PHOTOS - Zootopia takes to the monorail beam with new promo wrap

Feb 08, 2016 in "Walt Disney World Monorail System"

Monorail Zootopia
Posted: Monday February 8, 2016 8:05am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Monorail Orange is now the Zootopia Monorail System, in celebration of the upcoming Zootopia movie opening on March 4.

Unlike some previous promos, this wrap only covers the window areas, and parts of the lower wheel covers.

Check out galleries of some of the previous monorail wraps.

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brb1006Feb 19, 2016

I agree about AK but I love the Monorail look. I actually find Zootopia replacing Dino-Rama as a new land in AK to be very fitting.

SirenFeb 19, 2016

I find it unattractive, unimaginative and underwhelming -- Disney could have done so much better than this. That said, I can't look at Zootopia and not think of AK. I know that AK is already getting a major expansion but Zootopia could be a neat replacement for the Dino-Rama area.

mm121Feb 09, 2016

i like the full wraps better these are just kinda bla, though i know why they changed since doing just the windows is cheaper

brb1006Feb 09, 2016

Looks much better than the Monsters University one.

Next Big ThingFeb 09, 2016

Looks almost identical to how the Monsters U wrap was made.

DisoneFeb 09, 2016

The Article says "Unlike some previous promos, this wrap only covers the window areas, and parts of the lower wheel covers." but really the Current Force awakens does this, as did the Monsters U. But unlike thoses, this one does it successfully, and the themeing touches to the wheel well covers are a nice touch. This one has been one of my favorite wraps. Tron was the best, but this may be second.

FantasmicguyFeb 09, 2016

The star wars rail was a huge missed opportunity to do something awesome. Also to this day I can't believe that so many people disliked tron:legacy.

CJRFeb 08, 2016

I actually like it and I'm not usually a fan of the wraps. Hate the obvious marketing, but I like that it's at least themed to a monorail. The mouse/rat section is really a nice touch.

reptar77Feb 08, 2016


ShoalFoxFeb 08, 2016

This has to be the best Monorail wrap they've ever done

wdisney9000Feb 08, 2016

I thought that commercial with Liam Niesen that aired during the Superbowl last night was a trailer for Tron 2 when they stepped into that laser room and got on a futuristic (light bike-ish) motorcycle. Then I thought, this looks horrible. Then the LG logo popped up and I felt relieved.

PhotoDave219Feb 08, 2016

Far better than the movie.

mikehFeb 08, 2016

Here's a look at some of the smaller residents over the guide wheel panels

BoltFeb 08, 2016

Man, I forgot how great the TRONorail was.