Walt Disney World monorail to briefly close for maintenance work

Jul 13, 2023 in "Walt Disney World Monorail System"

Monorail Yellow refurbished - March 2021
Posted: Thursday July 13, 2023 10:43am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney World monorail system will be closed for a short period on Friday, July 14, 2023, for essential maintenance.

The closure will affect all three beams - Express, Resort, and EPCOT lines.

Work is expected to be completed by 10am, at which point the monorail will reopen to guests.

Guests can continue to use bus or boat transportation from nearby resorts and EPCOT.

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castlecake2.0Jul 14, 2023

Busses tend to pick up inside the security perimeter at the bus loop beside the EPCOT monorail station. They have a drop off area at Magic Kingdom that exits into the secure area.

TrainsOfDisneyJul 14, 2023

There are 2 bus shelters at TTC, the older one that is not typically used would be entered by guests after clearing security. I’m not sure if the TTC to MK busses typically use this loop or not. They used to, but that was years ago before security was at TTC.

lazyboy97oJul 14, 2023

The Transportation and Ticket Center bus loop is not within the secure area. I can’t imagine they’d bother with setting up a new perimeter.

TrainsOfDisneyJul 14, 2023

Good question. If they pickup in the bus loop within security, they could drop off on the contemporary path that is past the security check point. I haven’t seen how they do it though but that would be a possibility.

SingleRiderJul 14, 2023

When they run busses from TTC to MK does that mean you have to go through security twice?

wdwmagicJul 14, 2023

Monorail has resumed service

larryzJul 13, 2023

Perhaps FDOT is visiting to do an eyes-on assessment... as for calling it maintenance, I'm sure Disney doesn't want to antagonize the state agency overseeing their signature transportation system.

esskayJul 13, 2023

Probably just swapping out a critical power related component required for all beams and know they won’t get it done by park opening.

JohnDJul 13, 2023

CFTOD has nothing to do with that. There was a separate transportation bill which was amended to included FDOT doing monorail inspections, including shutting down the monorail when those inspections occur. That doesn't necessarily mean this shut down is related to that.

monorail81Jul 13, 2023

It's a little weird to me to have all three shut down at the same time. Usually, they’d be able to keep Epcot running if they were working on the MK beams (or the opposite). The only thing that I can think it might be would be some sort of computer system upgrade. I can see where that would take down the whole system.

bpiperJul 12, 2023

Maybe they are performing overnight maintenance that requires a little more time to complete, hence the late start of operation? Like switching out a transformer. The overnight window isn't that large and sometimes things take longer than the window allows.

DisoneJul 12, 2023

Seems to be specific to only Friday. So I don't think it's a new schedule.

ChrisFLJul 12, 2023

So it's just one day? or a new schedule?

DisoneJul 12, 2023

It does seem odd I agree. 100%. But I still wonder because this is the first time that I know of that all three lines have had a scheduled delayed opening Not associated with an accident. It certainly would be an interesting choice if Disney is choosing to low-key this.