PHOTO - First Disney Skyliner tower now in place at Epcot

Apr 13, 2018 in "Disney Skyliner"

The first Disney Skyliner gondola tower is now up near Epcot's World Showcase.

Located just outside the park at the International Gateway, the tower will bring in guests from nearby Walt Disney World Resort hotels directly to the new Skyliner station being built at the World Showcase entrance to the park.

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Article Posted: Apr 13, 2018 / 9:36am ET
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nickys1 day ago

Well it was the thread @wdwmagic created for the recent news article, so I’d say it was a legit thread to link to. edit: OK I see they’ve been merged.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Just an FYI for everyone: The two rail threads have been merged. Thanks mods! This one is still about Skyliner. :)

techgeek2 days ago

I’m willing to suspend judgment until we see real world results. The TechCrunch article has been criticized as a hit piece, of which Elon draws no shortage of in all his endeavors. I recently read this counterpoint (granted, tealarati is unabashedly pro-Elon) to many of the capacity criticisms and find the simulation data intriguing LVCC does not seem to be in panic mode over the project, rather the opposite as they are advancing an extension of the system to downtown for the consideration of the city: Combined with a new project seemingly ready to break ground in Austin, that’s a lot of faith being tossed around for a system that hasn’t even entered service yet, but it has to have a basis in certain assumptions that are already apparent to the involved parties. If nothing else, you can triple the infrastructure and dig miles of additional tunnel for a fraction of the time and costs of a conventional system, which was the whole point in the first place. I try not to be an Elon fanboy, and have issues with him personally... but his record so far on innovation like this is clearly unmatched. As a lifelong fan of the WED / PRT concept of mass transit, in personally think it’s very exciting that the core concepts may finally after all these years be coming to fruition. Time will tell if it’s a success or not, but that Tesla stock wound up to be a pretty good gamble.

Magic Feather2 days ago

The Vegas loop is essentially a hastily made version of a PRT system with Musk's existing assets. Some of the original concepts were truly innovative, but as the article says, the system is down to an unscalable maximum of 1200 pph. The proposed idea of adding buses to the system really cannot come soon enough. For reference, imagine if Peter Pan's Flight was responsible for moving hundreds of conventioneers during a rush. Between that and the "novelty" of this "new and innovative" system (which has devolved into designated Tesla Tunnels) drawing people out to ride just for fun, I forsee LVCC kicking themselves for not taking Doppelmayr's bid.

JoeCamel2 days ago

But Elon is god :cool:

techgeek2 days ago

Elon has picked up a fair bit of critical press over a transit system that hasn’t even opened yet in a major tourism destination. On one hand, that sounds pretty familiar to the early apocalyptic visions passed around regarding everyone’s favorite non air conditioned gondola system .. and for the most part Skyliner has proven itself, albeit with a not insignificant break-in period. I understand the math presented in the TechCrunch article, but I have a hard time believing Boring Co. has come this far and simply missed the obvious bottlenecks they are pinning their doom and gloom on. I’ve been following the project since the bid and am as curious as anyone to see how it all actually works out... I can’t imagine using stock model 3’s is the final final plan, at least without heavy modifications. I’m sure the system is going to have growing pains and lots of kinks to work out... but really you’d bet against Elon eventually coming through, in Vegas?? Maybe Lady Luck is with them in that they won’t have to deal with true Vegas convention crowds for some time.

TiggerDad2 days ago

Didn't need you promoting a more recent three page usurper versus the earlier 26 page one with more detail.

Lift Blog2 days ago

Elon outbid Doppelmayr in Las Vegas and won. The result is not pretty.

MisterPenguin2 days ago

We definitely need more threads about an MCO rail line!!!

bpiper2 days ago

Not if Disney contracted with Brightline to run dedicated shuttle trains that just go back and forth to the airport. That would solve capacity and frequency issues.

creathir2 days ago

PeopleMover would be my vote

TiggerDad2 days ago

joelkfla2 days ago

As I said above, you can, just by going north from Riviera across BVD, and running along the north side of BVD and across OKW. All that's needed is a turn station at BVD & Backstage, or in the cast parking lot there. They could even put in an OKW intermediate station. Now, I'm not arguing that such a line is likely or worthwhile, but it is feasible.