Tiana's Palace restaurant in Disneyland to open September 7, 2023

Aug 18, 2023 in "Disneyland Resort"

Posted: Friday August 18, 2023 1:!2pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has announced that Tiana's Palace, a new quick-service restaurant in Disneyland replacing the former French Market Restaurant, will open on September 7, 2023.


Inside Tiana's Palace, you will be surrounded by the colors of Mardi Gras as you sit at yellow tabletops, on warm vanilla-colored chairs with green seats, in the shade of yellow and green umbrellas.

Below the lit marquee that reads "Tiana's Palace," hanging above a metallic gold balcony, is an emerald green wrought iron railing and awnings dyed in yellow and green, reminiscent of Tiana's formal ball gown.

Guests can expect a menu capturing the essence of New Orleans, with some ingredients sourced from Louisiana, and the convenience of mobile ordering through the Disneyland app. The opening will also mark the return of the Mint Julep Bar.

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mickEbluSep 21, 2023

Ketchup!? Let’s don’t be silly. Lemon, that’s different.

chadwpalmSep 21, 2023

MisterPenguinSep 21, 2023

Needs more ketchup.

mickEbluSep 21, 2023

Tiana’s got nothin on my Gumbo!

EmmanuelSep 14, 2023

I had the beef po'boy this past Sunday and it was decent. I ordered the house beignet but the fryers ended up broken when it opened for the day. I was offered 3 options A.) Come back in the afternoon to pick it up B.) Sub for a 3 pack of normal beignets from the Mint Julep Bar C.) Refund I ended up just getting refunded for the beignet since I already had a 3 pack beignet that morning and the fact that I had other things to do in the afternoon that I wouldn't had time to go back.

ParteeciaSep 12, 2023

Has anyone asked for substitutions? I'm still mad that I'm no longer allowed to buy a piece of fried chicken ala carte since the pandemic closure.

MarvelCharacterNerdSep 12, 2023

The Po'Boy has been tempting me but I'm not a fan of beans (I'd be fine with plain rice if I could get it but not sure if it's pre-mixed or not).

mickEbluSep 11, 2023

That makes sense. I honestly don’t see myself getting any gumbo as an entree any time it’s hotter than 75/80 degrees but I’m sure it’ll hit on a cool day or evening between November and February.

BuzzedPotatoHead89Sep 11, 2023

The yams are honestly not super strong in terms of flavor profile and are complimented by other flavors. I’m usually not a huge fan of yams on Thanksgiving but the base of the roux disguised that flavor or at least supplemented it sufficiently for my palate. I think given the heat outside I went with the “lighter” 7 greens since the original was a darker roux (base) which lends itself to milder weather.

Californian ElitistSep 11, 2023

Thank you for your review and photos! I’ve been weary of the mac and cheese ever since the first promo photos. It looks basic, but I’d have to try it for myself, of course. The Muffuletta seems to be an all-around hit. Let’s be honest, anything at Tiana’s is better than tendies and burgies.

mickEbluSep 11, 2023

The Muffsandy and gumbo seem to be getting the best reviews. But I’d have to go with the regular gumbo though. Those yams just don’t seem right in there. I’m guessing you didn’t mind the yams?

BuzzedPotatoHead89Sep 11, 2023

Tried a few things, as we waited roughly 30 minutes since mobile order was done by noon Saturday. Overall probably the best food we had this trip (we stayed 3 days for OBB). Top items: - Muffuletta sandwich - my favorite. The bread was good and olive spread was perfect complement with a surprisingly hearty amount of meat (though I do wonder how many picky eaters are aware of this). On par with the Muffaletta I’ve had in NO. We had with the Mac n Cheese which was decent, but nothing to write home about. 9/10 - Po Boy - very good but also simple. I liked the Muffuletta better. Bread was fine but was a bit hearty. Wasn’t a huge fan of the red beans and rice. 7.5/10 - 7 Greens Gumbo with chicken and sausage. Fantastic! Super flavorful. Better than the Gumbo and Blue Bayou by a mile. You do have to be a fan of white beans and collared greens (which I am), but very flavorful. 8.5/10 - Other items: - cornbread (a tad bit dry but flavorful) - 6/10 - Ice box lemon beignet (custard was good but it’s basically a donut, not a beignet, stick with the ones next door) - 5/10 If the menu is missing something I’d recommend maybe a deconstructed Muffaletta salad or fried green tomatoes. But there’s a decent amount here. I think this will be a hit but this menu is a decent test as this definitely experiments with more Southern flavors than your typical family from Tustin, Brea, or Whittier may be accustomed to. I also hope it can maintain its standards a year or two out.

mickEbluSep 11, 2023

LOL that’s a wonderful idea! In fact when you included those sirens to your post the other day I thought “I should have done that.” Then I forgot to add them again. But consider this the last time the planter policeman shows up with no sirens. And you are quite welcome! Just doing my job. To protect and to serve all planters at the Happiest Place on Earth and those who appreciate them. Also please check out my last post. I have since edited to add my new emoji alerts you recommend.