Disney Skyliner quickly reaches 1 millionth guest milestone

Oct 28, 2019 in "Disney Skyliner"

Disney Skyliner has reached a major milestone just weeks after its opening.

1 million guests have already been transported since September 27, which is even more impressive given that the Skyliner was closed for nearly a week during that period.

Disney Skyliner consists of five stations in total covering the three lines - at Caribbean Beach, Pop Century/Art of Animation, Disney Riviera Resort, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot International Gateway. Caribbean Beach is the main gateway and you will transfer there to each destination.

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Article Posted: Oct 28, 2019 / 9:44am ET

TrainChasers25 days ago

After fireworks at Epcot the skyliner line would usually be 20-30 minutes in my experiences.

Movielover25 days ago

That line from personal experience was about 10 minutes... Still way faster than waiting for a bus.

MaximumEd26 days ago

We went last July the week all the parks reopened. Even though the parks and resorts were DEAD, there was a line at Pop every morning that went back to the laundromat beside the pool behind Classic Hall. It moved super fast and was no big deal. Still quicker, easier, and more relaxing than a bus. Just my personal experience and not meant to disparage yours.

nickys26 days ago

Sounds like a win to me. 😁

jensenrick26 days ago

You wanna see mobs at the skyliner? Try getting from Pop Century to Hollywood Studios in the AM. A line all the way down along hourglass lake, and then another long line when you get to Caribbean Bch. Or try leaving Epcot on the Skyliner on those nights when it closes at 7pm?! Oh lawdy! I had to walk over to Abracada-Bar to calm my nerves for an hour.

Disstevefan127 days ago

The cast members (what’s left of them) are out of practice because of COVID. They need to get their skills back before the mobs are back at WDW..

Disstevefan127 days ago

Somebody needs to photoshop Skyliners in place of the balls πŸ˜€

larryz27 days ago

Meh. Call me when they're

brettf2227 days ago

Interesting. Good to know. Thanks again for sharing your expertise in this thread over the past couple of years.

jaklgreen27 days ago

What? I don't think that they are supposed to collide.

Lift Blog27 days ago

Looks very minor if they even collided at all. Bumpers are there for a reason :)

brettf2227 days ago

Saw on Twitter that there may have been another incident of Skyliner cars banging together.

Incomudro29 days ago

Good to know, thank you! He seems like such a nice guy. I'm not a blogger, but I myself lost interest - barely looked at this site - for months, because things stopped being fun when it all slammed to a halt.

danlb_200029 days ago

Thanks! I checked his Passport to the Parks Facebook but didn't think to look for his personal Facebook.