Disneyland announces Limited-Time Kids' special ticket offer for early 2024

Oct 04, 2023 in "Disneyland Resort"

Posted: Wednesday October 4, 2023 11:26am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disneyland Resort is launching a new, limited-time kids' special ticket offer for use in early 2024.

Beginning Oct. 24, 2023, you can purchase a child's ticket (valid only for children ages 3-9) to a Disneyland Resort theme park for as low as $50 per child, per day with this kids' special ticket offer.

You will be able to choose from 1, 2 or 3-Day Park tickets, with upgrades such as Park Hopper tickets or Disney Genie+ service also available to add-on.

These limited-time child tickets will be valid for use between Jan. 8, 2024-March 10, 2024 (no blockout dates, subject to park reservation availability).

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MoonRakerSCMOct 08, 2023


Tha RealestOct 07, 2023

The developments over night and this morning are going to make those gas prices look quaint.

truecoatOct 05, 2023

And they are striking because companies have record profits.

truecoatOct 05, 2023

Gas prices, except in California, are pretty much in line over time. As far as rent goes, it’s not the economy, it’s greed.

MoonRakerSCMOct 05, 2023

In recent years I've been exploring the US and visiting a lot of states to check out their rockhounding. It's undoubtedly a sign of older age but I almost get giddy everytime I fly somewhere and rent a car... ... I stand there at the rental counter... awaiting the question... the rental employee goes through the motions... I promptly turn down each unnecessary service... trying to hide the growing smile.... then... it happens... "Sir, would you like to purchase our prepaid fuel option?" I burst with a widening smirk and try to catch a quick side glance to see who is in ear shot and proudly proclaim- "Oh, no thankyou. I'm from California and stopping at the gas station here is a tourist attraction for me!"

mickEbluOct 05, 2023

We’re all in debt! Lol. Hey, if America can perpetually be trillions of dollars in debt, what’s $20,000?

TP2000Oct 05, 2023

I had to pay $6.45 per gallon last night at a local Mobil station that I've been going to for decades. I can not even imagine how a young family with kids, or young working singles, can afford to pay over $6 per gallon for gas. And what that must do to the rest of their household budget for the month! A trip to Disneyland, much less Disneyland AP's for the whole family, can't continue with $6 gas for most middle and working class Californians. This is only a California problem however, as we have the highest gas prices in the nation by far. Gasoline prices are over double what they are in much of the rest of the nation. How do you even explain this map of gas prices?!?

MarionnetteOct 05, 2023

What you experienced as a 20-something was not the economy. It was a reflection of your elevated income. I graduated from college in the early 80's. I was making more money than I had ever seen before and it felt great. But we had double-digit inflation and high unemployment. IOW, the economy sucked. Just because I was no longer eating Ramen noodles and wondering how I was going to make rent, that didn't mean the economy itself was great for me or anyone else.

mickEbluOct 04, 2023

Good point. 2/3 of the DLR ads I get on social media show a group of 20 year olds or young gay couples. I’m not sure why they re not marketing to families as much anymore? Is this just a reflection of the people that are working at the company/ TDA? Then of course they should have just kept out of the politics and the culture war going on. They picked a side and went hard. Based off Igers recent interview it sounds like they’ve realized that but who knows?

BbeagleOct 04, 2023

The economy means different things to different people. I remember being in my 20s, working in the early 2000s. As I was just getting out of college, single and in a new job, I had so much more money than I ever had before. I was loving being able to buy whatever I wanted. The economy was great for me. The 40-50 year olds at the office watched their 401ks drain and hated the economy.

MarionnetteOct 04, 2023

Tell that to my wallet and 401k because they aren't buying what you're selling.

CaptinEOOct 04, 2023

That's true. In 2019 I kept reading reports on why company's stock values made no sense vs their revenue and profit. Everything was way too overvalued.

smoochOct 04, 2023

tbf the economy wasn't good even before covid, yet economists want us to get back to "pre pandemic levels." there's a reason these strikes are happening, as @CaptinEO pointed out, these conditions have been poor and declining for many many years / decades and people are finally fed up. and seeing one successful labor movement tends to create momentum in other industries and sectors, which is a good thing.

CaptinEOOct 04, 2023

The stock market went down and then flatlined ever since early 2022 (and has not recovered). Inflation is hurting everyone from families to businesses. The economy hasn't been fine for a year and a half. Look at all the workers needing to strike to get a decent living wage. None of this screams "fun money for themeparks" to me.