AMC Disney Springs 24 to open August 20 with 15 cent tickets

Aug 13, 2020 in "AMC Disney Springs 24"

AMC Disney Springs 24 overview

AMC has today announced that it will reopen the AMC Disney Springs 24 on August 20 2020 with movies in 2020 at 1920 prices.

The special promotion will see tickets sold at 15 cents for any movie on August 20. Tickets are on sale now at AMC.

AMC had originally announced a July 15 relaunch, which was then pushed that back to July 30, and then later to August.

On reopening, auditoriums will be reduced to 30% capacity or less. In auditoriums with traditional seating, every other row is blocked off. In all auditoriums, including those wider AMC Signature Recliners, guests will be asked to leave an empty seat between yourself and other guests.

Most importantly, AMC will require guests to wear masks inside the theaters.

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Article Posted: Aug 13, 2020 / 9:34am ET
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note200110 days ago

Oh thank God the Margarita stand is open. Something to keep Auntie Tillie occupied while we raid the World of Disney for all the new Wishables, leaving no bag unsqueezed.

djkidkaz10 days ago

Wondering the same? @wdwmagic

RSoxNo110 days ago

I had this opening June 10th, closing June 27th when the bar mandate came in and re-opening today. Is that correct?

DznyGrlSD10 days ago

Anyone have a list of what's still closed? I'm just wondering.

RSoxNo1Aug 21, 2020

Pepe too?

DisneyDebRobAug 20, 2020

Ate at Jaleo last year for the first time. Loved it so much we went back 2 more time during our 2 week stay. Amazing.

BrianAug 20, 2020

If you're coming from the West, like I'd wager to guess that 75% of guests do, it adds up to an extra 10 minutes of time to park. So annoying!

DznyGrlSDAug 17, 2020

Springs is a mess. "Social distancing" is almost impossible. With the parks closing early (and even earlier next month) on-site guests dont' want to go back to their hotels and want something to do. Locals (me) also like going out to eat at Springs. We went Saturday night for an early (530) dinner at Raglan and had no problems getting into Springs but by the time we left around 7pm traffic was backed up all directions trying to get into Lime & Orange

Magic FeatherAug 17, 2020

Springs has come really close to a complete capacity closure the last few weekends. I know Lime has closed somewhat consistently.

WeekendGMAug 16, 2020

The closure just makes it annoying to access the garage, it’s not like the Springs has had capacity closures sense the eBay resellers descended for the WoD reopening.

ToriAug 16, 2020

The ramp coming from I-4 is closed but the garage is still open.

jensenrickAug 15, 2020

Is the Orange garage itself closed, or just the ramp (I'm assuming the one coming from I-4)?