Monorail System Express Beam closures this weekend

Mar 17, 2016 in "Walt Disney World Monorail System"

Posted: Thursday March 17, 2016 7:25am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney World Monorail Express Beam will be closed for maintenance during periods this Friday and Saturday.

On both March 18 and 19 2016, the Express Beam will close from 11:30am to 6pm.

The Express Beam serves the Magic Kingdom and Transportation and Ticket Center. During the closure, ferry boat and bus service will be available.

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monothingieMar 26, 2016

I wouldn't mind waiting an extra minute for a train not being held together by Scotch tape. **Edit Scotch tape maybe too expensive, how about generic dollar store tape.

RiderMar 25, 2016

It's not about adding more trains to a line it's about reducing the cycle time. If they cut out the delays caused by pilot "error" (slow station entry/departure, correcting bad parking, inefficient speeds, etc) they can have the trains complete the circuit faster and therefore get more people around the system during peak usage using the same number of trains.

montyz81Mar 23, 2016

10 minutes is an awfully long time for a Disney fan to wait. 7DMT could go from 20 - 90 minute wait times in that time.

dstrawn9889Mar 22, 2016

see the whole point of the automation is to let the cast say... stop! another train is due in 10 minutes. no need to spend the time to pack to the gills when there is one on the way to the platform

monothingieMar 22, 2016

I thought the usual max number of trains during peak times was 4,4,2. With 2 being cycled out for routine cleanup/maintenance. (trying to keep a straight face). I would imagine during busy times they can do 4,5,3 or 4,4,4, or 5,5,2 but when you have crowds that big, there are going to be delays not matter what. Just the sheer amount of time it takes to load a train to the max is something that will inevitably cause delays regardless of whether or not there is an automation system.

dstrawn9889Mar 22, 2016

yes, and there are only enough stacks to run 4 on each beam... but someone help out here... they can now run up to 5 on the express... will the increase in efficiency mean more stacks on the beam?

montyz81Mar 22, 2016

Isn't there only one train in for repair because of a broken nose cone?

monothingieMar 22, 2016

The more I hear about this, the angrier I get knowing that all this money and resources is being used to minimize waiting at hold points. They can't use it to put anymore trains on the beam, because the extra ones are broken and in for repair.

KikoKeaMar 22, 2016

Ah, I see. Thanks.

ExMonorailCMMar 22, 2016

Probably not. It's a union so the people that are already there will keep making the same amount, and there's already not much room for a decrease for the new comers.. CM's will always need to be at the stations for safety and unloading guests with disabilities and in the cab for when they inevitably break down on the beam. It's my understanding the automation is only to increase efficiency moving the trains.

DManRightHereMar 22, 2016

I was not aware there would still be pilots. Could the pay decrease as the pilots may not necessarily be as heavily trained (therefore saving money on new hire training as well). Will the system allow less CM's at the stations?

peter11435Mar 22, 2016

The first two. It won't save money on personnel because they will still have a pilot on each train.

Figment2005Mar 21, 2016

Lets just say a reliable source.

Figment2005Mar 21, 2016

The cast members required will not change. Drivers will still be in the cab, they just won't have to step out to open the doors. The trains still need to be operated manually at certain points, such as going back to shop. The platform will still be staffed the same amount of cast. It is primarily to speed up the throughput of the system as the trains will adjust automatically and practically eliminate the holding scenarios.