Is the Walt Disney World Gondola System about to become a reality?

Feb 15, 2017 in "Disney Skyliner"

Recently filed permitting plans suggest that Walt Disney World may be about to get its own gondola transportation system.

The plans show several structures at key locations around property, with some exhibiting quite distinctive proportions - L Shapes, that are typically used to change direction on overhead cable-based gondolas. (Thanks to danlb_2000 and P_Radden on the WDWMAGIC Forums for interpreting the plans)

The plans appear to show the new gondola transportation system linking Disney's Hollywood Studios, Art of Animation Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort and Epcot.

Timing is especially interesting, as major changes are coming to Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort and Disney's Hollywood Studios, which would make integration of a new transport system much easier.

The Magic Kingdom of course had its own Skyway, which served as an attraction inside the park for many years. But the use of gondolas as mass transport is gaining popularity. A new system is proposed for New York City, and London already operates a version in the east of the city.

Disney has not yet announced any new transportation plan, but it is well known that expansion of the monorail is unlikely, and roadways for bus use are becoming increasingly congested.

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Article Posted: Feb 15, 2017 / 7:30am EST
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Aries19751 day ago

I would not settle for anything less than a Rise of the Resistance boarding group / fastpass for whatever my next scheduled DHS day was.

PrinceCharming6171 day ago

Hopefully they'll get a Disney Springs route. I find myself spending more time there than at the parks.

Goofy2132 days ago

Probably shouldn't refer to the Skyliner as being "DOWN". More like temporarily motionless or currently closed. Down brings to mind some very unsettling images.

drizgirl3 days ago

Now that's funny.

Goofyernmost3 days ago

Although I am completely unaware of the situation even as to what happened and I don't care enough to look back, I have an opinion. My guess is that they laid off the guy that had the key to the ignition. Hey, it could happen.

joelkfla3 days ago

If it wasn't a power outage in the surrounding area, my guess is they were trying to locate the fault to be sure it was safe to restart.

Nunu3 days ago

Read somewhere that CM's gave each person 1 water bottle and a $25 Disney Gift Card.

danlb_20003 days ago

Even if the generator had not been used in practice, it is pretty standard to run regular tests of a generator backup system.

gerarar3 days ago

I wonder what compensation these people and guests got. I was stuck on the Skyliner last December for about 40 minutes and as soon as I got off (International Gateway), we were offered a fastpass to a ride. So I would imagine 2 hours of being stuck would result in a little more compensation.

Disstevefan13 days ago

Ah, life is getting back to normal, folks getting stuck on the skyliner for two hours like the good old days (2019) 😀

gerarar3 days ago

Maybe they were diagnosing the problem? Or they had to call in (additional and knowledgeable) people to get the generators up and running? Has there ever been a time where the power went out for the Skyliner? I can't recall, so this may be a first true test of it

HarperRose3 days ago

I want to know why it took them over two hours to start the back-up generator.

castlecake2.03 days ago

When I was leaving epcot around 6 last night, it was indeed down

gerarar3 days ago

I mean it didn’t even trigger a post/discussion here as it happened! So I guess it really doesn’t count!!