Water taxi service halted at Disney Springs due to low water levels

Jun 08, 2023 in "Sassagoula River Cruise"

Posted: Thursday June 8, 2023 12:24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The water taxi service at Disney Springs is currently on pause due to low water levels in the canals.

Low water levels have been a problem over the last few months, interrupting boat service between Disney Springs and the connected resorts, including Port Orleans Resort Riverside, Port Orleans Resort French Quarter, Disney's Saratoga Springs Springs, and Disney's Old Key West.

Cast Members in the area expect the watercraft to resume service as the rainy season approaches and raises the water level.

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FigmentFan82Jun 23, 2023

I'm pretty sure they float, not run

GhostHost1000Jun 22, 2023

That’s the only place they run now

TurtlekrawlJun 22, 2023

Boats are running today, at least from marketplace

Route2Jun 13, 2023


GhostHost1000Jun 12, 2023

Ah so you’re another one that uses the SSR busses when not staying there. Its frustrating when the bus system there is full of people to/from Disney Springs or that area and the actual SSR resort guests can’t get on at times

TrainsOfDisneyJun 12, 2023

Correct. And I didn’t have a car so I wasn’t dodging any parking fees - just wanted to take a Disney bus direct to MK vs. the springs hotels to TTC - those buses aren’t as reliable in my experiences.

lewiscJun 12, 2023

The poster was walking to SSR to take the bus to the MK. The bus from DS to the MK uses the Contemporary.

DisneyFanatic12Jun 11, 2023

For most guests, it’s indirect enough that it’s not a risk. Most guests would rather drive directly to the park if they have their own car than park at the Springs and take a bus. You can get free parking if you do park at the Springs, but it’s uncommon enough that Disney doesn’t care. Though it sounds like TrainsOfDisney was referring to taking the SS bus instead of the DS bus.

bpiperJun 11, 2023

I thought that buses didn't run from disney springs to the parks to prevent people from from getting free parking.

TrainsOfDisneyJun 11, 2023

I’ve walked from the Hilton to Saratoga springs early in the morning to catch a MK bus and even though the walkway was “closed” with a gate across it, security has always let me walk to the bus stop.

MagicHappens1971Jun 11, 2023

There is a walking path from Saratoga to Disney Springs. It brings you to a security checkpoint by the Christmas store

Model3 McQueenJun 11, 2023

In other news, galactic starcruiser really failed because the local penitentiary wanted their rooms back 🙃

DisneyFanatic12Jun 11, 2023

Looks promising! Can they do weighted loads yet? Even if they can’t, that’s an amazing start!

EPCOT-O.G.Jun 11, 2023

Ah thank you. We got some bad directions and had to backtrack a lot. I get it and understand the need for security - not complaining - but as the crow flies there would have been quicker and more direct routes but recall it being a longer walk than we had expected.