Tiana's Palace coming to New Orleans Square at Disneyland in 2023

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Posted: Thursday January 12, 2023 1:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Opening later this year, the French Market Restaurant in New Orleans Square at Disneyland park will be reimagined into Tiana’s Palace.

Tiana’s Palace will be the newest restaurant on Orleans Street. Within its peach-colored walls and fancy green wrought-iron balconies, you’ll find elegant fixtures and appointments reminiscent of Tiana’s life and friendships. The new Tiana’s Palace will have much of the same pinch of pizzazz and flair as the restaurant from the film, offering authentic New Orleans flavors inspired by Tiana’s friends and adventures in this quick-service style restaurant. While Tiana’s Palace is not a character dining location, guests may find Tiana in New Orleans Square.

The menu at Tiana’s Palace will expand on many of the current favorites served in the location, explore seasonal flavors and, of course, offer some New Orleans classics.

Disney Imagineers are partnering with Disney Animation artists from the original film to bring this story to life at Disneyland park. In fact, the film designers took inspiration from the exterior of the original French Market Restaurant in New Orleans Square when designing Tiana’s Palace for the movie, so this is a long-dreamt homecoming.

French Market Restaurant (and Mint Julep Bar) will be closed beginning February 17, 2023, and will reopen as Tiana’s Palace (alongside Mint Julep Bar with its famous mint juleps and Mickey beignets) later in the year.

Disneyland recently opened Eudora’s Chic Boutique Featuring Tiana’s Gourmet Secrets, a new retail shop that Tiana opened with her mother, Eudora. Up next will be Tiana’s Palace later this year, followed by Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in 2024.

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PiratesMansion2 days ago

Well there we go. That's why French Market won out over Hungry Bear. It can pretty much look right out of the movie without them having to do much of anything to modify it.

Phroobar3 days ago

Interesting that if you take the white facade off the building, it looks a lot more like Tiana's Palace from the movie. Just use the behind brick structure.

mickEblu3 days ago

Agreed. 💯

Practical Pig3 days ago

And shade. Glorious shade. The exterior concept art for both ride and restaurant are underwhelming. I really hope they don't start removing mature trees for (possibly) mediocre views.

mickEblu3 days ago

Is this tree a goner with this retheme? Maybe they want to open it up. Kind of how it used to be… Hope not. Provides a lot of great ambiance.

Chupaca Bruh14 days ago

"Island at the Top of the World" Old Viking movie.

TP200014 days ago

Vikings are a sudden fad, but... they're so dirty. And hairy. And badly tailored. I feel no connection to them whatsoever. The Vikings on TV don't even speak Norwegian, let alone Swedish. They speak English. Did I mention how badly tailored they were? While the nose is close, I feel completely unrepresented by this... :confused: I certainly wouldn't want to go back in time to this era, as the reality was far less attractive than even this dirty and badly tailored young man portrays. And can you imagine what they must have smelled like? I'm not being represented whatsoever!

Practical Pig15 days ago

There doesn't seem to be a dearth. From IMDB - All Viking/Norse Movies and TV Series: https://www.imdb.com/list/ls066440877/ People of Northern European ancestry like myself (with a significant amount of Norwegian DNA) can't credibly claim a lack of media representation.

Parteecia15 days ago

Not enough Viking movies out there for you?

Californian Elitist15 days ago

I love it. There’s nothing wrong with identifying or feeling represented by something fictional. And it’s not up to those outside of the represented group to determine what is representation for them and what isn’t.

Parteecia15 days ago

Cassian is a killer from Kenari and yet I felt great pride in watching a smart protagonist who appears to share my ancestry.

TP200015 days ago

Good point on the timing. 2009 was when that awful Jay Rasulo was in charge of the parks, and his New Fantasyland makeover for WDW just had little meet n' greets for most Princesses instead of actual rides that Magic Kingdom Park so desperately needed (and still needs even more desperately now!). Rasulo was an idiot who led WDW's parks especially further down the path of low capacity and big crowding. The giant new E Tickets based on Princess franchises that Tokyo has opened in the last few years and are currently building for additional capacity are wise investments. A shame the American parks are always so afraid to make the same investments, with WDW's parks being the most glaring offender of that concept. The Princesses are almost always a slam dunk. Instead of "celebrating" each one with just a little meet n' greet plywood backdrop and hiring a few girls from the Fullerton Junior College drama department every summer for a six hour shift standing in front of the plywood backdrop, they need to dive in to this lucrative Princess concept and plus up the park with them using real restaurants, real rides, real stuff. Reactivating dead and unused spaces for this like the Motorboat Cruise, the Skyway chalet, Innoventions, Starcade, etc., etc. is a no brainer. Better late than never is about as positive a comment I can make about Princess Tiana finally getting her permanent spot in the park! Welcome to Disneyland, you lovely young lady! Where've you been since 2010?!?

TP200015 days ago

True, but the princess in Wish is not set in any culture that ever existed on Earth or currently exists on Earth. She lives in a fictional land referred to as "the magical kingdom of Rosas". It has its own unique culture, it's own architectural style, it's own art and history that is all entirely fictional and mythical. It's also a land where goats wear pajamas. Conveniently, however, the magical kingdom of Rosas uses American English as its official language, so no subtitles are needed for the film. ;) If it was a movie set in Puerto Rico or Tanzania, I could understand the desire to "see oneself" in the character or story. But the kingdom of Rosas where magic exists and goats wear pajamas is entirely fictional and made up out of whole cloth. Whatever one sees in the movie Wish will be from the experiences of shared humanity, not a specific culture or ethnicity.

TP200015 days ago

I don't disagree. But the websites I landed upon and their current conversations were shockingly bigoted and rather hateful. I found it funny that they were applying all these contemporary American terms to a fictional princess living in a fictional land with a fictional culture that has nothing to do with Africa or Latin America or the United States or anything close to any of that. Plus a goat that wears pajamas. But they're upset because the cartoon images they've seen don't look Black enough, or look too Latina??? Bizarro Bigot World! There were so few Black actresses until the 1960's, and those that actually existed in films for Hollywood's first 50 years were almost exclusively maids or domestics or silent extras in the background, I wonder how they even got a big enough representative group to prove that point? Seems awfully silly to still be talking about in the 2020's as if it's a current issue, which is what the fans discussing Wish were focused on.