PHOTOS - First look at concept art for the Disney Skyliner stations

Dec 08, 2017 in "Disney Skyliner"

Disney Skyliner concept art

Disney has revealed new concept art today giving us a first look at three of the stations for the upcoming gondola system - Disney Skyliner.

The design of the Disney Skyliner station at International Gateway at Epcot will be inspired by the park’s nearby European Pavilions, and will be covered with metal and glass canopies, hand-painted murals and ornamental steel structures that harken back to the early 18th century Art Nouveau style. Guests traveling to Epcot via the Disney Skyliner will be welcomed to the park with a rare birds-eye view of World Showcase.

The Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort station will be the hub of activity for Disney Skyliner. This station is inspired by the open air village marketplaces of the Caribbean and will showcase the nearby resort’s architectural detailing and color schemes. At this station, passengers will be able to transfer gondola routes to reach their destination, or are invited to sit and admire the waterfront resort setting.

The design style of the station at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will fit with that of the park’s main entrance and bus stations. Passengers traveling here from the Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort station can expect a new aerial perspective of the park’s iconic attractions, like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort will share a Disney Skyliner station that feels whimsical and contextual with both resorts. Upon departing the gondola station, Skyliner passengers will ascend over Hourglass Lake and enjoy a panoramic view of these two colorful resorts.

Finally, cabins will slow down at the Disney Skyliner turn-station along Buena Vista Drive, where guests can see the mechanical and aerial components that make up the Disney Skyliner.

Disney is yet to provide an opening date, but speculation puts an opening in 2019

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Article Posted: Dec 08, 2017 / 11:03am EDT
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Aries197525 days ago

I finally had the opportunity to ride the skyliner last week (1/23). Although the kids (11, 14 & 17) made quite the joke to see how fast we could load and unload the vehicle, our party of 8 (including 2 pooh sized adults) had no trouble boarding within the allotted time. Four to a side seating was comfortable. After all of the talk about how hot these would be in the summer. It was quite cool on a January evening.

deWild26 days ago

That’s a great point. Adding a line from Springs to Epcot/DHS would almost instantly be abused for the free parking in the structures. Sounds like another line will not be added anytime soon.

marni197130 days ago

I thought of better ones 😁

TiggerDad30 days ago

I think @joelkfla was looking for a list of the alleged benefits of extending the Skyliner to AK.

marni197130 days ago

Monorail WEDway PRT ?

joelkfla30 days ago

How about listing just the top 3?

GimpYancIent30 days ago

Agree on the DS comment. AK is another thing! Fully feasible as any speed issues are easily negated by other benefits too numerous to list right now.

joelkfla30 days ago

I'm afraid PRT has joined monorails in the land of transit curiosities that looked cool but just weren't worth it.

G00fyDad30 days ago

As long as they are bleeding people for parking fees at the parks they will never add a line to DS.

deWild30 days ago

Where are the darn podcars? The gondola shouldn’t be extended from Epcot to MK or AK in my opinion. That’s a far distance to travel at such a slow speed. I could see a station built at Springs.

DemarkeJan 27, 2021

The heat would’ve probably killed the virus, unfortunately, we’ve found out that they are much more likely to get frostbite! Credit to @lee.moles.disney

truecoatJan 27, 2021

I'm sure there's a few posts that didn't age well...I'll check back next year to see the death toll.

JoeCamelJan 26, 2021

All of them, why the resorts are so empty, currently covered up by the pandemic but wait til this summer.

UNCgolfJan 26, 2021

Dozens, if not hundreds. It's all part of a massive cover-up by Disney. COVID came along at the perfect time because it distracted everyone from the rising death toll of the Skyliner.