PHOTOS - WDW Toy Monorail System takes to the Express Beam to celebrate Toy Story 4

Jun 07, 2019 in "Walt Disney World Monorail System"

WDW Toy Monorail System - Toy Story 4 monorail
Posted: Friday June 7, 2019 9:45a,m ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Monorail Yellow has been transformed into the WDW Toy Monorail System to mark the opening in theaters of Toy Story 4.

The wrap, which features a whole host of characters from the movie, took to the Express beam earlier this morning.

Toy Story 4 opens in theaters June 21 2019.

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TrainsOfDisneyJun 10, 2019

I agree that this style of wrap keeps the original design of the vehicle, but it’s still a negative for the riders. You can’t see out of the monorail or busses as well when you are looking out of a wrap.

Walt dJun 10, 2019

So when do we get to see, the new monorail? August at D23 and bob gurr unveiling the new design ?

GainesvillainJun 08, 2019

I thought that Blaine the (pink) Mono was the evil one!

correcaminosJun 08, 2019

We loved seeing that one in person! Very well done. Slinky in particular :)

wdisney9000Jun 08, 2019

Minimal effort. Yuck 3

eliza61nycJun 08, 2019


The Empress LillyJun 08, 2019

Yuck. 2

CreathirJun 08, 2019

I enjoy the wraps when they incorporate the windows like this. Not a fan of the wraps which cover the entire vehicle and the original design is lost, but these work great! Very similar to the wraps on the Skyliner gondolas.

jbolen2Jun 07, 2019

My son would love this. I got him a outside poster from one of the theaters we have games in today he was super excited.

larryzJun 07, 2019

Very cute!

TrainsOfDisneyJun 07, 2019

Wrap presents not monorails!!!

lazyboy97oJun 07, 2019


HoldenCJun 07, 2019

At least its....something

wedenterprisesJun 07, 2019

They missed an opportunity here to wrap the entire thing and make it look like Andy/Bonnie had drawn the windows and line themselves