Dragon at Disneyland's Fantasmic! destroyed by massive fire

Apr 23, 2023 in "Disneyland Resort"

Posted: Sunday April 23, 2023 10:08am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A massive fire at Disneyland Fantasmic! last night resulted in the total loss of the Maleficent dragon that is featured in the finale of the show.

During the second showing of Fantasmic! last night, the show appeared to be running as normal, with Melficent shooting fire out to ignite the water between the audience and the stage.

Just after the planned fireball, fuel could be seen leaking from the head of the dragon, which soon ignited. The fire continued uncontrolled and quickly accelerated, engulfing the entire dragon in flames.

The show was halted, and all cast and crew were safely removed from the area. Disneyland reports that there were no injuries to cast or guests.

Performances of Fantasmic! have been halted, and the show is likely to be unavailable for the foreseeable future.

You can see the full sequence of events in the video below.

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MisterPenguin6 days ago

It's treasure they be after!!

gerarar6 days ago

Not that it comes as a surprise, but the side fountains weren't on either (they weren't on for WJ before the F! fire just to be clear). However, this should at least give guests more space to see the show and alleviate Main Street viewing somewhat. Also there were more construction workers on TSI earlier today.

Starship8246 days ago

https://www.youtube.com/live/cvlyNK49Y5Q?feature=share Rivers of America Viewing is back up and running for Wondrous Journeys

SuddenStorm9 days ago

If I had to guess, they're wanting to get the viewing area back up and running for Wondrous Journeys.

Phroobar10 days ago

Maybe some of the Jungle Cruise piranha got in the river?

gerarar10 days ago

Center (moving) fountains rig raised for some type of work.

Phroobar11 days ago

So it really is Mickey's fault.

truecoat11 days ago

Recently, a friend told me what really happened on Fantasmic. Although the fire was bad, everything would have been salvageable but the fire scared the rats so bad they chewed through all the gas lines and wiring.

brb100612 days ago

I remember there was some talks of WDW planning on refreshing Spectromagic back when MSEP was originally planned for a Summer only run during 2010. Before WDW decided to extends the parade's run which lasted until October 2016.

jrhwdw12 days ago

Just Quteing other posts.....sorry!!

SaucyBoy12 days ago

How is this relevant to Disneyland's Fantasmic? It's been 13 years, it's time to let it go. WDW doesn't have to be centered in every conversation about theme parks.

jrhwdw12 days ago

Granted, I'm not an insider and it's already 2023, after COVID. However, I do wonder if we might still have Spectro if MSEP went to DL for its 55th in 2010 instead of MK....... Yes, MK probably wanted it because of Potter but, DL needed it more since all they had was the Street Paqrty in 2010! I just hope the Night Parade Story is not done anywhere!!! TDL needs the Pre COVID Dreamlights back and, the US Resorts need something!!!!

Disney1923-202312 days ago

Well that messes up my incredibly detailed itinerary for my June trip

gerarar12 days ago