Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disneyland will use Virtual Queue and Lightning Lane

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Posted: Wednesday January 18, 2023 12:42pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has confirmed that when Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway opens at Disneyland, it will not have a standby line and will only be accessible via Virtual Queue or Lightning Lane.

To experience Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway when the attraction opens, you’ll need to join the complimentary virtual queue, which is only accessible via the Disneyland app. There will not be a standby line for this attraction at this time. The virtual queue enrollment times will be twice daily, at 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. PT. Lightning Lane access will be available via an Individual Attraction Purchase.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disneyland opens on January 27, 2023.

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TrainsOfDisney1 day ago

It’s a festivus miracle!!! Side note… the popcorn machine is an interesting illusion. Take a good look at it!

DCBaker1 day ago

Appears the concessions sign has been fixed -

celluloid2 days ago

It would have been a great gag to make a LED looking Neon sign "magically" say different things. Missed opportoonity.

mickEblu2 days ago

I prefer the neon “concessions” with the two burnt out letters to being turned off.

waltography2 days ago

“Do you have to remain seated too?” “No Mickey, I’m just a voice.”

BuzzedPotatoHead892 days ago

Since I want to assume positive intent on Disney’s part here for sake of argument. Are guest surveys contributing to this evolution in mindset? Post-COVID concerns? I still remember the 4 hour wait down Main Street in 1995 when I went with my family for Indiana Jones. While it was chaos it’s also a memory I’ll never forget. But then again opening day of RoTR was also a great memory but I also remember the momentary chaos and panic/disappointment for some of people around us who didn’t get a boarding group. I guess in a nutshell I don’t think there’s ever a perfect crowd control system. I just worry about the deterioration of the guest experience for those who aren’t tech savvy or “in the know” about the latest processes and simply want to soak in the parks without a crash course on all the new systems.

el_super2 days ago

I think it's possible, but probably less likely than the last time an attraction at DLR hit 3 hours (Mission Breakout). You're going to have scenarios though where on weekdays, it will be easier to obtain a boarding group than on busier weekends. I think without the VQ though, you could end up in a scenario where a small 30+ minute line ends up ballooning to 3 or 4 hours once the afterwork/afterschool crowd shows up. So between less crowded weekdays and more crowded weekends (where closing for fireworks become a concern) there are differences, but it still makes the most sense to stick with one VQ system until you can fully support standby on the most busiest of days. There are some concerns over massing people in one general area, and a lot of those have been mentioned before (including bathroom issues). Disney has to make sure that security and paramedics are available, that there are clear ingress and egress paths and a number of other safety factors that certainly can be done, but don't HAVE to be done. It's really, in my mind, a matter of guest satisfaction. People don't like waiting in line.

BuzzedPotatoHead892 days ago

I appreciate the back and forth. Even if we disagree. I notice we keep citing 3+ hour waits. Given the sheer number of rides and attractions at Disneyland and MMRRs hourly capacity do we have any reason to believe this attraction would have these kinds of waits in the absence of VQ even now? As you note even RoTR with its ongoing problems probably averages 60-90 minute waits without VQ and has only been opened like 2 years when we factor out the COVID closure period. Which leads me to question - with ILL as an option what would be so bad about letting people just wait? The queue is detailed and there’s plenty of room in Toon Town now. Not meant as a slight at elderly people. But my mother is in her 70s and had a stroke/heart attack. She uses her phone, but she definitely does not have the speed to quickly sign up for a virtual queue. My father still has his flip phone. You’re the one who’s asking me about elderly people and those with mobility issues. I’m telling you that the VQ system is not easy for those with processing challenges (regardless of age).

celluloid2 days ago

No one ever said it didn't.

CaptinEO2 days ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. If people like VQs that's their choice, I disagree with it but when people defend VQ and Lightning Lane I can't tell whether they are just drinking the company's Kool Aid or are a paid employee. The whole spiel the company gives about giving guests more options and guest satisfaction is such PR corporate speak BS.

el_super2 days ago

My numbers are probably off. I only meant as an example. I don't think the sells of ILL are all that significant right now.

SuddenStorm2 days ago

Wait, they're giving out 30,000 boarding group spots a day? Assuming the ride operates for an entire 16 hour day, that's 1875 boarding group spots an hour. On a quick Google search I couldn't find any confirmed hourly capacity metrics for the ride, but I did see an estimate of 2,160. So Disney is only doing 285 ILL spots an hour? Either they're far more charitable than we thought and everyone struggling to get a boarding group just doesn't know what they're doing- or your numbers are off.

el_super2 days ago

....and yet the virtual queue remains.

Chi842 days ago

Yes. I’m in my late 60’s and I use all kinds of technology. Lots of us old people do 🙄 My mother in law used the apps on her iPhone just fine into her 90’s.