Dragon at Disneyland's Fantasmic! destroyed by massive fire

Apr 23, 2023 in "Disneyland Resort"

Posted: Sunday April 23, 2023 10:08am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A massive fire at Disneyland Fantasmic! last night resulted in the total loss of the Maleficent dragon that is featured in the finale of the show.

During the second showing of Fantasmic! last night, the show appeared to be running as normal, with Melficent shooting fire out to ignite the water between the audience and the stage.

Just after the planned fireball, fuel could be seen leaking from the head of the dragon, which soon ignited. The fire continued uncontrolled and quickly accelerated, engulfing the entire dragon in flames.

The show was halted, and all cast and crew were safely removed from the area. Disneyland reports that there were no injuries to cast or guests.

Performances of Fantasmic! have been halted, and the show is likely to be unavailable for the foreseeable future.

You can see the full sequence of events in the video below.

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chadwpalm23 hours ago

Nirya1 day ago

He's back to finish the job.

imagineer971 day ago

It was YOU!

chadwpalm1 day ago

I was there the night the dragon went up in flames and I'll be there the weekend it reopens. Neat.

Starship8242 days ago

Well, hopefully a month is long enough, and if they do they should switch them to the kind of fountains that are used in Luminous and the overseas parks.

gerarar2 days ago

As of last night the static fountains are still there on the left and right side. With a month-ish to go, time is running out to change them back to fully functioning moving fountain heads again.. This doesn't include any rehearsals and stuff where all the infrastructure must be finalized and such..

TheCoasterNerd3 days ago

Yes, and the one that formerly held the dragon.

Starship8243 days ago

Hopefully when this show comes back they fix the fountains and bring back the original score like in DHS.

CaptinEO3 days ago

Which segment is that? The one with ursula?

Disney Analyst3 days ago

After all the investigations, insurance, and clean up, they than decided to fully rework the villains segment. Whether it should have taken this long is anyone’s guess.

celluloid3 days ago

Agreed. It is too long, but a lot of it would be safety approval based to ensure it won't happen again as it could have been much worse.

CaptinEO3 days ago

Can someone explain to me, if the show doesn't have a dragon, why is this taking a year to come back? 50% of the times I saw the show the dragon wouldn't come out and there's a B mode with a projection of it instead. It's not like they needed to create a new B Mode. I get them taking some time to repair burned infrastructure, and I guess some additional time to add the Peter Pan segment back. But a year? That should be two months tops. If it comes back with the dragon after a year it makes sense but sounds like Disney confirmed the dragon is gone.

gerarar3 days ago

The length of the show is still at 27 mins. Screenshot above was taken a couple days after the fire incident. Remains to be known if the show's length will be extended (or shortened) due to the reworked dragon fight scene. iirc when the return date for DHS's F! was announced, along with it was the new show length of +2 mins.

Ice Gator3 days ago

I’ll also add that Peter Pan’s bright color scheme made it easier to tell who the characters were and what is happening on the boat. Plus the Tick Tock Croc following the boat is fantastic.