Disney Skyliner closing for annual refurbishment in early 2024

Oct 25, 2023 in "Disney Skyliner"

Posted: Wednesday October 25, 2023 2:37pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Skyliner at Walt Disney World will be closing for a brief annual refurbishment in early 2024.

The gondola transportation system will be closed January 16 through January 21 2024. Disney Skyliner service to and from Disney's Riviera Resort and International Gateway at EPCOT will remain closed through January 27, 2024. Bus service will be available at the resorts served by Disney Skyliner.

Disney Skyliner closed for a similar amount of time in early 2022 and 2023, and reopened a few days ahead of schedule.

Disney Skyliner officially opened on September 29 2019, connecting Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot to four resort hotels - Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Disney’s Pop Century Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and the new Disney’s Riviera Resort.

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arich35Oct 26, 2023

Well at least announce before 80 days out and be a little consistent if you are going to wait that long

HorizonsfanOct 26, 2023

Is ritualistic sacrifice now part of TDO’s maintenance plan? That’s quite the turn. (sarcasm. I think the censor changed your message.)

KatiebugFanOct 26, 2023

They are going to P off somebody no matter when they start.

TouchdownOct 26, 2023

I’m sure it has to do with how early Mardi gras is this year this maintenance takes 2 weeks, they start later they bump into Mardi Gras (Feb 13 this year.)

Fido ChuckwagonOct 26, 2023

Weird that they chose the day after MLK day to start this, that is usually a busy week because kids have that Monday off from school.

Horizons '83Oct 25, 2023

If it makes you feel any better, there are still plenty of resorts available with discounts if you need to change location.

arich35Oct 25, 2023

What a bunch of BS. Not only do they announce this about 80 days before the date but they decided to move the refurbishment up from the last two years. I specifically choose our dates to try and avoid the shutdown as much as possible. Why wait until not even 3 months beforehand to announce this when it is done in January every year? People book at certain resorts because of the Skyliner, now you wait so people have less options to switch and are pretty much stuck

James AlucobondOct 25, 2023

This is really true for all maintenance. I feel like Tokyo Disney, for instance, does a much better job of publishing their maintenance calendar super early so that you can plan a bit better.

TouchdownOct 25, 2023

It happens every January.

DrdcmOct 25, 2023

I understand the need for maintenance, I just wish they would plan this stuff way ahead of time and announce it beforehand. Three months is well within many peoples trip bookings. Call me a grinch I guess

Horizons '83Oct 25, 2023

I'm actually glad this will be closed during my trip, it will make the International Gateway less crowded, like back in the day :) (5 years ago haha)