Get Ready to Pay More: Disneyland raises prices across the board

Oct 11, 2023 in "Disneyland Resort"

Posted: Wednesday October 11, 2023 7:23am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disneyland Resort has increased pricing across the complete line-up of ticketing options effective October 11, 2023.

Magic Key Annual Passes

Magic Key Annual Passes have seen hefty price increases as high as $150.

  • Inspire pass: $1,649, an increase of $50
  • Believe pass: $1,249, an increase of $150
  • Enchant pass: $849, an increase of $150
  • Imagine pass: $499, an increase of $50

Day Passes

Regular single-day and multi-day tickets have increased in price between $5 and $65.

Single-day tickets still begin at $104, but may be as high as $194 depending on the date chosen.

Park Hopping option has increased by $5 for multi-day tickets.


Parking at Disneyland has risen by $5, now costing $35.

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DLR92Oct 20, 2023

Disney would never do this, but there should be another Disneyland build in California. LOL

_calebOct 15, 2023

I believe she works at TikTok now.

mickEbluOct 15, 2023

I’d say they re definitely trending in the wrong direction. CM standards, Splash closing etc. When I didn’t renew it was due mostly to being disappointed/ angry with the direction they are going as well as a little burnout. With that said, Disneyland is still such a a wonderful place that I think it’s still worth the money. Especially when it comes to the value you get with an annual pass. Knowing all the ins and outs of the parks helps too. We’ve definitely felt a little bit of a void since our passes expired just due to the fact that it was something to do that the whole family could enjoy for an entire day every 2-3 weeks. Today we went to Chuck E Cheese 🥴. I never been to the local park more in my life. You don’t know pain until you do the thing where you’re teaching your kids manners but indirectly talking to other parents. “Take your turn Stella.” “Don’t climb up the slide.” “Wait for her to get off before you go down.”

SuddenStormOct 15, 2023

You know, if the park was exactly as it was in 2014, I'd say it's worth this money. Now? Nah.

DrAliceOct 14, 2023

With respect to concert tickets: There's no way on this Earth that I would spend $200 for a single artist at an arena. Nope. But, I'm an old lady that likes to keep what little hearing she has left. The last two concerts I saw were FABULOUS! They were live streamed during the pandemic. I had my computer connected to my TV and stereo (yes, I still own one of those) and watched (and sang and danced and air-guitared) to my heart's content in my own house, wearing my PJs. 🤣 I think one of the shows was free and the other was something like $40-50, but the artist was donating the profits to charity. 🤘🤘

DrAliceOct 14, 2023

I felt this when Genie+ was first introduced. The result is that I haven't stopped all trips to DL, but we don't go as often. We used to go every year, but now we go alternate years. Disneyland is still fun and has value. However, Disney has increasingly made the experience more complicated to plan, and increased the "nickle and diming" aspect so much, that I'm just not willing to put up with that every summer.

CaptinEOOct 14, 2023

Post of the year!

PhroobarOct 13, 2023

shambolicdefendingOct 13, 2023

Look, what's so hard about this?!? All I want is for Disneyland to... +Never be crowded when I visit +Keep investing tons of money every year into maintenance and new attractions +Let me visit whenever I want on a whim for a couple of hours without paying for parking +Provide free, unlimited FastPass +Pay all of its front-line workers whatever the union says is a livable wage +Keep charging me the same prices they did in 2003 Why can't this greedy, dysfunctional company figure it out???

CaptinEOOct 13, 2023

I mean literally all weekend I saw people complaining about how crowded Disneyland was. Micechat's Monday update said this too. I think attendees sometimes fail to realize they are the ones creating the crowds, everyone is responsible. If someone wants less crowds but doesn't want to pay more they are fighting a losing battle. Seems like it's the right time to raise prices. The company's struggles are not in the parks area, and Disneyland is doing great, World however was not meeting attendance goals and has had changes and adjustments.

D.SilentuOct 13, 2023

Probably not, but the current set seem all the more glaring for the time they've been up compared to the scope of the projects they foretell.

Mickey's PalOct 13, 2023

I second this.

Disney AnalystOct 12, 2023

Yeah I mean, may have been able to get them for $200ish during presale, but we missed that lot, so the remaining were absurdly priced haha

mickEbluOct 12, 2023

Wow. Mine were in the $200 range on a presale. I’ve seen them 3 times and Unfortunately this was my least favorite of the three shows. His voice was just shot. Probably doing too many shows. Most people didn’t seem to care or notice especially if you looked at the comments the next day. As a singer, I heard it from the very first song. Their performance at the Rose Bowl in 2016 was incredible. He’s kind of gone a little too far out there now with alien costume heads and weird puppets. Not sure what was going on. Not to mention the more albums they make the less stuff from their old albums they perform.