Gondola transportation officially comes to Walt Disney World - Disney Skyliner

Jul 15, 2017 in "Disney Skyliner"

Disney Skyliner concept art
Posted: Sunday July 16, 2017 7:47pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney World Gondola transportation system became official today, as Disney officially announced the project designed to ease transportation around the resort.

Named Disney Skyliner, the system will connect Disney’s Art of Animation, Pop Century and Caribbean Beach resorts and other locations with Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the International Gateway at Epcot. And many of the gondolas with Disney Skyliner will feature favorite Disney characters.

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JoeCamelDec 18, 2022

So you can open the windows for airflow?????? ;) ;) :angelic::angelic::hilarious::hilarious:

castlecake2.0Dec 18, 2022

This is correct. The only thing I haven’t confirmed is whether the bus will exit right onto BV Drive via the fire station or if it will go all the way to Backstage Lane to exit. Also to maintain the Skyliner experience for Guests, bus drivers have been instructed not to use the bus’s onboard air conditioning system.

JoeCamelDec 18, 2022

I thought we didn't care about that one any more....

MisterPenguinDec 18, 2022

I was thinking that making everything one way is safer.

DisoneDec 18, 2022

Though I haven't experienced this first hand, I have to believe that this is correct. The red represents the walking path for guest to get to the green bus path.

JoeCamelDec 18, 2022

Probably go out the same way they came in. Just pull around the turning circle provided for that.

MisterPenguinDec 18, 2022

Don't know if they'll do it this way, but, it's doable...

jaklgreenDec 18, 2022

There is a road back there that leads the the World Showplace. When they had the Party for the Senses during the Food and Wine fest. Anyone that purchased the deluxe ticket got a ride from their resort there and would be dropped up back there. The road circles around the back of World Showcase.

DisoneDec 18, 2022

It's backstage near the skyliner station. Cast will direct you. I guess this could be neat for some I would enjoy the sneak peek of the backstage areas.

ToTBellHopDec 18, 2022

Anyone receive the Year-End Skyliner Cooking Deaths Report yet? I’m wondering how many were cooked to death in 2022.

networkproDec 18, 2022

I dont see it either, unless the plan is to toss them off the overpass onto busses waiting below the Epcot Resorts Blvd overpass.

dreday3Dec 18, 2022

Have we ever found out where this "bus station" is going to be located?

DisoneDec 18, 2022

WDW now has a plan to use buses adjacent to the skyliner station at Epcot World Showplace when the line is experiencing down time. I'm surprised this wasn't the plan from the beginning. Previously they've been sending people to the front of the park or to the beach club bus stop. This is much more guest friendly.

rmwebsDec 11, 2022

Theres likely not going to be any work needed to the existing lines as those wont extend, they'll be adding extra lines so you'll get off somewhere and swap like you currently can at CB. The maintenance is likely for line tightening, general maintenance, cleaning, etc. That is one of the beauties of the system - the whole thing can carry on operating whilst it's being expanded with minimal disruption.