Disney shares more details about San Fransokyo Square coming soon to Disney California Adventure Park

Feb 20, 2023 in "Disneyland Resort"

Posted: Monday February 20, 2023 2:24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The re-imagined Pacific Wharf in Disney California Adventure will reopen Summer 2023 at San Fransokyo Square.

San Fransokyo Square will transport you to the not-too-distant future, in a fictional mash-up of two iconic cities – San Francisco and Tokyo. As the tech industry began to emerge and the local fishing trade fell on hard times, entrepreneurs came together to reinvent the seaside canneries into a vibrant, multicultural district of neighborhood restaurants and small businesses where you’ll be able to eat and shop.

The San Fransokyo Gate Bridge, which will span the tide pools linking San Fransokyo Square to the Paradise Gardens Park obelisk. Once you cross the bridge, you’ll catch a view of the floating wind turbine atop an old fishing net tannery, powering the district from high in the sky.

Outside a converted warehouse at the south end of San Fransokyo, you may have the opportunity to encounter Baymax. Today, Pacific Wharf is home to eateries featuring sourdough bread, ice cream sundaes, delicious Mexican fare, Asian dishes and more. The Pacific Wharf dining locations will remain open during the work.

When the transformation to San Fransokyo Square is completed this summer, you’ll find familiar favorites like soups in freshly baked bread bowls, as well as many new Asian-inspired selections. The new Port of San Fransokyo Cervecería draws inspiration from its tri-cultural influences with signage in English, Japanese and Spanish. Outside will be a fun and inviting beer garden decorated with festoon lights and papel picado.

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Suspirian16 days ago

I like the bridge. Im kinda hoping they push the san fransokyo aesthetic more within the land as the concept art seemed kinda tame (just lanterns and paint). I want futuristic billboards and towers on top of the existing buildings. The area is so concentrated there no reason to not go all out. honestly they should just make this a mini land of a larger San Fransisco area to finally make something of the "Paradise" "Gardens" "Park" (🙄) area.

DCBaker16 days ago

waltography29 days ago

I will say I am fond of the international orange color, so I'm excited to take photos through the torii towers. Still think this is a weird lateral/slightly net-negative move.

Phroobar29 days ago

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BuzzedPotatoHead8929 days ago

While I’m sure it’s unintentional I will say having the Palace of Fine arts/Little Mermaid dome and SF streets facades behind the new San Fransokyo bridge actually does seem thematically consistent.

DCBaker29 days ago

Suspirian29 days ago

I like the SF idea. When it was rumored I was hoping it would be something inspired by the Avengers Hydrobase. I have faith they’ll retheme it one day.

Nland31629 days ago

I wish they set the land in an urban, metropolis style setting. I believe this was the original early concept for the WDS version — but themed to NYC. They could’ve done that with Old Hollywood in the backlot or SF themed in its current location. It would’ve been visually superior.

Suspirian30 days ago

I want to change it so bad. It really could be something much better as a Marvel land.

_caleb30 days ago

No thanks, we're good

PiratesMansion30 days ago

The M&G will be so popular that Disneyland will have no choice but to introduce Baymax Mountain next year to "meet guest demand."

MarvelCharacterNerd30 days ago

As the representative Avengers Campus fan who happily spends hours there hanging out with the characters, and as someone whose primary reason to go to the park is entertainment and characters, I honestly could care less about them sticking Baymax in a corner other than to ask why are they bothering to retheme an entire land just to stick Baymax in a corner? Why not just make it Baymax corner and leave the rest of the place alone? He'll get a bit of interest initially but I'd expect it to fall off quickly - though maybe I'm unaware of some massive Baymax fandom that will keep the meet thriving for years. But I recall a Baymax meet previously in the Tomorrowland Starcade around the time of the movie. It closed pretty quickly and I never heard anyone wonder about it or ask for it again. Honestly I think he'd do better in the old Cap meet spot in the Hollywood Backlot across from the former Spidey spot that Moon Girl is now in. Just keep those as Disney Jr meet spots and it'll stay busy enough. Sticking Baymax next to a beer stand makes no sense to me. Or heck, stick him in Launch Bay and retheme that area of Tomorrowland to actual futuristic technology! That's where Baymax fits perfectly. Not by the beer stand.

J454631 days ago

I def think Marvel should get a bigger investment but I dontn hate the campus Idea, or execution but I dont love it either. The land as a whole has gotten better with more and more characters but still needs a spectacular e ticket

CaptinEO31 days ago

Galaxy's Edge even if somewhat of a letdown to themepark and Star Wars fans, actually is really impressive to outsiders. Only walked through Avenger's Campus one time and had relatives with me, they didnt understand it or get it. Star Wars Land at least looks like Star Wars and anyone can instantly recognize it. Avenger's Campus is the most unthemed Disney "Land" they've made. Even Hollywood Land is better with the giant buildings and backdrop they made. Avenger's Campus was literally just concrete, a restaurant, and a ride. It's crazy considering Marvel brings them in way more money than Star Wars and is the biggest movie franchise of all time.