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World Showcase, Epcot
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"What Took Us So Long!?!??!"
Reviewed on Feb 26, 2015 by DisneyDebNJ
Rating: 9  
For years, we said we would try Chefs de France, only to reneg to a more familiar restaurant in Epcot. What were we thinking?? We finally gave in during our last Disney vacation, and LOVED it! From the wines to dessert, were fabulous! My son, not an adventurous eater, ordered the filet of beef and really enjoyed it. Proclaimed it one of the better filets he's had. The tables are a tad close together, and the restaurant can get a little noisy, but the food is definately worth a visit. The wine pairings with the entrees are on point. We will definately visit Chefs de France during our next trip!
Reviewed on Jul 09, 2014 by disneylemons
Rating: 6  
We dined here in May - the service was lovely and the food was wonderful. We all ordered different things and everyone was pleased with their meal. As a matter of fact we were sharing off each others plates because we wanted everyone to get to try the different dishes. The French onion soup was marvelous!
"One of our faves around the world"
Reviewed on Jun 11, 2014 by ADavis
Rating: 7  
My husband and I haven't eaten at Les Chefs de France since 2011, but it's still one of the most memorable meals we had on that particular trip. We would definitely try it again, but it's been my goal to try different TS meals on each trip.

The ambiance was very enjoyable. The restaurant and it's surroundings are beautiful at night and, despite the crowds, makes for a romantic meal.
"Had a Lovely Meal"
Reviewed on Sep 10, 2013 by Judy
Rating: 8  
Dined here in August and had absolutely no complaints. This was the only restaurant in the whole park that I had never eaten at before this last trip. I thought the ambiance was pretty and relaxing and our waiter was on top of his game. I ordered the cheese board as my appetizer and a cocktail featuring their signature St. Germain French liquor - which were both great! For my entree I had the Broiled Salmon. The presentation was different from what I was expecting, but the flavors were present and bold. It was also a great portion size. Over all, Les Chefs de France was a favorite from my trip.. and I will definitely be returning next visit.
"Not French Quality"
Reviewed on May 09, 2013 by drumbum67
Rating: 6  
France is known for some of the greatest chefs of all time. None of them work here. Chefs de France is all about large portions and mediocrity. The food is good - just not up to the standards of the classic French dishes they attempt to serve. Service is rushed (if not rude). On top of this, trying to swallow hot, dense food in a glass greenhouse in central Florida is pretty difficult. Overall, the food is ok. It's the clash between the upscale atmosphere, mediocre food, and screaming children that leaves you wanting more.
"Nothing French about Chef's de France"
Reviewed on Mar 11, 2013 by Denise
Rating: 4  
I was so excited to book Chef's de France for dinner, I hadn't been to France in 2 yrs and was looking forward to it. I can keep this short and sweet, There is Nothing French about Chef's de France
"Great Dinner/Good Lunch"
Reviewed on Mar 10, 2013 by GroomerMinnie
Rating: 8  
We have dined here a few times. Our dinners were better than lunch dining. Lunch was a different menu and less busy. We were seated next to the far back window at our last lunch visit which we like because we saw the characters coming in and out for meet and great on the side of the restaurant :D. DH LOVES the french soup and Remy from Ratatouille came to our table to chat which was nice. Our server was friendly but less attentive than normal. On our dinner visits we loved the menu! Food was flavorful and service was great and attentive. I am of french decent and I really enjoyed speaking french with the waiter. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a cultural experience.
Reviewed on Feb 27, 2013 by klkl
Rating: 4  
Reviewed on Feb 16, 2013 by ThirtySomething
Rating: 5  
For some reason this seems to be a favorite, but my experiences here have been underwhelming. The service is usually tolerable at best, and it's layout causes for a very noisy atmosphere. The menu has some decent options; the plate of pates and charcuteries is a nice sharable appetizer. The filet option they serve is one of the weakest in all of the WDW restaurants (and really, if you're looking for steak in EPCOT you should be in Canada...) and the duck was fine, but I've had better. Really with all the positive reviews I was expecting much more from Les Chefs, and I won't be going back. It's not bad, it's just not good enough for me to choose over other options in EPCOT.
"Nice dinner experience"
Reviewed on Jan 20, 2013 by Disneylemons
Rating: 8  
During a recent stay - we were traveling with a group of 9 - ages 8 -78. Our last night there my son and I decided we would like to dine somewhere not so "kid" oriented, not being negative but my son enjoys trying new things especially food and some in our travel party were not so co-operative in this area. So I made a reservation for 2 at Les Chefs. It was so nice! We both ordered the Duck Breast w/cherries. Since I come from a family of hunters I have eaten duck many times but never this way - delicious! For dessert I had my favorite creme brulee and my son had the puff pastry w/ice cream and chocolate sauce - again delicious! The staff was friendly and helpful and we really enjoyed our meal. The only negative I would say that the tables were a tad close to each other. I don't like the closeness of the tables that you almost feel like you are dining with the one next to you.. but over all I would definately eat here again.
"A lovely lunch"
Reviewed on Oct 22, 2012 by loweschevy
Rating: 9  
Les Chefs De France-lunch

Chef’s is definitely one of my favorites. I’m a classically trained chef I so I love indulging on the many delicacies that French cuisine brings to the table. The menu features nouvelle style cuisine, a concept that focuses more on the freshness of ingredients, more simplistic methods of cooking and more appealing presentations. Whereas specialties like cassoulet, casseroles, coq au vin and dishes with heavy sauces like Hollandaise or Bechamel tend to be more like home style and heartier. It is has been an upcoming trend for restaurants to offer lighter, fresher food as people’s tastes have been changing over the years.

We arrived a few minutes early and were seated immediately. Our table was located in the front glass enclosed section. We have been seated in the side areas most often, but this was a new area for us. It offered a great view of Serveur Amusant for our dining entertainment as well.

Emeric arrived almost immediately to welcome us and offer us a cocktail. I had to go with my favorite St. Germaine Cocktail and to my surprise my mother ordered one as well. She’s not a big champagne fan, but she nearly drank the whole glass-lucky me got to finish. A Kronenbourg 1664 for my father and a bottle of Evian for the table. He took our order and returned with the fresh baguette served in a white paper bag. They used to serve a crusty roll, which they loved, but I prefer the newer baguette.

My parents both ordered the la flamme Alsacienne, a crispy flatbread with crème fraiche, bacon and caramelized onions. This I have made at home and it is luscious. Now my friends are always asking me to make this for parties! I had the Croque monsieur with mixed green salad and I really enjoyed it. The bread could have been a little less toasted throughout, but the cheese and tomato brings back those comforting grilled cheese and tomato soup memories.

For starters, the warm goat cheese salad with grapes, walnuts and tomatoes; cheese plate for my dad; and onion soup as a part of the pre fixe menu for myself. I have had the salad and it is very good and there is plenty of cheese to share on the plate. I enjoyed the soup. I am a big fan of French onion, this one is flavorful, not too rich or salty. Often times restaurants will add a lot of Kitchen Bouquet or go heavy on beef base to enhance to the flavor, but the idea is to taste the caramelized onion not just beef.

Emeric checked on us frequently and was very knowledgeable. We asked him about his home town of Lyon, which is also the home city of Paul Bocuse interestingly. He talked about the differences between there and Paris. He said he was enjoying his time here, but definitely different than what he is used to normally.

In between courses, Armand and Remy made their way through the dining room. If you have been there for the experience you will know that Armand likes to poke fun at people and of course my mother was targeted. It was very funny and a really cut idea to try to bring in the lunch crowd, while promoting Remy as a kid friendly attraction.

We ended the meal with my profiteroles and a round of cappuccinos! It was a great experience overall and we will certainly be retuning next year, possibly lunch and dinner!
"Good food, okay service."
Reviewed on Aug 26, 2012 by vitani88
Rating: 6  
We ate at Les Chefs for the first time in March 2012. The food was good, but not great (we're hoping for great at Bistro de Paris this December). The atmosphere was crowded. We were sitting about two feet away from other families on both sides! And our server left much to be desired. He was rude and acted like we were inconveniencing him by being there. None of the servers seemed to smile unless they were talking to each other. I'm not sure if this is French hospitality in general. I've never been there. In any case, I don't think we'll be returning. The food quality in itself wasn't enough to make us spend another dining credit. But then, I'm a stickler for good service.
"A pleasant surprise!"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by Derelicte19
Rating: 8  
We dined here in November 2011 at the request of my sister who wanted to see Remy. We knew he wasn't guranteed to be there (and he wasn't) but we still enjoyed our meals greatly. My sister and I both ordered the half chicken with gravy and risollo potatoes. The chicken was great and the potatoes were melt in your mouth. My mother ordered the crepes florentine and she really liked it. We paired our meals with a glass of Reisling wine. We were at a window table and could see Belle and Beast walking back from their meet and greets. We were sseated right at our ADR time and our waitress was very nice, but new so she had a little struggle when we presented our Tables in Wonderland card to use. She got help with it and it was taken care of right away. We would definitely mix this restaurant in every few years and recommend it to others as well.
"Great Experience!"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by Cris P.
Rating: 9  
This restaurant tends to get mixed reviews so I was a little hesitant to try it, but I am so glad we did. We were seated at 5pm and just in time to see Remy and his handler Armand. Remy was adorable, and Armand had our whole table in stitches. He spent a lot of time at our table talking to us and teasing our daughters. The whole interaction was definitely a trip highlight for all of us.

We started the meal with the lovely loaf of french bread the restaurant provided and a flatbread with creme fraiche, onions, and bacon. It was so good! I could have made a meal out of that alone (but of course, I didn't!). For dinner, I had the seafood in broth with gnocchi, DH had the tenderloin, and our friend had the roasted chicken. Everyone was please with their meal. Our daughter and our friend's daughter each had a kid's meal, and they all enjoyed their choices,

The highlight for me and everyone else at the table was dessert. The profiteroles are my new favorite dessert at WDW. Just perfect! My daughters loved the cookie that came with their kid's meal - it was HUGE! They thought that was the greatest thing ever!

All in all, we were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed our dinner here, and we are looking forward to trying it again.
"Great location with delicious food!"
Reviewed on Nov 08, 2011 by GlenAngl
Rating: 8  
We had lunch here on Thursday 10/27/11. We were about 15 minutes early for our ADR and only had to wait a few minutes to be seated. My fiance got the prix-fix menu: lobster bisque, croque monsieur, and profiteroles, while I had the onion soup and florentine crepe. He raved about the lobster bisque! My crepe was very delicious and huge! I took half of it back to the hotel.
We booked a 1:20 ADR in hopes of seeing Remy come by...and he did! He's very cute! How do they make that work?
Only negative is that our server kept pushing alcoholic beverages, when we didn't want to order any at the time.
"Very Good and Very Friendly"
Reviewed on Apr 04, 2011 by gandalfmjb
Rating: 10  
Could have been much better
"great meal"
Reviewed on Dec 02, 2009 by Ariel484
Rating: 10  
Gratin de macaroni is great, desserts are awesome, and service is good...we ate here for a second time in Nov. '09 (first in May '09) and will be returning!
"pleasantly surprised"
Reviewed on Jun 10, 2009 by Ariel484
Rating: 9  
Our reservation at Les Chefs de France was a last-minute switch after we found out Spoodles was closing. We hadn’t really read up on the restaurant and were nervous that it would be a disappointment…but our meal was great! We both ordered the same meal using TS credits from the DDP – Salad Bleu, Gratin de Macaroni, and Crème Brulee for dessert. The salads were great – they had walnuts and blue cheese, which was nice. The macaroni was delicious and the portion was huge! The Crème Brulee was a nice dessert and also a big portion. The atmosphere was pleasant, and our server was great. Plus, we got to meet Chef Remy, which was so cute! We will definitely be back!
"Excellent Meal!"
Reviewed on Sep 28, 2008 by wvdisneychick
Rating: 10  
The first meal of our stay (free dining yay!) was here. We were quite pleased with the service and food and felt our server was very attentive. Absolutely 2 thumbs up! :)
Reviewed on Jun 11, 2008 by brucie
Rating: 9  
Very happy with everything, the food was amazing nice atmosphere. One of Disney's Best!!!
"another thought......"
Reviewed on Jan 18, 2008 by Darthfinkles
Rating: 5  
I just wanted to add to my review below that, although the dining experience was OK, the $120 bill between three people was not worth it. I'm not affraid to pay a hefty bill, but I didn't think the amount and quailty of food justifed that kind of spending.
"Le Chef's Review"
Reviewed on Jan 16, 2008 by Darthfinkles
Rating: 5  
I was never checked in when I checked in, so I ended up waiting an extra half hour or so for a table. The French Onion soup was amazing, the entrees were ok, nothing more. the atmosphere was great and the service was also great.
"Inexpensive? No. Good? Yes."
Reviewed on Jan 05, 2008 by Spaceship_Rob
Rating: 9  
We liked Les Chefs de France. In a way, you kind of have to know what to expect. The French do not over-eat like us Americans. They value taste and presentation over quantity.

Thus, Les Chefs de France delivers. The taste of the food was great! The presentation of the food was also wonderful. And, as an added plus we got to leave without being over-full.
Reviewed on Dec 26, 2007 by BRER STITCH
Rating: 3  
I have the feeling we may be in the minority here, but we really didn't care for our dining experience at Chefs du France very much.

Service was fine, but the food was a huge disappointment. Ironically, the best thing we ordered from the menu that night was the flatbread as one of our appetizers - you they do in Italy! HAHA! The escargot was tasty too, if you like them.

My first thought was that the dining room was very authentic and nicely decorated. Service was prompt, yet not attentive once the meals were served. The menu was much smaller than I had imagined it might be in a place like this, and both entrees disappointed.

The grilled tenderloin was - and I am NOT kidding - a piece of well done meat about 1 inch wide and 3 inches long, and about 1 inch thick. The very SMALLEST piece of steak I've ever seen served anywhere! At $32, I can't recommend that to anyone! The scallops and shrimp selection came out room temperature and looked too small, with only 2 of each item on top of what looked and tasted to be creamed spinach. Not what we called "value" for our dining dollars.

Desserts, once our waiter finally returned with them, were OK, but not enough to make up for the underwhelming dinner. We shared the apple crepes with vanilla ice cream and the chocolate tart.

Loyts of folks sing the praisies of this place, but out last visit here the first week of December will, ironically, be our "last visit" here!


"WE LOVE IT...."
Reviewed on Dec 23, 2007 by reptar77
Rating: 10  
We eat here almost every day for lunch, dinner, or both. Be bold and try the different drinks on the menu. I usually have the short ribs: oh so yummy. My husband loves the macaroni. We usually have a 3 courses and finish with coffee and share a dessert. Try everything it is great.
Our only complaint is the seating. The table for 2 are very well and placed very close together. Learn to love your neighbors.
"Very Good but..."
Reviewed on Dec 13, 2007 by drc304
Rating: 9  
...for the price I wanted to see some table clothes. I am in the restaurant business and when there are no table clothes the prices shouldnt be that high. However my meal as well as my girlfriends meal were both excellent. We had the onion soup and lobster bisque to start. This was followed by the braised lamb and the filet. We chose the creme brulee for dessert which was very good. I enjoyed some espresso while my gf had some coffee which was also tasty. For drinks the champagne was pretty good and the French beer which was recommended by our waiter was also very good. I spend over $120 with tip for 2 people. I dont mind paying for food if it was great and in this case it was. I enjoyed my time here but they need to get some table clothes and liquor if they expect to charge that much. Of course being at Disney it doesnt matter since it will always be busy.
"Review from down down down"
Reviewed on Aug 19, 2007 by jimwhite
Rating: 3  
Dry food--I rewquested a manager after I had paid the bill and he sent three hourly employees to the table before he finally came---I did not want compensation but he thought I was was looking for a free meal.

Managed 6 major casinos on and off the strip in Las Vegas and never experienced this type of experience. Have hired many J1 Visa students and employees to do the same function--it is the leadership that takes them in the right direction.

3000 meals a day is a common thing in one restaurant on the strip--they are doing 1500---2000. You can par cook the food and finish ala minute 10 minutes prior to service re sulting in moist tastful food.

Should this restaurant continue with the same production track, service and guest recovery system they will survive but make less profits --good luck
"The staff knows my wife and I"
Reviewed on Jul 08, 2007 by BSikor
Rating: 10  
We eat there so often (at one time once a week for three weeks) that the staff recognizes us. Food is great. Its always good. Service is sometimes hit-or-miss depending on the time of day. For the price it is top notch!
Reviewed on Sep 19, 2005 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: Not rated  
I've had better French cuisine in nicer restaurant settings for similar dollar amounts, but this restaurant is still passable. I've yet to try the upstairs Bistro, which I hear is better.
"Got hooked on French food"
Reviewed on Jun 20, 2004 by Redsilas
Rating: Not rated  
This was the first French restaurant I had been to in a long time and as an adult. As a single diner with food allergies I was attended to and not ignored. My waiter was also working with two large parties of over 8 people each and he always checked up on me and was very friendly overall.

I was appreciative for the attention he paid to a single diner in a large restaurant of noisy parties and children.

This restaurant also opened me up to French fair.
"Glad we decided to try it"
Reviewed on Jan 12, 2004 by anggem57
Rating: Not rated  
We've been to Disney a number of times and avoided this restaurant because of reviews I've seen elsewhere. However, during this last visit in early January we decided to take a chance on Chefs de France. Both the food and service were very good and all of us were pleasantly surprised at the warmth of the waitstaff. Take a chance and enjoy as our party did the good food along with very professional (and cordial) service.
"Ooh La La"
Reviewed on Aug 25, 2003 by firefighterjosi
Rating: Not rated  
I love this restraunt. I think it makes a great place to do lunch for two. If you can get a seat near the windows, you will be treated to a beautiful view of the World Showcase Promanade. The menu is great, with tons of delishious food to choose from. Big tip: Don't skip dessert!
Reviewed on Nov 14, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by meeko_33785
Rating: Not rated  
This elegant restaurant takes you to Paris though beautiful theming and wonderful food. Having the waitresses and waiters actually from France adds more to the feel that you are in a beautiful Parisian restaurant. One of the best in-park restaurants.
Reviewed on Aug 31, 2002 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
The restaurant was beautiful, the food was average. My wife's salmon was just okay (and she is a salmon aficionado), and my steak had large, "gristly" lines of fat running throughout it. I found the kids' meals to be good, though.
"well worth the price!"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by mtaft
Rating: Not rated  
Having been to France, we were interested in how well this Epcot restaurant would pull it off. Well... terrifically, actually. The food was better than what we'd had in Paris, and the service far more friendly. This expensive meal has been a major highlight of each trip to WDW. Worth the wait and the expense.
"So so"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2002 by wdwcrazy
Rating: Not rated  
We went here for lunch. The menu was pretty limited in selection. The service was very slow in this restraunt. I think our waitress had too many tables to handle at once. The food was exellent though. I enjoyed the onion soup, and some kind of crepe. Everyone at our table enjoyed their food and said it was very good. Overall this restraunt was good. It had slow service, limited menu, but had exellent food and it wasn't too expensive.
Chefs de France
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