PHOTO - New look parking trams to feature monorail colors and quieter ride

Feb 03, 2017 in "Parking Trams"

Posted: Friday February 3, 2017 7:10am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney will soon be introducing new parking trams at its Walt Disney World theme parks.

According to an article posted in the internal Eyes and Ears Cast Member magazine, the trams will be taking color cues from the Walt Disney World Monorail System.

But perhaps the best part of the upgrade is that the new custom made trams will also offer a much quieter ride. The existing 5 cylinder turbo charged trams are well known for their jet-engine type noise levels as they pass by.

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GoofyernmostApr 29, 2017

Take my word for it, they aren't all that difficult to drive or different then what they have already except the power train. The sand bags are to test if it has the power to pull a fully loaded tram up the hill to MK. That was a problem that they had when the park first opened. The trams were under powered and couldn't always make the grade fully loaded.

ObobruApr 29, 2017

The plate covering the back wheel looks like a temporary addition and the front metal plate looks odd. Any idea why these haven't been painted like the buses and are using the old transport design if they are new?

Disney2017Apr 29, 2017

They are hybrid I believe so they should be quieter.

rocketraccoonApr 29, 2017

I've seen these parked in random parking lots every so often for the past few months. I've seen them with sandbags/bags of concrete in the seats, even. I'm guessing they're still doing training for the CMs? Can't wait for them to be adopted though! If they're notably quieter than the current trams then maybe the tunnel next to the TTC won't be horrible to be under anymore.

disney4life2008Apr 29, 2017

Im more impressed by the cms that drive them. That is impressive

Disney2017Apr 29, 2017

Today at back of the animal kingdom parking lot they had a few of the new trams parked. There is no word yet on when they will be put to use.

Monorail_Red_77Apr 25, 2017

Thanks for the info. I assumed something like that. I have been on the Resort beam when the monorails were getting inspected before. You could hear the maintenance doors being opened under the monorail on the sides. I think it was after one of the 24 hour events. Also saw drug dogs in action then too over at MK station.

roj2323Apr 24, 2017

It probably has more to do with where the monorails are parked overnight more than anything.

CreathirApr 24, 2017

That's pretty interesting. They don't do this on the Epcot or Express lines? Just the resort? Is that due to the amount of stops being so much higher? (Use of brakes presumably is higher on Resort line trains)

roj2323Apr 24, 2017

It's a safety device (fall protection) for monorail inspections.

DelgadoApr 24, 2017

I would totally be ok with skipping the upgrades and giving us more buses!!!

Monorail_Red_77Apr 24, 2017

Not really sure where to put this. So, I'll just put this here. Does anyone know what this hoist-type of rolling crane support is used for. It is located at TTC above the Resort Monorail Concourse only. The Express Monorail Concourse does not have one. EPCOT Concourse does not have one either. Plus I have not seen this at any other stations along the Resort, Express or EPCOT beams. I'm sure this type of hardware exists in the Monorail Shop backstage though. Here's a closeup below. It runs the entire length of the station. Express Beam seen below does not have one.

Monorail_Red_77Feb 08, 2017

Thanks for your feedback, I thought I was on the right track. ;)

CreathirFeb 07, 2017

100% agree. They are too iconic as well. If cost was REALLY a factor as so many like to claim, the DL one would be LONG gone. It serves literally NO purpose, yet it still remains... Why? Because it's iconic. People associate monorails with Disney and Disney with monorails. "Have you seen the Las Vegas monorail?" "Yeah! It looks just like Disney World's!" They will maintain and upgrade them for perpetuity.