Disney shares more details about San Fransokyo Square coming soon to Disney California Adventure Park

Feb 20, 2023 in "Disneyland Resort"

Posted: Monday February 20, 2023 2:24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The re-imagined Pacific Wharf in Disney California Adventure will reopen Summer 2023 at San Fransokyo Square.

San Fransokyo Square will transport you to the not-too-distant future, in a fictional mash-up of two iconic cities – San Francisco and Tokyo. As the tech industry began to emerge and the local fishing trade fell on hard times, entrepreneurs came together to reinvent the seaside canneries into a vibrant, multicultural district of neighborhood restaurants and small businesses where you’ll be able to eat and shop.

The San Fransokyo Gate Bridge, which will span the tide pools linking San Fransokyo Square to the Paradise Gardens Park obelisk. Once you cross the bridge, you’ll catch a view of the floating wind turbine atop an old fishing net tannery, powering the district from high in the sky.

Outside a converted warehouse at the south end of San Fransokyo, you may have the opportunity to encounter Baymax. Today, Pacific Wharf is home to eateries featuring sourdough bread, ice cream sundaes, delicious Mexican fare, Asian dishes and more. The Pacific Wharf dining locations will remain open during the work.

When the transformation to San Fransokyo Square is completed this summer, you’ll find familiar favorites like soups in freshly baked bread bowls, as well as many new Asian-inspired selections. The new Port of San Fransokyo Cervecería draws inspiration from its tri-cultural influences with signage in English, Japanese and Spanish. Outside will be a fun and inviting beer garden decorated with festoon lights and papel picado.

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MistaDeeMar 16, 2024

THIS I was just catching up on this thread and 100% agree with this post. I think a trackless dark ride building off of Mystic Manor is exactly the kind of experience DCA needs. I really love how you articulated the idea and the photos you chose are exquisite. In absence of workable space in the Hollywood backlot I think the same concept would absolutely fit the theme of Paradise Gardens and the sort of Victorian-era coastal vibe that Paradise Pier once alluded to. With the advent of Pixar Pier I suspect a tie-in to either CoCo or Encanto might be the injection of IP needed to get the project off the ground.... But I would love a S.E.A. style take on California billionaire mansions - if it requires CoCo that's a bargain I'd be willing to make. I see potential sites for the showbuilding squeezing in next to Midway Mania, potentially a two-story approach like Transformers at Universal to include space for any of the backstage functions that are critical to the location. Perhaps more easily it could be fit replacing Goofy's Sky School and Paradise Gardens. A two story approach could also include space for dining facilities if Disney deems those absolutely necessary.

MagicHappens1971Mar 07, 2024

Sorry I wound up on this thread several months later. The interactive portion that was tested was used, in the now shuttered Galactic Starcruiser.

MoonRakerSCMDec 02, 2023


MoonRakerSCMNov 27, 2023

Yes! The painted footer! That's a nice nighttime photo. The sign adds a lot. I'm glad they didn't cut it.

gerararNov 26, 2023

Was at DCA last Saturday (11/18), last been in 2010 but barely remember much since I was a kid and there was walls/construction everywhere lol. I did see the new San Fransokyo area for myself. I will say it's very pretty at night with all the lights, lanterns, and stuff. Comes across much better in person then thru photos online. Just walking thru the area is nice. My friends that I was with (first-timers) loved it a lot. I also did a quick spot check on the bridge. That one area was indeed cut up and just painted over red lol. Some screws were also still popped and not screwed properly. Didn't get much pictures of this since it's pretty much the same as was posted earlier in the thread. The bridge overlay itself looks/feels cheap. The glossy look just doesn't look nice with the sun shining on it imo. However, at night it does deliver. There are some light bulbs that are already out tho..

ConsumerNov 12, 2023

Wes Anderson vibes

Disney AnalystNov 12, 2023

Disney AnalystNov 10, 2023

MoonRakerSCMNov 09, 2023

I should've taken a photo when I was there last week, but they just ended up painting the concrete orange on the base where the sleeve had to be cut.

Practical PigNov 09, 2023

This is exactly what I've wanted for Hollywoodland. Once Mystic Manor was revealed, a Norma Desmond-esque version was a freaking no-brainer for DCA in concept, if not in willing budget. It would truly elevate the park.

LittleBufordNov 09, 2023

This is good to know! Thanks!

Disney AnalystNov 09, 2023

I asked on twitter: someone replied: “It has! The fittings all look great, the screws are all flush and painted, and the covers are all properly aligned.”

LittleBufordNov 09, 2023

“Better” is a start.

Disney AnalystNov 09, 2023

I haven't seen good enough footage or photos to confirm myself, but I've heard rumblings that it had all been adjusted and fitted better.