that was actually pretty good at a table. The seats are better now but the food is far worse and there's no traditional table. It's completely up to opinion, but I preferred the old distracting dine-in experience.

GringrinngghostSep 01, 2022

Not to my knowledge, but I've not been in the original dine-in side like that since Passengers. This was the seats they had in Theater 17 when I saw the US release of Verdens verste menneske (The Worst Person in the World). It was worth noting as well, they didn't come in during the film, unless I were to have ordered something presumably through the app. Now you do order in the lobby and it's brought to you before the movie begins. For those wondering, the seats also recline and are heated. For those wondering, this was the setup for Passengers. It was a rather more pleasant experience then when I saw Passengers. I recently did the Studio Movie Grill at Sunset walk when I saw NOPE, and all all my issues with the original AMC Dine-in were present. The experience can be quite distracting. Bonus: The seats at Studio Movie Grill are like that of AMC's Theater 17 but are not heated. Bonus 2: My at the time my review of the original AMC Dine In at Disney Springs. Which I surmised: It’s great for if you have seen the movie already as it can be quite distracting, have a special occasion you are celebrating, want to have a special evening at the movies with your significant other or if you have a great gift card balance or promo code to AMC. I still stand by my comment of "if you have a great gift card balance or promo code to AMC." as it can be as high as 40 Dollars for someone to go by themselves.

GringrinngghostSep 01, 2022

Barco also makes 4K laser and these are noted within the Cinionic site. Cinionic can also upgrade the light sources as well.

lightningtap347Sep 01, 2022

No they remodeled those theaters. Dine in is far worse now in both quality and experience.

OG RunnerSep 01, 2022

Do they still have the theaters that had tables you could use for food? They were in front of the seats, not just a side rest.

DisneyCaneSep 01, 2022

I assume they will be going with 4k projectors but you know what happens when you assume. Barco manufactures 2k laser cinema projectors so that is a possibility. The quality improvement should be noticeable but not quite as good as the Dolby Cinema or IMAX with Laser black levels. Both of those preprocess the laser light for local dimming zones to be able to achieve extreme black levels with DLP projection.

JohnDSep 01, 2022

You knew this was coming.

GringrinngghostAug 25, 2022

RambozoMar 03, 2021

It would be cool if they made it like Sci Fi dine in inside the theaters. This way you can watch real movies in fake cars.

BrianshaunvAug 22, 2020

Yes for the 31st it’s sold out but sept first it’s still available and both showings are still labeled Dolby Cinema