Universal's Epic Universe to debut SUPER NINTENDO WORLD with iconic Nintendo games

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Universal Epic Universe – SUPER NINTENDO WORLD concept art
Posted: Thursday May 2, 2024 8:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Universal Orlando has today revealed official details about SUPER NINTENDO WORLD at Epic Universe, which will feature attractions, dining, shopping, and interactive experiences inspired by the Super Mario franchise and – for the first time in the U.S. – Donkey Kong Country.

Developed in partnership between Universal Creative and Nintendo, the land combines iconic Nintendo characters with Universal's theme park experiences to deliver a multi-sensory environment where guests can experience the fun and adventure of Nintendo games in a whole new way.

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD will debut at Universal Orlando Resort in 2025 as one of five worlds at the all-new Universal Epic Universe theme park, which will open in Orlando.


It all begins when guests enter the portal to SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, which will transport them through the iconic green pipe into the immersive land. As guests emerge from the pipe, vibrant scenery and exciting kinetic energy surround them as they are greeted by the familiar sights and sounds that they've experienced on their Nintendo game consoles – from the towering Mt. Beanpole and majestic Peach's Castle to swaying Piranha Plants, pacing Goombas, spinning coins, Blocks and more.  Inside SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, guests will be able to explore Super Mario Land – where they'll enjoy adventures alongside Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and other characters; and Donkey Kong Country – where they'll encounter thrills featuring Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and other members of the Kong family.


The colorful landscapes of the Mushroom Kingdom come to life in Super Mario Land, where guests can experience:

Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge: Guests are invited to join Team Mario and battle Team Bowser for the Golden Cup in this groundbreaking attraction that fuses augmented reality, projection mapping technology and elaborate environments to bring the fun of the Mario Kart video game series to life in a ride-through experience. 

Guests up for the challenge will enter through Bowser's Castle – where they'll wind its corridors and get a glimpse of Bowser's deceptive plans to stack the odds in his favor – before boarding their kart and heading to the starting line. Then, guests steer through a variety of Mario Kart courses – collecting coins, tossing shells at Team Bowser, dodging obstacles, and more – as they join their favorite characters and compete to help Team Mario win the race.

Yoshi's Adventure: The Yoshi's Adventure attraction will make its U.S. debut when SUPER NINTENDO WORLD opens at Universal Epic Universe. On this family-friendly ride, guests of all ages will enjoy breathtaking views of Super Mario Land as they join Yoshis and travel through Mushroom Kingdom landscapes in search of glowing eggs – encountering many familiar characters along the way.

Toadstool Cafe: At Toadstool Cafe, guests can enjoy a variety of tasty dishes inspired by the world of Super Mario and its characters, including Mario and Luigi-themed burgers, Super Mushroom Soup, Piranha Plant Caprese, Fire Flower Spaghetti and Meatballs and so much more. Guests will also get glimpses of several Toads cooking up culinary creations through various virtual windows as they dine inside the restaurant.

Yoshi's Snack Island and Turbo Boost Treats: Guests can also pick up treats, snacks and beverages at these walk-up dining locations.

1-UP Factory and Mario Motors: Guests can shop for souvenirs, apparel, toys and more inspired by their favorite Super Mario characters and adventures within these retail locations.

Meet and Greets: Guests can meet, greet and interact with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad throughout various areas in Super Mario Land.


At the edge of Super Mario Land, guests will discover an entrance that leads them to Donkey Kong Country, where they'll explore the lush, tropical landscape from the video game series, complete with tall trees, waterfalls, landmarks such as The Golden Temple and more. Here, guests can enjoy:

Mine-Cart Madness: Guests will hop into a mine cart and careen through the jungle to help Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong protect the coveted golden banana on this first-of-its-kind family coaster. Utilizing an unprecedented ride system, innovative technology and a unique coaster design, Mine-Cart Madness will send riders on a thrilling adventure where they will experience the jaw-dropping maneuvers that they've seen Donkey Kong and the mine carts perform in the video games – including getting blasted out of a barrel, seemingly jumping over gaps as they speed along a rickety track, and so much more.


Guests can level up their fun in SUPER NINTENDO WORLD by purchasing a Power-Up Band, a wearable for their wrist that allows them to enhance their play throughout Super Mario Land and Donkey Kong Country. With the Power-Up Band, guests can collect digital coins by punching Blocks and playing interactive activities, collect digital stamps on attractions, earn digital keys to unlock an exclusive showdown against Bowser Jr., and discover other hidden surprises. Guests can also access Leaderboard screens in SUPER NINTENDO WORLD to see where they rank amongst fellow guests.

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trr14 days ago

bioreconstruct @bioreconstruct In foreground of this aerial is site of Universal's electric bus depot near Epic Universe 1 Parking garages for Universal Studios Florida/Islands of Adventure 2 Sand Lake Rd/Kirkman Rd interchange 3 NBC Universal technology hub 4 Access road for Helios Grand Hotel from Kirkman Aerial overview of Helios Grand Hotel in Epic Universe.(Roof frame is being added to the extended queue of Ministry of Magic. Bottom left.) Aerial overview of roads near Epic Universe. Arrow at Dr Doom's Fearfall in IOA.Electric buses will transport Universal Orlando guests in exclusive lanes in the median of Kirkman Rd. A raised traffic circle is under construction at center. Day guest parking out frame at right.

trr14 days ago

bioreconstruct @bioreconstruct Aerial photo of first beams placed for the raised traffic circle at Epic Universe. Aerial overview of Super Mario Land in Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe. Aerial overview of Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe. Aerial look at Terra Luna and Stella Nova resorts under construction near Epic Universe. Aerial look at what is believed to be fireworks launch site for Epic Universe. Behind Helios Grand Hotel. Aerial look at road construction near Stella Nova and Terra Luna resorts. Guests will access these resorts from Epic Blvd, at left. Kirkman Rd runs between the resorts.A raised traffic circle in progress at left. Universal Blvd at right 787408 Aerial photo of first beams placed for the raised traffic circle at Epic Universe. 787409 Aerial overview of Helios Grand Hotel. The in-park hotel of Epic Universe.Access road for resort guests is top right, from Kirkman Rd. It's believed that the peninsula at right will be fireworks launch site. Projections on the hotel tower, and fountain show. 787410 Aerial photo of Epic Universe day guest parking. A section is being freshened. Eventually the construction staging area at left will be paved for more day guest parking 787411 Aerial photo of one of the tower cranes being removed at Helios Grand Hotel. In Epic Universe. 787412

trr14 days ago

bioreconstruct @bioreconstruct Aerial photo of colorful pavement and landscaping so far at the entrance of Epic Universe. Admission sales at top right. Security and admissions through the pair of curved buildings at top left. Aerial photo of landscaping and paving so far at front of Epic Universe. Aerial photo of the front of Starfall Racers in Epic Universe.Scaffolding has returned to the stylized comet theming. Supports are away from the green and yellow tracks, allowing testing to continue. Aerial overview of the front of Epic Universe. Large building is the Untrainable Dragon theater in The Isle of Berk. Aerial photo of Helios Grand Hotel and Celestial Park in Epic Universe. Arrow in this aerial photo at the extended queue under construction at Starfall Racers in Epic Universe. 787397 Aerial photo of the Super Nintendo World portal and Atlantic restaurant in Epic Universe. 787398 Aerial photo of Celestial Park landscaping so far at base of Helios Grand Hotel in Epic Universe. 787399 Aerial photo showing that Stella Nova and Terra Luna resorts are within walking distance of Epic Universe. Most guests will use shuttles.Clearing at top left is site of Catchlight Crossings. Affordable housing being developed by Universal. 787400 Aerial photo of the portal into Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe. 787401

trr14 days ago

bioreconstruct @bioreconstruct Aerial look at the front of Epic Universe. Portal of the park at center.As guests enter there will be a view across Central Park. Including through the meandering lines of fountains in the ponds at top right. Aerial photo of work so far on Chronos, the tower and portal of Epic Universe.Similar ornamentation is on both sides. Celestial bursts.Additional arched park accesses will be at left and right. Aerial photo of work so far at the entrance areas of Epic Universe. Aerial look across the entrance areas of Epic Universe. At center is current height of Chronos, the tower at the park portal.In foreground is Luna Overlook, which will have a view across the length of Celestial Park to the Helios Grand Hotel. Aerial photo of the entry plaza of Epic Universe. Chronos is the name of the tower rising above the park's portal. Aerial photo of Luna Overlook and the current height of Chronos tower. At entrance of Epic Universe. 787388 Aerial photo of a spiral staircase under construction at the entrance of Epic Universe. It's believed that the second floor here is the park's VIP room. Seems like painting has started at nearby rockwork. 787387 Aerial look at the front of Epic Universe.At center is a half circle, Luna Overlook. There will be a view across Central Park, including through the meandering lines of fountains in the ponds at top center. 787389 Aerial overview of the front of Epic Universe. 787390 Aerial overview of the security and admissions buildings at Epic Universe. 787391

JoeCamel7 days ago

I wasn't aware they were putting Hello Kitty in this park too....

trr18 days ago

bioreconstruct @bioreconstruct Aerial photos of work so far on the portal and entrance plaza of Epic Universe. Aerial photo of sections of a tower crane lowered today at Helios Grand Hotel in Epic Universe. Aerial photo of the raised traffic circle in the extension of Kirkman Rd. Eases left turn traffic flow. Epic Universe day guest parking is at left. Aerial photo of Epic Universe May 18, 2024• Chronos tower continuing to rise, with celestial burst theming• One of the tower cranes being removed at Helios Grand Hotel• Peek at the carriages of Curse of the Werewolf• Service building behind Dark Universe has exterior 786638 Aerial photo of construction of the portal into Epic Universe, called Chronos.At bottom is Luna Overlook, which will have a view spanning across all of Celestial Park to Helios Grand Hotel. 786639

trr18 days ago

bioreconstruct @bioreconstruct Aerial photo of construction of the portal and tower at entrance of Epic Universe. Called Chronos. There are celestial bursts on the tower frame. Aerial photo of the park side of the portal into Epic Universe. Look close, and celestial burst theming can be seen.The horizontal yellow poles are likely temporary. Stabilizing Chronos during construction. Aerial photo above Epic Universe, looking toward the entrance plazas. Aerial photo of the Epic Universe entrance plaza. Aerial photo of domes on top of Helios Grand Hotel in Epic Universe. Underlayment recently completed on the large dome. Sunburst theming recently added. Aerial photo of construction so far on Chronos. The tower and portal at entrance of Epic Universe.At top is Luna Overlook, and a cascading water feature. 786622 Aerial photo of the most recently placed dome on top of Helios Grand Hotel in Epic Universe. 786623 Aerial overview of the in-park hotel of Epic Universe. Helios Grand Hotel. 786624 Aerial photo of one of the tower cranes being removed at Helios Grand Hotel. In Epic Universe. 786625

rd80513 days ago

It may be for a bit, so they don't have to DELAY anything. Although having reservations made for end of 2025 or beyond seems like it would be pretty safe of them to start backloading. Helios has a ways to go though still.

Andrew2513 days ago

I think Epic should open with AP-access, but certainly w/ additional blockouts and a temporary reservation system for APs. Would be silly (IMO) to complicate the ticketing structure next year with various types of APs. As a current AP, I'm not expecting any sort of admission to AP preview with just the current APs offered... but I would like to upgrade instead of playing this game of whether or not I have to purchase individual tickets before an AP is offered w/ Epic. It's one of those questionable decisions the parks make that don't take into account operations. (I'm hoping I'm wrong).

Jon81uk13 days ago

In a way they shouldn’t have the same issue as the Star Warst at Disneyland one, there people already had an AP giving access to the park. Whereas at Universal Orlando existing AP holders have only paid for access to two or three parks, they currently have no right to admission for Epic Universe. Therefore I expect it will be an additional ticket purchase anyway and Uni can adjust that AP ticket upgrade price depending on how busy regular sales are. I don’t get why they didn’t just install two tracks for DK, yes sightlines might have been harder to ensure riders on the second track don’t see the “real” track of the other coaster, but it would make it a lot more fun seeing other carts flying past you as well as increasing capacity.

ToTBellHop13 days ago

How much longer can it possibly be before they release 2025 resort packages?!

trr113 days ago

cheezbat14 days ago

Yes they want people to add to their stays, but they do not mind the idea of an attendance dip at Studios. They expect it. There is a major plan for redos and expansions over the next handful of years at the park. They know they have a few duds and will need all the capacity and headlining attractions Uni Studios can take to really make guests stay for a week.

Andrew2515 days ago

4-passenger vehicles.... possibly dispatching somewhere in the ~20-sec range... 720 guests an hour without any operational issues. I'm hoping Universal can surprise us by dispatching trains closer to the 15-sec range (approx. 960 riders an hour)... but we haven't really seen a coaster w/ intervals like that in a grand scale.