A look at the refurbished Monorail Coral on the Walt Disney World Monorail System

Nov 24, 2021 in "Walt Disney World Monorail System"

Monorail Coral refurbished - October 2021
Posted: Wednesday November 24, 2021 9:24am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Monorail Coral rejoined The Walt Disney World Monorail system late last month as the latest train to be refurbished as part of the current monorail upgrade program.

Along with a complete repaint, the interior also got a refresh, with the new colored bulkhead designs that we have seen rolled out across the fleet.

Also new for Coral is the addition of the blue delta on the exterior.

Monorail Yellow is currently in the monorail shop and will be the next train to be refurbished.

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castlecake2.0Dec 24, 2021

The automated announcements are still there, it’s just an additional safety announcement made in person by the pilot reminding you to keep face coverings on (since Covid reopening) and to no lean on the doors (that’s been happening since the door incident).

junglecruise93Dec 23, 2021

Rode coral and lime while there last week. I believe these are the ‘new trains’ in that it appears they pretty much have had a ‘windows -out repaint’. It appears that the only thing that has not been replaced are all of the plastic panels on the inside - which really did not need replacing. All of the weatherstripping appears new (doors and windows). The door bump stops have been replaced - and now the doors have a solid thunk when they hit the stop as they open. The seal at the door middle is tight and solid. assuming the parts we can’t see (motors, wiring, everything underneath) was cleaned and updated, I think these are good to go for a number of years. Very impressed with the level of detail.

JoeCamelNov 27, 2021

No but it did get a Tron wrap in 2010. Maybe they do it again next year?

Monorail_RedNov 27, 2021

No. Those trains were Monorail Pink and Purple, replaced with Monorail Teal and Peach, respectively.

Keith bylanderNov 27, 2021

was that one of the monorails that backed into and killed an operator while preparing to change rails to the yard?

Gabe1Nov 25, 2021

Depends. Did Disney fix the ventilation for passengers?

JoeCamelNov 25, 2021

Coral has looked old forever, good to see the love

Monorail_RedNov 25, 2021

Part of the issue was the repaints they did in the late 90's/early 2000's were horrendous. Thats when Lime's original blue deltas were replaced with white, but the original blue still poked through as the new paint layer peeled off. Coral had multiple shades and sloppy deltas, some trains were missing the D's at the cabs or they were way out of place. Red had a wavy/uneven stripe on the access panels. Pink (and for a while Teal) had pink overspray on the accordions between cars. It was pretty bad. Never understood why the Monorails were exempt from Disney's attention to detail

Walt dNov 25, 2021

Looking good. It was past time, for a redo’

DomVF07Nov 24, 2021

Funny you should mention that. On corals the “automated” was a lot quieter than when the pilot came on. Didn’t notice at first since we’re just so used to hearing it.

Monorail_RedNov 24, 2021

So about the spiels...I've been there 4 times this year, and noticed this issue only on the recently refurbished trains. The automated spiels including "please stand clear of the doors" were not working for the most part. I mentioned it to a pilot and they just shrugged it off as not being a big deal. Kindof striking to me they're running like that, back when I used to work there we would take a train out of service for that issue if it's not something that could be quickly fixed outside shop. I hope they've since fixed this or are at least working on it. I believe the manual spiels are due to the door incident on Red a few years ago, that's when they started the manual announcements before departing. Probably a legal thing. And will likely be a bigger legal thing if they don't fix at least the "please stand clear of the doors" spiel, if not already rectified.

JoeCamelNov 24, 2021

I think with the ATC system but my logic says it should be easier to automate them than have the pilot do them.

DomVF07Nov 24, 2021

I mean maybe I’m crazy but I distinctively remember all announcements being automated? When did the change take place I know it’s been at least a decade?

JoeCamelNov 24, 2021

They need to take a cue from boat skippers and good airline pilots being descriptive and animated but I think management might frown on them diverting their attention to do that.