Disney+, Hulu, and Max Combine Forces in Exclusive Streaming Bundle

May 08, 2024 in "Disney+"

Posted: Wednesday May 8, 2024 7:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Today, Disney Entertainment and Warner Bros. Discovery unveiled a collaboration to introduce a new streaming bundle incorporating Disney+, Hulu, and Max.

This combined package, which will launch this summer in the U.S., aims to provide subscribers with a wide array of content at a competitive price point. The bundle includes programming from major networks and studios such as ABC, CNN, DC, Discovery, Disney, Food Network, FX, HBO, HGTV, Hulu, Marvel, Pixar, Searchlight, and Warner Bros.

Customers will be able to purchase the bundle on the websites of any of the three services, with options for both ad-supported and ad-free subscriptions. Pricing is to be announced.

Joe Earley, President of Direct to Consumer at Disney Entertainment, emphasized the benefits of the new offering. "This new bundle with Max will offer subscribers even more choice and value following the successful launch of Hulu on Disney+," Earley stated. "This incredible new partnership puts subscribers first, giving them access to blockbuster films, originals, and three massive libraries featuring the very best brands and entertainment in streaming today."

JB Perrette, CEO and President of Global Streaming and Games at Warner Bros. Discovery, also highlighted the strategic advantage of the bundle. "This new offering delivers for consumers the greatest collection of entertainment for the best value in streaming, and will help drive incremental subscribers and much stronger retention," Perrette explained. "Offering this unprecedented entertainment value for fans across all the complimentary genres these three services offer, presents a powerful new roadmap for the future of the industry."

Further details about the streaming bundle will be released in the forthcoming months.

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Phroobar29 days ago

Her computer is like a car with no bumper, broke taillights and spewing black smoke while driving down the highway. It's an accident waiting to happen. She probably doesn't understand why her computer is slow.

erasure fan129 days ago

You might be surprised. The other day a lady I work with, who's not all that tech savy, were talking about everything everywhere all at once and how I said I hadn't seen it. I said it's not on any service I have. Her response, just watch it online, I do it all the time, there's lots of sites you can find it on for free. Now granted her computer is probably a maleware mess but is a lot more common than just a few years back.

Phroobar29 days ago

The thing with pirating is it takes knowledge on how to do it and where to go. Most people can barely use their iphone much less computer for something that complicated. People that pirate wouldn't be in the streaming audience anyway.

BrianLo29 days ago

I’m a mid millennial and I cord cut in 2016 I guess officially. I’d say much younger than me were cord-nevers. Even still I lived with more elder millennials up until that point and I think in the 2012-16 window we were one of the few with cable and it was mostly for Game of Thrones. I think it’s pretty unusual for a millennial to have cable anymore. As you guys say, it’s the Gen X cohorts and above. I have Netflix (ancient subscriber for Canadian standards predating House of Cards and Orange is the New Black), D+ Star, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+ and CrunchyRoll. We don’t have Max up here, it’s licensed out to one of our other telecoms that is actually a fairly long standing service (Crave = Canadian Hulu in the original pre Disney ownership sense). Quizzically that one has never captured me. Probably have too many services as it is, but I’m a very bad churner (aka I don’t churn). I’ve pirated the few standout HBO shows.

MrPromey30 days ago

They only offered it after you signed up for the Hulu deal. I'm sure that was intentional to not cannibalize or give most D+ members any ideas as they were facing increased pricing and ads at the same time. I did it with an address different from what my D+ was (unintentionally at the time) and I wonder if they'd have offered it to me, otherwise. But then my cell provider included Hulu for free two months later and my cable provider through in D+ a month after that so...

TrainsOfDisney30 days ago

Oh I wish I had seen that - I would have bought that! I was waiting to get some sort of Disney+ deal / offer but it never came around.

MrPromey30 days ago

I signed up for the same 3 year promo you did and I stuck around for the 4th year with what I'm guessing was the same special discount offer you did and after that, I let my sub go. The content was getting worse, the price was going up and ads (or price was going up even more). I now have it as an existing part of my cable (that I'm locked into thanks to my neighborhood association). They've got me back but besides advertising, are they making new money off me this way? I have Apple+, Netflix, and Hulu included with my cell service. I assume they all make some sort of money that way beyond the ads but my bill is the same whether I use these services or not so I'm guessing whatever it is they're getting paid, it's paltry. The only two I'm currently actually paying for are Max (at a promo of about $6 a month) and Amazon and their ecosystem is so far up my rear I think you'd have to sever a connection directly from my brain to break that so I'm not sure I'd say I'm there for the streaming or that I'd leave if the streaming left. The Amazon model clearly appears sustainable to me because that was baked into how the service was conceived. Apple never even has to break even on their service. As for the rest, I wonder how many of their subscribers are like me or are on the el-cheapo plans. Last Black Friday, Hulu was offering $1 a month for 12 months and you could add Disney+ to that for $2.99 a month. It was weird because D+ wasn't offering any real deal, themselves and this was a pretty aggressive deal set to expire in the fall. If I have to go from "free" to more than $11 a month for each of these, they're going to become a revolving door because at this stage, I'm not seeing new content that interests me on most of them, most of the time. But as long as I'm not paying, I'm not churning even if I'm not watching the ads as a result of me not watching the stale content. Is someone like me who isn't churning actually benefiting them beyond a positive looking number in an Excel table? Obviously, nobody's exactly like me but I wonder how many find themselves in a similar position and I wonder if with whatever behind-the-scenes deals the streamers have made, that'll be sustainable. I guess if they keep trying to go cheap on the content that'll hold them over for a while longer but that's a big part of why they aren't getting my advertising eyeballs.

flynnibus30 days ago

The TV providers like Fubo are great. If Youtube included ad-free YT for YT TV customers I would switch in a heartbeat to YT TV. They have a great lineup and decent features. But I won't pay the crazy YT Premium price just to kill ads on my phone.

DKampy30 days ago

I hear ya…. As a part of the Gen X myself it is a tough choice

Disney Irish30 days ago

I ended up going to DirecTV Stream last year and got rid of my former cable bundle. I just can't cut the cord fully, its the Gen X in me I just have to have a cable service lol.

Disney Irish30 days ago

If I'm being honest, churn is more of a concern than piracy in my opinion. Not that some won't try, I know people that did even when the services were basically been given away, but its easier for people to just cancel and re-sub later on then to try and pirate. So its such as small number that I don't think its as big an issue as you are making it seem. The place where piracy will be the biggest issue in my opinion is the live sporting events.

DKampy30 days ago

I should add those I know that have more are younger than me and do not have cable… their entertainment is streaming… we will probably cut the cord within the next couple of months…, we rarely watch cable anymore… the only reason we have been reluctant to is for live events… however cable is expensive and it hardly seems worth it

erasure fan130 days ago

I'm not saying it will bring streaming down. but the point was there isn't an infinite ceiling to charge people. There will be a point that enough people say the heck with it and cancel. And if they really want to see said content, there's no shortage of ways to do it. Now maybe there's enough people willing to get taken to the cleaners and none of it will matter. I just don't think everyone will be like, everyone else is 30$ a month so I guess I've gotta just give them my money.

flynnibus30 days ago

Center of mass man... you don't steer the core of your business by the minority who aren't even paying your bills. It's not really meaningful in this discussion over customers having limited alternatives. You don't say "Inflation isn't going to hurt people... they'll just steal what they need". It's not the scenario that drives the ship. The majority of the country are not going to switch to Kodi/etc because all the streamers started running ads... just like they didn't abandon cable just because virtually every network ran ads. The options for defecting are limited, and will get worse in the coming years. The peak of 'just buy what I want, with lots of options' is in our rear view mirror.