Polynesian Village Resort monorail station confirmed to be closed through to July 2021

Sep 22, 2020 in "Walt Disney World Monorail System"

Posted: Tuesday September 22, 2020 10:14am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

As part of the refurbishment work at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, the monorail service to the hotel will be suspended for 8 months.

The monorail station will be closed from November 2 2020, and will reopen in mid-July 2021 alongside the reopening of the main hotel. For guests staying at the villas or bungalows during the closure, transportation options will include direct bus transportation to all four parks and watercraft to the Magic Kingdom. There is also a walkway to the Transportation and Ticket Center to access the monorail from there.

The resort monorail will continue to operate during the Polynesian work, traveling through the station but not stopping.

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Skywise1 hour ago

Even the DAK Lodge here looks like the roof is aluminum beams but they at least painted them brown. Also note the support column decor and detailing compared with just painting the concrete cylinders brown at the new Poly. These are BOTH supposed to be deluxe resorts!

James Alucobond2 hours ago

Even if this comment weren't puzzling, the ground isn't the problem at the Polynesian porte cochère. Looking up is.

lazyboy97o3 hours ago


TrojanUSC3 hours ago

My issue has nothing to do with the surface. It's the structure itself looks like an outdoor event pavilion at an underfunded public park or a storage warehouse.

networkpro3 hours ago

AKL carport is elevated so the surface can be tiled without fear of them floating or shifting. Poly however isnt.

TrojanUSC3 hours ago

This looks nice enough as you're driving up, but the minute you go underneath, all of that is eradicated. It's almost appears as if the designers appeared to forget they had to theme the inside/underside, too. Once you're underneath, it's an unthemed industrial structure. Reminds me of Catastrophe Canyon, when you'd turn a corner and see all the exposed metal supports. Look at the porté cocheres for DAK Lodge, Wilderness Lodge and even GCH. They aren't as detailed as their lobbies, but they do not stand out as warehouse-like. There are enough thematic details there so that it all blends in seamlessly. Things like detailing on the columns, metal supports with dressing so they appear to be wood, etc. Find me any of the existing Disney hotels that have plain corrugated metal roofs, exposed steel beams with no attempt to mask them, plain cement columns and literally zero thematic details. You won't. One of these is not like the others:

Skywise5 hours ago

Like a real polynesian resort.

networkpro5 hours ago

There are no carriages at the Poly, it's a simple carport. I like the refresh, the entrance has been dark and moldy for decades.

peter114355 hours ago

While I agree the Polynesian project needs more detail. You’re comparing the lobby at Aulani to the port cochere at the Poly. Not exactly apples to apples.

RobWDW19715 hours ago

Bless your rationalized low standards. Sincerely, Josh PS - Thank god we didn't build this "too busy" dump! Am I right?!

LittleBuford6 hours ago

I personally think the columns look too busy in the concept art anyway. I prefer that they be left as they are.

James Alucobond6 hours ago

The ones at the front also already have copper downspouts affixed with caging around them. If they were going to add detailing to those, they could only really do it on the sides. I'm not sure how what's shown in the concept art would be achievable at this point.

lazyboy97o6 hours ago

Why would you take finish hardscape right up to a column that is hidden and do a different material that would be obscured by a wrap? Why would you do round columns that you’d have to further furr out and make bigger instead of square so you have a surface to anchor a wrap? And even if they did all that, it would only be a few at front and not places like the monorail station where light fixtures have been installed.

castlecake2.06 hours ago

I’m thinking yes? Hopefully. I do really think supply chain issues are causing some issues here.