Walt Disney World Monorail beginning service in the early hours during the upcoming Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

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Posted: Thursday January 6, 2022 10:15am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The 2022 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend makes its return, and to transport guests to the EPCOT start and finish location, the monorail system is operating extended hours this weekend.

The Walt Disney World Half Marathon takes place on January 8, followed by the Walt Disney World Marathon on January 9 2022. Both races begin at 5am.

Here is the operating schedule for the three monorail lines.

Resort Monorail

January 8: 2:30am to 1 hour after park close
January 9: 2:30am to 10:30pm.

Express Monorail

January 8: 4:30am to 1 hour after park close
January 9: 4:30am to 2 hours after park close

EPCOT Monorail

January 8-9: 2:30am to 1 hour after park close

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Greenlawler9 days ago

Right, I understood you. Yes I feel fine, I actually ran to catch a bus at Disney the afternoon after the marathon.. I have not "run" yet mainly because of the weather here, but I have been on the elliptical every day. Thanks for asking, looks I might be headed to DL for my birthday. My wife has some surprise cooked up for me (for the big 5-0) and based on some things I have seen I am pretty sure I am headed that way...At this point if it's a cake of the month club I'll be crushed.

LAKid539 days ago

That was the point I was making - there's a difference between being swept, whether by rD staff or voluntarily, or just stopping your race and walking off the course if you're in park that buses are running. One gets you a medal, the other just a ride back to your room. BTW, are you recovered?

Greenlawler9 days ago

I don't think you understood what I typed. We are saying the same thing. I was not very clear to be truthful lol If you walk off the course without alerting anyone "by their rules" you will not get a medal.

LAKid539 days ago

No, you do not.

Texas849 days ago

Well, you did pay for it. I hear you don't get challenge medals though.

OG Runner9 days ago

Thank you, this is exactly what I was saying. In my case, I stopped in the Magic Kingdom, during the 2020 Marathon. My girlfriend was there near the castle. I stopped, walked to the buses and we went back to our resort. I did not have a gear bag to retrieve and did not want the medal for a race I had not completed.

LAKid539 days ago

There needs to be some clarification on being swept - whether by pacers or voluntarily - and a runner deciding in a park to stop running. The former ends up in runner being placed in vehicles, either the infamous "parade buses" or vans. To clear you from the course, you are taking back to the finish line area, but OUTSIDE the finish line, finish line hydration tables, medal photo spots, to a small tent where you can get a medal, snack box, banana, bottles of water/Powerade. You then walk some distance to the trucks to retrieve your gear bag. If you've been swept due to a medical need (like you've fallen and injured yourself), you'll be taken to the huge medical tent at the finish line area. I pulled myself off the W&D Half around mile 5 or 6 (shortly before the course leaves DAK) because I was not feeling well. I was examined by one of the EMTs before getting on a van that was in the park picking up runners (most were ill or injured) to make sure I didn't need immediate medical treatment - I'd skipped the 5k and 10k races because I was still not feeling very well after a bout of stomach flu. Those in the van needing medical treatment were taken first to the medical tent and the rest of us to a tent to get a medal, etc. I do remember the hike to the trucks to get my gear bag. You could also just quit running in a park, not inform any race official or volunteer, just leave the park and walk over to the finish area to get your gear bag or hop on a bus back to your resort or go get your car. You won't get a medal.

OG Runner9 days ago

Not true. If you stop and take one of the buses to the finish, they will give you a medal for the event. I know someone that did it and they were told "you paid for it".

Greenlawler9 days ago

I actually knew about that one, I just had no idea so many folks cheated on runDisney races.

Greenlawler9 days ago

I do understand your logic here. If you don't finish the race by their rules you don't get the bling. "Thier Rules". I remember thinking in 2020 at Blizzard Beach how much I wanted to leave the course and jump into that wavepool lol.

OG Runner10 days ago

That was always disturbing to me. I ran the 2020 Marathon. I was not ready for the weather difference. I ran in a half in December of 2019 and it was 8 degrees. The 85 degrees and high humidity killed me. I quit in the Magic Kingdom, met my girlfriend and went back to our hotel. I did not take the bus back and collect a medal. In my mind I didn't earn it, why accept it. I did finish my fourth Disney marathon this year and happily accepted my medal.

Demarke10 days ago

We had one hopper wind his way through the crowd and jump the front fence from s4 to s3. There was a pretty clear language barrier and it looked like he held up two fingers to the volunteer. He looked pretty clearly like a serious runner, so I couldn’t tell if he just didn’t understand where the corral entrances were or if he showed up too late and they directed him away from the front corrals or if he just didn’t like the corral he was assigned. I didn’t think much of it until the next morning, just before the start of the full, and here he comes again, quickly winding through the crowd and hopping the fence, but this time he brought a girl with him 😂

LAKid5310 days ago

Agree, the bib checkers are doing their jobs. It's when groups are moved into position for the start line that I've witnessed people jumping corrals - especially for the Princess Half with the start line out on that road. I watched 2 couples with corral letters for the last corral jump the barriers as I stood at the netting. Told them they were in the wrong corral and needed to go back to theirs. Received a few choice words in response. Once someone jumps to a faster corral, I've noticed handfuls of people decide to do the same. I've seen some runners open the fencing so the jumpers can get in. Sad.

OG Runner10 days ago

Do a Google search for the Boston Marathon and Rosie Ruiz. Now that was a cheating scandal.