San Angel Inn Restaurant reviews

World Showcase, Epcot
Reader rating Reader rating 6.2 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 6.2  
"Fun and Exciting"
Reviewed on May 09, 2013 by drumbum67
Rating: 8  
I love this restaurant. I don't even like Mexican food, but I love this restaurant. The atmosphere is one of the liveliest in WDW, and the food is authentic (a little USA-ized). The tables, however, are very crowded. So if you aren't a people person, you may want to sit this one out. Service is friendly, but not exceptional. Overall, the atmosphere steals the show. Food is good, but service could use a boost.
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2012 by bethymouse
Rating: 4  
We were not able to get a table close to the boat ride. It was too dark for my Mom to read the menu. We did not have good service. We had to ask for our chips and salsa. The restaurant is very crowded! The food, however was delicious!
"Small portions, but very tasty."
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2011 by zacopeland18
Rating: 7  
Aside from the fact that the tables are waaaaaaaay to close to each other and the portions are very small for the expensive price that you pay, I can't complain about the food. Everything my wife and I had was excellent! I just wish there was a little more bang for your many bucks that you will spend there.
"July 2011 Review"
Reviewed on Jul 16, 2011 by mousespouse
Rating: 9  
The restaurant is beautiful. White linens. Tables are fairly close to one another. Also, bring your reading glasses and a flashlight as it is very dark with only a small table lamp.

Instead of ordering a meal (because I didn't see anything that caught my eye), I order two appetizers:

Toastadas de Tinga 10
Pulled chicken seasoned with roasted tomato and chipotle, served on tostadas with black refried beans, queso fresco and sour cream

Tlacoyos de Chilorio 11
Corn cakes, topped with black refried beans, pork chilorio, queso fresco, sour cream and green tomatillo sauce

Both were absolutely delicious! That along with the chips and salsa filled me up. I was so pleased with my choice!
Reviewed on Jun 14, 2011 by IRTSTARS
Rating: 9  
LOVED this restaurant!

The asthetics and ambiance of San Angel Inn are simply amazing.

We all loved the food and service, but it would have made a perfect date night too!

One of my favorites and highly recommended!
"2 visits 2 different experences"
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2011 by elw316
Rating: 6  
We went here for lunch and had a wonderful meal. The positives cool view, mood lighting and the lunch staff was quick and friendly. Food and drinks were very good. The food and size was good for the price. The downside the tables are close together so there is a crowded feel and the bathroom is way in the back and the closer you sit to them the worse it is. Our next visit we went for dinner and the food as good but not as good as lunch. The price for size and value was not good. The wait staff not very quick and often left for long times. Crowded tables at dinner was also not great -- crowded tables and they are close together. So I would say if you are going to eat here do lunch.
"worst meal ever"
Reviewed on Sep 17, 2010 by txwildman
Rating: 1  
We ate there about a week ago for dinner.
First, Looooong wait line held up for half hour...people with and without reservatons...Walk ups were sat before us with reservations.
Waitress took order, never delivered drinks then meal was bad...worst mexican food ever.
Then we had to ask ANOTHER Waitress to get a manager because we never saw ours again. The manager came by and stook 5 feet from the we had to speak loud as everyone around us heard. Very unprofessional...Then when it was all over she said "Sorry" no free desert or concern on managers part. When we left the Mexico pyrimid we came across a Disney Manager in the same building and told the story again thinking someone would care...all he said was talk to them (Restaurant Manager) we left never to return to that place. We have been to Disney at least 40 nights over the last 5 years on Vacations and it was the only meal that was bad and had no concern from management.
"Terrific in every way!"
Reviewed on May 11, 2010 by audiotinker
Rating: 10  
This place is perfect from the atmosphere, to the dining experience, to the food and service. Since they revamped the place it definitely turned into a must for us whenever we go now. The food is superb and if you have the dining plan a fabulous way to spend your points. They give you free chips and salsa, which is a nice feature, and the meals are impeccable in taste. The desserts are ridiculously delicious. The only problem with this place is the seating. Tables are closer together so if you are sitting next to a family with rambunctious children it make leak to your table. Other than that I have nothing bad to say. Chances are, if you go here, you will end up going back every time!
"Atmosphere is unique"
Reviewed on May 09, 2010 by RAIDER
Rating: 7  
We went there for lunch and couldnt fault the food. The service was friendly . My only critisim that the place was a bit too dark when trying to read the menus ( ok could be my old age :) )
Would go again
"not bad"
Reviewed on Apr 08, 2010 by nclawdog
Rating: 10  
we were impressed with the speedy service which was also very friendly....the food was very good.........we will return
"Great Atmosphere, Great Food, Small Portions"
Reviewed on Feb 19, 2010 by WDW Insider
Rating: 6  
The title says it all... the food is overpriced and you just don't get enough. The service was excellent for us, and the atmosphere is terrific, but we left hungry. If you are a light eater, this is a very nice restaurant. Additionally, this is a VERY romantic locale to take that special someone. I would not recommend this restaurant for families with small children as it is very dark.
Reviewed on Mar 16, 2009 by look1angel
Rating: 7  
Well, it was ok, our seats were changed from a great view to an OK view due to a mix up. The menu could be better, I ended up ordering a kids meals with my daughter & that served us just fine. She liked the fact it came in a Mickey dish & it was just enough for us to eat at $7.50 each. I wouldn't go back right away; like I said I'd like to see a better menu for the buck.
"Love the atmosphere... not the food."
Reviewed on Jun 02, 2008 by Ena 52299
Rating: 5  
The times we've decided to eat here is because we so love the atmosphere... it's so romantic and the theming is great... Sadly, the food leaves a lot to be desired. Very generic tasting and not many choices. Theming 10/10 Food 3/10
"Not So Much"
Reviewed on Mar 05, 2008 by Sharon88
Rating: 4  
We booked San Angel for our last night. The description we got in Passporter made it sound like we'd enjoy it. Our son is autistic so a quiet, less-chaotic place for dinner works best for him. This was NOT that place. First, the tables are so crowded together, you can hardly move. The menu was scant and the choices were pretty much all the same. The food itself wasn't anything to write home about. We asked for a cake at the counter when we checked in since it was my son's birthday - maybe it was a language barrier or something but it never came. The waiter did make a big fuss over his birthday once we told him but it took the fun out of the last night. I don't think we'd go back, it just wasn't that great.
"Quite good"
Reviewed on Feb 12, 2008 by cm1988
Rating: 8  
I have dined at San Angel Inn three times. Each time the food was delicious and the service great. The atmosphere... overlooking the tranquil boat ride below a distant gently rumbling volcano was nothing less than magical. I like my food highly seasoned and so requested that it be prepared with a bit more spice. The result - delicious!

A great and convenient break as one journeys around World Showcase.
"Service is a little lacking..."
Reviewed on Jan 28, 2008 by VT GAL
Rating: 6  
This was our third time eating at the San Angel Inn, and it was only so-so.

The atmosphere is AMAZING (especially if you are lucky enough to catch the mariachi band), the food is good, but the service is what continues to bring the restaurant down for us.

We enjoyed the meal, but it was a little difficult keeping our little one occupied while we tried to find our waiter for the check.
"San Angel "
Reviewed on Jan 17, 2008 by Darthfinkles
Rating: 7  
The atmosphere is great and the food was good. I have been there twice, the first time the food was outstanding, the second was average.
"Such a let down"
Reviewed on Jan 02, 2008 by lighteningqueen
Rating: 1  
First off we went Dec 14th for dinner and was seated about 10 minutes early. Worst place in the room by the bathroom doors. We were on the dining plan and so we got our apps which were great. The soup is the best thing I had had the whole week for an app, the men ate Nachos, and thought them to be good. So we thought our food would be good. It was the worst tasting food I ever put in my mouth. Not even close to even Mexico quality. I had some sort of chicken enchilda on my plate that was horrible and full of dark meat a dried out piece of steak, dried rice, and some rolled item. I could only stomach the rolled thing and left all the rest. my son in law took one bite of whatever thru up on the plate and pushed it away. There was another large group next to us that thought the same thing. Worst they ever had. We will not ever go back a very big dissapointment, besides waitress was no where to be seen almost the whole time we were there.
"Not for Everyone"
Reviewed on Mar 15, 2007 by WEDisney
Rating: 7  
I do not know why but I LOVE this place. I agree that the food isn’t the best, the service is sub par and the crowded environment seems like a fire hazard, but I still need to be here every trip. It has one of the most romantic atmospheres of any restaurant in Disney and the Mango Margaritas are to die for. My biggest problem with the restaurant as of late was them stopping the casa funditos. These were a huge hit and when asked why our first answer was they didn’t have the ingredients yet each ingredient was listed on another entrée/appetizer. I didn’t like the way the waiter lied to me and then told me he worked in another restaurant off property that makes the best casa funditos around. The manager was the one who gave me the “real” story. That the appetizer, although popular, took too long for the servers to prepare ?. Get em in and get em out I guess. All in all it is still on my “must eat” list
"Not Get me Started"
Reviewed on Jan 27, 2007 by Computer Magic
Rating: 1  
We did not like this place. The Counter Serive outside was much better. Overcrowed, food not good and I think the food tried to kill my wife.
Reviewed on Nov 07, 2006 by lulabell1972
Rating: Not rated  
The only BAD meal we had. Unfortunate....The setting is beautiful creating a picture of romance. The food came out faster than we could eat it. It was obvious the food was left under heat lamps. The edges of the burritos were stuck to the plate while the middle of the plate was cool. Very disappointed in the food quality.
"Too Americanized"
Reviewed on Aug 22, 2006 by MainSt1993
Rating: Not rated  
For a restaurant situated inside the Mexico pavillion, I expected authenic Mexican cuisine. The food would be more appropriately served in the American Adventure pavillion. Bland, boring, and simply not authentic.

As for ambiance, it trys to mimic the setting of DLR\'s Blue Bayou, but doesn\'t do it nearly as well. Overall, the restaurant was a big dissappointment.
"Romantic & Good Food"
Reviewed on Aug 02, 2004 by disneygirl1026
Rating: Not rated  
My boyfriend and I enjoyed this place very much. It provides a bit of romance and the food is excellent. We had a riverside table and the ambience is great.
"A must try!"
Reviewed on Apr 16, 2004 by mickey merrills
Rating: Not rated  
Three generations of our family count this among their favorite restaurants at WDW. The food is good, as are the margaritas, but the reason to go is the "feel" of the place. This is the place for atmosphere at EPCOT.
"Great atmosphere"
Reviewed on Sep 28, 2003 by omahadisneyfan
Rating: Not rated  
Generally speaking, we love San Angel because of it's atmosphere. The food is just ok and somewhat overpriced for what you get. We've probably been to San Angel around 12 times or so over the years, and all but one time have really had pretty good service. If they try and sit you by the restrooms, tell them that you don't want those seats as they really don't allow you to enjoy the atmosphere which is really why most people eat here I believe. Shopping is fair, with an authentic Mexican flavor. The River of Time water ride is an excellent ride to just sit back and relax, but I would caution you not to ride right after you've eaten as you can become sleepy during the 5-minute journey. When we visit WDW we'll always make a point to eat at San Angel at least one time during our visit, however, truth be known, we prefer the more casual food faire at the outside Cantina.
"Excellent Atmosphere"
Reviewed on Mar 21, 2003 by Horizons#1Fan
Rating: Not rated  
The food at San Angel Inn Restaurant is very good and the atmosphere is excellent. The menu has a decent amount of dishes and all the ones I've tried were excellent. But, I can't stress how nice the atmosphere is, especially the part overlooking the ride.
"A highlight of Mexico"
Reviewed on Nov 09, 2002 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
Expensive, yes. But this restaurant is probably the best at EPCOT. The theming is absolutely breathtaking, and the service is wonderful. It's a true highlight of the Mexico pavilion!
"Great Atmosphere"
Reviewed on Nov 03, 2002 by grimone24
Rating: Not rated  
The view inside often makes people look twice because you feel as though you are outside dinning along a river! The service is great and the waiters are great to the kids signing menus and such!
"Not what I expected!"
Reviewed on Oct 25, 2002 by bsikor
Rating: Not rated  
I can't believe I had a bad time at a Disney restaurant! None the less an EPCOT restaurant. Went for lunch a few days ago, The food was dressed up food that I can find at Don Pablos or any other mexican restaurant. Not impressed. The table was in the back corner near the restrooms and the servers kept looking over at our table. Could not get any refills on our drinks. Very dissapointed I really wanted to try it! The environment was nice though!
"No Tex-Mex Here"
Reviewed on Oct 09, 2002 by chris
Rating: Not rated  
I love this place. The views of the boats on the river of time and the Myan Temple with volcano in the background. Plus you can get some very spicy food. Don't go looking for taco bell style food. You wont find it. What you will find is some of the best authentic Mexican food around. If you like HOT food ask your waiter to bring you the special Mole Salsa. It is Great.
"Very Romantic!"
Reviewed on Sep 19, 2002 by wolf359
Rating: Not rated  
My favorite of the WS resturants. The overall feel of the Mexico pavillion and the resturant in particular is very intimate and very relaxing. The food was good, and was served promptly. It IS rather dark in the resturant...not so much that i couldn't read the menu but I had almost finished half of my dinner before I realized I was eating the stuffed pepper and not the enchalada... Still, a great dining memory.
Reviewed on Sep 07, 2002 by meeko_33785
Rating: Not rated  
Another of EPCOT's wonderful World Showcase Restaurants. The food here is very good and atmosphere could not be more perfect. If you can, request a table right next to the water. The view is beautiful watching the boats from El Rio Del Tiempo pass by.
"Outstanding Theming"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by Wilson
Rating: Not rated  
Worth a trip just to experience the outdoor Mexican market at night theme. Very well done. The food was very good and the service was exceptional. Tip: There is a small, seperate dining area to the right of the restaurant. While it is a little more private, you might lose the view of the volcano (pyramid? I can't remember). If that isn't a problem, it's a nice, somewhat quieter change of pace from the packed-in-just-a-little-too-tight main dining area.
"good food wonderful views"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by mtaft
Rating: Not rated  
Every visit to Epcot brings a lunchtime stop here. Ah... the cool evening in the middle of a hot day. Exotic environment and music. The food- really good but not great- and a little expensive for what it is. But overall, a really magical experience... not unlike the Blue Bayou at DL.
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"Good, but expensive"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2002 by wdwcrazy
Rating: Not rated  
I really enjoyed myself at this restraunt. The food was exellent. I had some kind of tacos with rice and beans. Everyone agreed that the food was very good. It atmosphere in there is very pleasant. It feels like you're outdoors in a market at night. The food was very expensive though. I would still recommend it to people.
San Angel Inn Restaurant
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