New monorail operating schedule to begin on September 27

Sep 23, 2014 in "Walt Disney World Monorail System"

Posted: Tuesday September 23, 2014 8:22am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new revised operating schedule for the Walt Disney World Monorail system will be in operation from September 27 2014.

The current schedule can be seen here, and the schedule for September 27 and beyond is as below.

  • Magic Kingdom Resort beam - 7am to 1 hour after park close
  • Magic Kingdom Express beam - 8:30am to 1 hour following park close
  • Epcot beam - 8am to 11pm or 1 hour after Magic Kingdom closes (whichever is earliest)
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TheRabbitSep 25, 2014

I see your point. But monorails being down is not scheduled, I was refering to scheduling. But yes, Disney transportation is a CLUSTER-you know what- at times.

draybookSep 24, 2014

Did you just use common sense when referring to a TDO decision? These are the same morons that detour traffic from the Liberty Square bridge through the smoking path before parades. And this whole thing is funny, given how many days we've been here after opening and the monorails are down.

Wall-eSep 24, 2014

Most unmagical part of our trip was parking at ttc for a pre park open breakfast at crystal palace with the hope of riding the monorail over only to be routed to a bus because neither the ferry boats or the monorail were operating yet. I'm sure walt had that in mind.

KYWDWSep 24, 2014

Yes but they're Tron/Ironman/Monster wrap hybrids with the same vintage interior!

CDavidSep 24, 2014

While there is essentially zero chance of a monorail to Animal Kingdom, there is no reason to assume that such a system would be set up so that guests must transfer at both Epcot and the Transportation & Ticket Center. Most any type of grade-separated rail system is going to be faster than buses simply due to traffic conditions. There are basically three 'loops' (and one branch) to the current Walt Disney World monorail network; You cannot compare such a limited operation to a fully constructed network any more than you can compare the toy train around your Christmas tree to the nations railroad network.

PhotoDave219Sep 24, 2014

Of course. And if by "new trains" you mean "the same ones we've had since 1991" then yes.

KYWDWSep 24, 2014

So this must mean new trains are imminent! (/sarcasm)

PhotoDave219Sep 24, 2014

So We are finally back to normal? Sounds good.

Figment2005Sep 24, 2014

If timing is on your side it takes about 15 minutes, just like if timing is on your side the bus trips are short. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and longer waits often occur. That is just the side effect of public transportation.

FrostyNaplesSep 24, 2014

You didn't join my fantasy world. You've responded to how it is today. And no, it does not take 30min to go from MK to Epcot, just rode it a few months ago 15 min tops. My world would have Monorails going to all the parks, from all the parks, and pretty much every hotel. No more buses :D

KronosKeeperSep 24, 2014

I love the monorail as much as the next person, but to get from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT alone takes upwards of 30 minutes on average. Can you imagine having to go from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT then to Animal Kingdom (because EPCOT was supposed to be the second hub)? You're looking at an hour of monorail traveling. I would much rather take the 20 minute bus ride from MK to AK in that case. Monorails are special, however they are impractical unless used in one-off locations that have a very high traffic density.

dumboflyerSep 23, 2014

YES. Back in the days of free/included/cheap park hoppers, we would stay at the Boardwalk or Y&B, enter Epcot through the int'l gateway, and walk out the front to get the monorail to MK. Those were the days.

FrostyNaplesSep 23, 2014

Had I been in charge of a monorail upgrade, and an unlimited budget, the monorails would pass by each and every resort as well as all four parks. They are such an iconic mode of transportation in WDW, often overlooked, and underutilized due to their lack of attention over the years. If staying in DTD area, we will often bus to Epcot, just to ride them into MK. :D

CDavidSep 23, 2014

We weren't doubting you, rather thought that something was either misstated or a typo. They're not going to close the Epcot monorail before the park itself.