Universal Orlando expands with two new space-themed resorts opening in 2025

Apr 11, 2024 in "Universal Orlando Resort"

Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort
Posted: Thursday April 11, 2024 10:22am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Universal Orlando Resort is expanding its hotel offerings with the addition of two new properties, Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort, opening January 21 and February 25, 2025, respectively.

These hotels, developed by the Universal Creative team in partnership with Loews Hotels & Co, will offer guests a unique lodging experience themed around outer space, with a total of 1,500 guest rooms. Starting at a price of $147 per night for stays of four nights or more, these resorts aim to provide an affordable yet immersive experience close to Universal Orlando's attractions.

Watch the video below for a fly-through of Universal Stella Nova Resort.

The Universal Stella Nova Resort is designed with a calming theme of teals and purples, reflecting the vastness of the universe, while the Universal Terra Luna Resort features an earthy palette of greens and golds, inviting guests to explore unknown planetary environments. Both resorts will have double-queen guest rooms equipped with spaceship-styled windows, catering to guests seeking a space-themed retreat.

For dining, each resort will have its own set of cosmic-inspired food and beverage outlets, including quick service restaurants, pool bars and grills, and lobby bars offering specialty and classic cocktails. Guests can also enjoy a range of amenities such as resort-style pools, fitness centers, game and recreation rooms, and Universal Orlando Resort stores.

Guests of these hotels will benefit from exclusive theme park perks like Early Park Admission to certain Universal attractions, complimentary shuttle bus transportation, and more. Both resorts are conveniently located near Universal Epic Universe and other Universal Orlando theme parks, enhancing the overall guest experience. Reservations and vacation packages for both resorts are now available for booking.

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Andrew25Apr 23, 2024

I mean... you can say that about a good amount of the themed resorts around Orlando lol This resort is meant to quickly boost UOR's lodging capacity to accommodate increased demand. I'd imagine more "well-themed" resorts will be added at down the line.

WDWFREAK53Apr 23, 2024

or anybody that's enjoying the resort and hanging by the pool.

sedatiApr 23, 2024

What's sad it that the most striking feature is really only going to be enjoyed by those driving past it or in the few rooms facing the other hotel.

JoeCamelApr 23, 2024

Can you imagine the cost to tile these? They could have painted them like Dockside and the other one for a lot less money but maybe it points to a higher level of accommodation than we anticipate?

sedatiApr 22, 2024

For what they are they are gorgeous and I'd happily stay there... But nothing about the exteriors says outer-space to me (nor do I expect StarFall racers will evoke a falling star.) These are the tie-dye hotels.

John park hopperApr 15, 2024

Disney has empty resort rooms because they are so gd expensive and not at the level they claim they are. People are becoming wise to their delusions about luxury and even value resorts

Jon81ukApr 15, 2024

Disney have the value resorts, just price them too high.

Andrew25Apr 15, 2024

Yes, but this is a "Prime Value" hotel, not a moderate/deluxe. At the end of the day, this hotel is targeted at those that get to the parks all tired out and just need a clean place to sleep in. I'd imagine the next few hotels they decide to build on the Epic property will be well themed as they can "escape" from the celestial concept. I think Disney realizes this, they just have an excess amount of room capacity that prevents them from building more hotel capacity so they've decided to renovate instead. Hence all of those new clean and "lifeless" resort renovations.

John park hopperApr 15, 2024

$147 a night sounds great. Been saying this for years Disney needs to do the same (they won't) I just need a clean room to sleep in as I spend most of my time at the parks

WDWFREAK53Apr 12, 2024

Cheaper because you can't leave an Apple Store for under $200.

WDWFREAK53Apr 12, 2024

And this was only built because the shells were built with Pop.

Sorcerer MickeyApr 12, 2024

Preach it. These hotel interiors look like an Apple store.

BrianLoApr 12, 2024

These rooms are not currently on property. Let's check back on pricing when they are.

Smiley/OCDApr 11, 2024

True but people would be happier getting a room on property for less than 200/night