Tram fleet appears to be being readied for a return to service at the Magic Kingdom's Transportation and Ticket Center

20 days ago in "Parking Trams"

TTC Magic Kingdom Parking Lot Trams July 13 2021
Posted: Tuesday July 13, 2021 1:43pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Transportation operations Cast Members were accompanied by maintenance crews at the Transporation and Ticket Center this morning as preparations appear to be underway for a return of the tram service at the Magic Kingdom.

The trams remain out of service at all four Walt Disney World theme parks since they reopened in July 2020 due to physical distancing requirements and labor shortages. Guests are required to walk from their cars to the main entrances.

At each of the parks and TTC, the trams have mainly sat untouched for more than a year.

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lightguy4 hours ago

I think it's a lack of staff thing.

montyz814 hours ago

Think about it this way. Usually, you end at the park when your energy is spent or the park closes. The last thing you want to do is walk to the back of any of the parking lots as you leave the park. I'm all for exercise, but sometimes it is nice to sit down after walking all day.

maui2k76 hours ago

At this point I think it is a cost cutting thing. Remember, it is Chapek running this company and he is all about $$$ - just see the recent back and forth with Scarlet Jo and their legal fight over money.

DCBaker7 hours ago

New posting for Parking - Part Time CMs - at least it still has "Operate passenger carrying trams as well as vans & trucks" as one of the responsibilities.

Mousertainment19 days ago

Meanwhile, those of us making the long walk here in CA be like:

Nottamus20 days ago

This June was the first trip we didn’t use buses and drove to parks everyday first time ever. the walking to the car wasn’t really bad…granted, we didn’t walk in rain, hail, or any horrible conditions……but I don’t have trams experience to compare it too. So, I’m curious when it comes back how it saves time. And shoe wear

celluloid20 days ago

Yeah, it was all a very obvious cost saving measure more than it was ever about safety. Labor to be more specific. They just had to wait for those odd long hours for a large number of employees that the College Program brings back.

Michaelson20 days ago

I sure hope so. This still makes no sense to me. I was up at Pidgeon Forge, TN a couple weeks ago and all tram and trolley services were back operating at full capacity, and from what I was told, have been for quite a while. All they did was put plexiglass between the sections and families rode together. Otherwise, business as usual. Surely Disney can get these things rolling again. All I can think of is still staff availability, but they surely they can't blame the 'covid' for the delay now. Regards! Michaelson