PHOTOS - Incredibles 2 Monorail takes to the Epcot line

Jun 17, 2018 in "Walt Disney World Monorail System"

Monorail Incredibles 2
Posted: Sunday June 17, 2018 4:49pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Incredibles have taken to the Walt Disney World monorail system, celebrating this weekend's release of the Incredibles 2.

This latest monorail wrap is the first since a two year break, which saw the Zootopia monorail take to the beam back in February 2016.

Check out the Epcot beam to see the Incredibles monorail.

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Disney Lover AddieJun 19, 2018

How do they put these big sheets on there? Is it like an overnight thing?

larryzJun 19, 2018

Working with big sheets of sticky plastic can be kind of tricky.

Disney Lover AddieJun 19, 2018

Really? How annoying!

joshwillJun 19, 2018

just an fyi. the wrap has been out for a week or so and had been on all three beams at one time or another. it looks good from a distance, but up close you can see it was a rush job. you can see squeegee marks left in the wrap.

Disney Lover AddieJun 19, 2018

I like the design of it. It looks very clean. How about they make some new monorails? The current ones are getting a bit... dated.

Goofnut1980Jun 18, 2018

Well at least they have something to help hold the old units together!! :p

ppete1975Jun 18, 2018

I thought they usually did these to build up anticipation, not after the movie released.

ppete1975Jun 18, 2018

nothing is that bad

TJJohn12Jun 18, 2018

OK, I'm starting to feel like I can understand the sticks-in-the-mud around here. Orange is my favorite, the most beautiful train of them all. So I'm really REALLY hoping this is gone by October when I get to visit. But that will likely be right around DVD release? Blech!

Pi on my CakeJun 18, 2018

Just out of curiosity, how big of an effect does in park marketting have? It feels like to me, people who are spending thousands of dollars to go to a Disney park are probably also gonna already be seeing most Disney movies. It's not like they are advertising their smaller movies with Monorail wraps and parties in Tomorrowland. Incredibles 2 is probably the biggest animated release to come out of Disney this year. Are these really just for advertising or is it because kids like to see characters from the new movies in the parks or what is the reason?

KCheatleJun 18, 2018

I'm neither here nor there about it (or any other monorail wraps for that matter). This one in particular doesn't look bad, and from a marketing perspective it makes sense. As much as I personally like to hold onto the nostalgia of the monorail in its purest form ;) I have to remind myself that Disney is a for-profit company, and marketing well is what they do. Also, they have me figured out. They know that if my "concern" is nostalgia, they've already got me hooked regardless of what they put on the monorails.

DisneyFreakJun 18, 2018

That's certainly a way to keep the doors closed...

Pi on my CakeJun 18, 2018

Not bad. Subtle enough (in my opinion at least) to not disrupt the classic look too much. But has enough of the Incredibles stuff to be exciting for kids and advertise the movie. I would've gone crazy for these as a kid. And now as an adult it isn't too tacky to make me mad. One of the better Monorail overlays in my opinion.

gmajewJun 18, 2018

Thought it was a little lacking when I saw it last week. The avengers wrap they did in the past was better in my opinion.