Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour, coming to Disney+ in March 2024 with five bonus songs

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Posted: Wednesday February 7, 2024 4:39pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced today that Disney+ will become the exclusive streaming home of Taylor Swift's historic concert film Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour, Taylor's Version.

Taylor's concert film will debut March 15, 2024 on Disney+, and will include Cardigan and four additional acoustic songs.

The history-making, cinematic experience from the 14-time Grammy-winning artist, Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour directed by Sam Wrench, grossed more than $260 million worldwide at the global box office, making it the top selling concert film of all-time.

In making the announcement Disney CEO Bob Iger said, "The Eras Tour has been a true phenomenon that has and continues to thrill fans around the world, and we are very excited to bring this electrifying concert to audiences wherever they are, exclusively through Disney+."

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MisterPenguin8 hours ago

Physical media will survive... as digital downloads living on the devices the consumer buys to store all that data. What has been, will be niche, like vinyl, polaroids, or even getting film developed so you can have a stack of 3x5" pictures that you put into an album. Anyone wanna come over an see the slides from my vacation to Podunk?

Disney Irish1 day ago

Yeah that was premature in 2009 and really why I don’t listen to the media on things like this. I listen directly to the manufacturers and industry partners on clues on where things are going. And by and large with few exceptions they weren’t talking about physical medias demise until the last 3-5 years. So unless things change dramatically, such as a reversal on 8k format not being available, I can’t see physical media making a come back in any major way. And so it’ll be a slow march to the end, maybe before the end of the decade.

Sharon&Susan1 day ago

Ah, my bad. Thought maybe you were thinking of those "mastered in 4k" releases that were around for a few years before the 4k discs. And this is one example of an article from (actually) 15 years ago. Pretty interesting, especially with how HD DVD is pretty much forgotten now. https://techcrunch.com/2009/06/22/poll-finds-that-physical-media-is-dying-hd-dvd-as-popular-as-blu-ray/

_caleb1 day ago

Yep. The higher-end XBox model (which was launched with an optical drive to read games on physical disks) is said to be losing that drive in its upcoming mid-cycle refresh. https://www.polygon.com/23881253/xbox-series-x-all-digital-no-disc-analysis

Disney Irish1 day ago

This has been brought up in this thread before about the collectors market, using vinyl as an example. While I think there will be a small niche market for this I don't think this is enough to keep the physical market alive in any significant way. When talking about 4k its the format, not just the physical media. 4k options in home theaters started being released in 2012 with the TVs. I got my first 4k UHD TV in 2015 and a player about a year later, both with the fancy 3d option (that was never used but that is another story for another time). Which is why I was saying that I don't know why you were saying anyone was talking about the death of physical media 15 years ago when it was already announced before 2012 I believe that 4k would be a physical media format, unlike 8k which will not. Anyways only time will tell how this all shakes out. But I can foresee a future already where no physical media will be available. I'm already looking to spec out my next home theater system and it won't include any player of any kind.

Sharon&Susan1 day ago

To clarify I meant stick around as a niche collector's orientated market. It happened with laserdisc for nearly twenty years in the shadow of VHS (similar to streaming worse video and sound, but far more convenient) for Joe Schmoe so I can't see why the same can't happen again. Especially since discs can now be made MOD-style unlike the 90's and seem to be a cheaper and more profitable way at getting lesser known stuff out there than just putting it on a streaming service indefinitely. Blu-ray sales still weren't great after winning the HD disc format war, home video sales had peaked a few years earlier, and Netflix was quickly gaining in popularity and was already considered a major attraction for the current gen. video game consoles (Which is why just a few years later, both the Xbox One and Wii U were both built around streaming being a major selling point). I assume you mean Blu-ray, as 4K UHD players launched about 8 years ago

Disney Irish1 day ago

Rumors and leaks of the next gen consoles have indicated no optical drive are planned for the future versions. So while not immediate but I suspect gaming too will go completely digital at some point in the near future. Heck even most hard core gaming streamers on Twitch and YouTube focus on indie titles that have no physical release anyways. And Disney just partnered with Epic games which releases their games exclusively digitally as well.

DryerLintFan1 day ago

I think it’s moreso that a large percentage of the population still have dvd player’s. Heck a ton of people still have vhs players.

Wendy Pleakley1 day ago

Physical media is still alive to a degree, I imagine, because many people have an XBox or Playstation that happens to include the ability to play discs. That's why I buy the occasional physical movie. Usually only cases where it's a specialty release like Criterion, Shout, Arrow, etc. and not available digitally. I can't imagine paying for a standalone disc player. The people with really high end home theaters, who would truly benefit from that type of thing, are still a pretty small minority I'd think.

Disney Irish1 day ago

Don't know why anyone would have predicted physical media's end 15 years ago when 4k was still fairly new and streaming was barely even a thing. Personally I didn't even think physical media would make an exit until about 7ish years ago. As far as that thread, what has happened since then.... - Disney has stopped releasing physical media in certain regions. And has now outsourced any new physical media distributions to 3rd parties. - Major manufacturers have all but stopped making new players. - Many big box stores will or have stopped carrying physical media. And I suspect even soon will stop carrying the players too. So fairly soon online will be the only place you can get physical media, and maybe soon the players. And if sales continue to decline, well..... And while 8k content is not really a thing right now, studios are using it for filming. For example Guardians 3 was filmed completely in 8k. So its just a matter of time before content will be available in 8k, and that may end up being a streaming exclusive format. As the Blu-Ray association (which Disney is part of) has stated they will not be moving to 8k when its available, meaning 4k will be the end of that format. And I think I read that Netflix was testing 8k streaming not too long ago. Physical media has been around for almost 50 years, its had a good run, but it was going to eventually end as newer technologies came out. So yeah its a slow march to the end. Maybe you don't want to play Nostradamus but its clear that physical media's days are numbered.

Sharon&Susan1 day ago

People have been speculating that it'll be the next "couple of years" for the last 15 years when physical media finally gets completely replaced by streaming. It'll probably happen eventually, but I prefer to not make myself a Nostradamus out of myself. For instance looking at this thread from 4 years ago: https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/disney-4k-uhd-blu-ray.921329/page-2 You see people here predicting that the end is near, but frankly if you shop online (which I expect is the de facto for most at this point) in America or the other big markets has the experience changed that much since this thread? Prices are probably the biggest difference as to be expected with everything in our post-Covid world. But it's still easy to find a player that you'll be happy with and there are still about the same amount of discs coming out every week that are about the same quality as what came out in 2020. The biggest thing thing that's changed since that thread has started is that Disney has gone back to releasing 4K UHD catalog releases including releasing their Disney+ shows on disc. Not a surprise since that market is still currently growing. And frankly even if the entire market was booming and allowed for a fourth physical video format, 8K just doesn't make sense when currently most movies are finished at 4k or even 2k. Heck, I think even the large format movies shot on film would have a hard time showing an obvious enough increase in detail for there to be demand.

Disney Irish1 day ago

Tell that to someone in Australia that wants a recent Disney movie. I give it 5ish years before all studios stop all but special releases to physical media and 10 years before its completely phased out. Not only that but even the main player manufacturers are phasing out production of new players, some have stopped altogether. Even the format isn’t being refreshed to 8k even though TVs are. So yeah the end is coming and likely way before Imagination gets replaced.

Sharon&Susan1 day ago

Physical media will be completely gone exactly the day after Jesus Christ returns Journey Into Imagination With Figment gets replaced.

Miss Rori1 day ago

It seems cruel that Wish is getting a Blu-Ray that includes a multi-part documentary, plus deleted scenes/storyboards (although those have already been shared online) and the Once Upon a Studio short. A little more effort than usual, for that.