Refurbished Monorail Orange returns to service at Walt Disney World

May 17, 2021 in "Walt Disney World Monorail System"

Monorail Orange refurbished May 17 2021
Posted: Monday May 17, 2021 11:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Monorail Orange has returned to the Walt Disney World Monorail System following an interior and exterior refurbishment.

On the outside, the monorail has been repainted, and as we have seen at other recent repaints, includes the addition of black deltas.

On the inside, the cabins have been refreshed, and include the orange coverings at each end of the cabin.

The monorail system has seen a lot of attention in recent months, with the concrete monorail beams being cleaned, along with the repainting of the monorail red and back. The EPCOT beam remains closed at this time and has not reopened since the parks reopening last year, but its return can't be too far away.

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ToTBellHopMay 20, 2021

Nah, it will just be a repeated loop of Chapek shareholder addresses.

TikibirdLandMay 20, 2021

Nah, it will be Bob Iger reading them in the same tone he introduced GE.

peter11435May 20, 2021

Unrelated. But someone should start a petition for them to have Matthew Hanson record new updated spiels for the monorails in time for the 50th.

JoeCamelMay 20, 2021

Hello, Kitty

brb1006May 19, 2021

To be fair, Japan takes cuteness very seriously. It's been part of their culture since the 1970s.

TikibirdLandMay 19, 2021

those photos make me want to book the poly RIGHT NOW. However, with no shows (I'm looking at you, Trolly Show and BatB!), I'm gonna have to wait a bit longer. Don't be spilling anything on those nice seats while I'm waiting!

Monorail_Red_77May 19, 2021

Yes Peach was done. It’s hard to see here through the window imprint from Saturday, but the bulkhead wall is peach colored. I found a better pic from back when it had its refurb back in July 2020 below my pic here. Like Green, Peach did not get any deltas. The silver accordion panels between the cars, I call them bellows. Another side note, as of January 29, 2021 Alstom finalized purchase of Bombardier Transportation.

DisoneMay 19, 2021

Enjoyed the pics!!! Thank you. I like the deltas. I've started to call them chevrons. Let's also include that lines was updated from white to navy blue. I did not realize Peach had been refurbished. Are we sure on that? Maybe it's just the muted color but I don't think it looks great right now. Regardless gold is next. It is parked in the refurbishment bay. It already has its silver car dividers ( accordion looking things) removed. What do you call those things??? Its a good feature to have in any public transit. Allows forna more crowded car to flow into a less crowded one. Typically the middle cars get loaded more heavily and this allows passengers in those cars to slide down to the less crowded cars while the train is in motion.

Little Green MenMay 18, 2021


JohnDMay 18, 2021

Maybe a little too cutesy for my tastes (Disney pants benches, Mickey head handrails). I guess the Japanese go for that kind of thing. But it's more like a subway in that you can go from car to car.

Monorail_Red_77May 18, 2021

These refurbishments started in 2019 with Green, Black and Silver. Then in 2020 Blue and Peach. now in 2021 so far we have Red and Orange. It is interesting to note that in 2021 they have started to replace the silver louvered vents on the exterior with black fiberglass replacements with smaller vents. Personally I think the black vents look better and blend in nicely to the tinted windows. Also they started adding Deltas to monorails that previously did not have any Deltas. Personally I think the Deltas going on nearly all of the monorails takes away from them a bit. Blue got a Silver Delta Red got a Black Delta Orange got a Black Delta Black got a Red Delta Silver got a Black Delta I rode Orange on Sat the 15th. Possibly the first day it was out on the beam? Anyway in my car the new orange bulkheads still had dust on it along the edges which looked to me like it was left over from the refurb process. You can see it on the first interior pic of monorail orange about half way up on the left side. Also I did notice that on Saturday both Orange and Red had no automated spiel playing on the entire route circuit. You could hear the pilot though. Lastly, here's my listing of these recent monorail refurbs by train and year. Some might find this helpful. Listed in random order by year. 2019 - Green 2019 - Black 2019 - Silver 2020 - Blue 2020 - Peach 2021 - Red 2021 - Orange silver vents Black vents Here you can see the fibers.

peter11435May 18, 2021

They have plenty of trains. Trains and train refurbishments have nothing to do with why Epcot remains closed.

HauntedPirateMay 18, 2021

Because the Orange refurb has absolutely nothing to do with the Epcot line. There are other threads where this has been addressed. Please use the forum search function to find them.

orky8May 18, 2021

Because they are short on bus drivers. Because I care about the guest experience (LOL, I couldn't resist, Disney doesn't). Because the monorail circling Epcot is iconic. Because right now the monorails aren't able to run at full capacity anyway so seems the perfect time to reopen the beam, get that under your belt, before the Poly/Contemporary are at full capacity again.