"Monsieur Paul" Menus

World Showcase, Epcot

Dinner Menu
September 2015

  • Prix-fixe Menu - Appetizers (Choice of one)

  • Soup aux truffles V.G.E.
    Beef broth, oxtail, vegetables, black winter truffle, puff pastry

  • Homard forestier (Maine Lobster with Sautéed Mushrooms)
    with mollet quail egg and creamy black truffle bouillon

  • Prix-fixe Menu - Main Course (Choice of one)

  • Côte de Boeuf pour deux (Roasted Bone-In Rib-Eye for two)
    with green bean and fondantes potatoes, black pepper sauce

  • Côte d’agneau du Colorado en croute d’herbes (Herb-crusted Colorado Lamb Chop)
    with petite ratatouille and Parisian Gnocchi

  • Homard forestier (Maine Lobster with Sautéed Mushrooms)
    with mollet quail egg and creamy black truffle bouillon

  • Prix-fixe Menu - Dessert (Choice of one)

  • Dessert aux choix
    Choice of desserts

  • Hors d'oeuvres (Appetizers)

  • Raviole d'escargots, crème au persil
    Escargot raviole, cream of parsley

  • Saumon mi-cuit mariné, salade de concombre
    Lightly cooked marinated salmon, blinis, cucumber salad

  • Soupe de Moules safranée, crème légère aux fenouils
    Mussell soup with Saffron, light fennel cream

  • Jambon Serrano, asperge blanche rémoulade et betterave rouge
    Serrano ham, white asparagus remoulade, red beets

  • Salade au Roquefort à la poire et aux noix de pécan caramélisées
    Mixed greens with Roquefort cheese, pear and caramelized walnuts

  • Homard du forestier, ceuf de cailles mollet, bouillon crème aux truffles noires
    Maine lobster with sautéed mushrooms, mollet quail egg, creamy black truffle bouillon

  • Meat Entrées

  • Ballotine de poulet (Free-range Chicken Ballotine)
    with carrot and sun choke puree and creamy spinach

  • Magret de canard (Roasted Duck Breast)
    with apple fondant, baby onions, cabbage stuffed with braised oxtail

  • Filet de boeuf grillé forestier (Grilled Beef Tenderloin)
    with mushroom crust, mashed potatoes, Bordelaise sauce

  • Fish Entrées

  • Rouget Atlantique en écailles de pommes de terre, fenouil, sauce romarin
    Red Snapper in potato scales, briased fennels, rosemary sauce

  • Port-au-Feu de St. Jacques, crème de choux fleur, consommé de homard au gingembre
    Seared scallops with vegetables, cream of cauliflower, ginger lobster consommé

  • Desserts

  • La mille-feuille
    Puff Pastry, pastry cream, berries, light lemon cream, strawberry sorbet

  • La barre au chocolat
    Flourless chocolate cake, praline crunch, chocolate passtion fruit ganache, chocolate mousse and ice cream

  • Vacherin glace vanille, framboise, crème chantilly
    Vanilla ice cream and raspberry sorbet in a meringue, whipped cream

  • La tarte aux agrumes
    Sable Breton, pastry cream, orange and grapefruit segments, citrus sorbet

  • Le moelleux
    Warm chocolate and almond cake with rapsberry coulis in the center, hazelnut crust, hazelnut ice cream

  • La vacherin
    Meringue, vanilla ice cream, Chantilly, rapsberry coulis and sorbet

  • Kids' Appetizers

  • Soupe de Courge
    Squash Soup

  • Cake au Jambon
    Ham and Gruyère cake

  • Kids' Entrées

  • Suprème de Poulet rôti aux pomme purée
    Roasted chicken breast with mashed potatoes

  • Filet mignon et pommes purée, jus naturel
    Filet mignon served with mashed potato and natural jus

  • Kids' Desserts

  • Choix de Glace
    Choice of Ice Cream - chocolate or vanilla

  • Mousse au chocolat
    Chocolate mousse

  • New Year's Eve Appetizers - First Seating (Choice of one)

  • Escargot Cassolette
    with white wine, bacon, shallots

  • Carrot Soup
    with fresh goat cheese ravioli, red pepper julienne

  • Mixed Greens with Roquefort Blue Cheese
    with pear and caramelized pecan

  • New Year's Eve Entrées - First Seating (Choice of one)

  • Chicken with Morel Mushrooms
    with cream sauce

  • Maine Lobster in Bisque Sauce
    with sweet peas and gnocchi

  • Beef Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine
    pasta gratin with black truffles

  • New Year's Eve Dessert - First Seating

  • New Year's Eve dessert
  • New Year's Eve - Celebration Dinner Appetizers (Choice of one)

  • Beef Broth with Oxtail
    Vegetables, black winter truffle, puff pastry

  • Smoked Salmon
    Potatoes stuffed with domestic caviar

  • New Year's Eve - Celebration Dinner Fish Course (Choice of one)

  • Poached Scallops
    with Sancerre wine and vegetable julienne

  • Maine Lobster
    with sautéed mushrooms, soft boiled quail egg, creamy black truffle bouillon

  • New Year's Eve - Celebration Dinner Meat Course (Choice of one)

  • Stuffed Chicken
    with mushrooms, green cabbage puree, sautéed potatoes, truffle sauce Perigourdine

  • Braised Beef Ribs
    with red wine and black currant, truffle mashed potatoes, glazed carrots

  • New Year's Eve - Celebration Dinner Dessert

  • New Year's Eve dessert
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