Modified Monorail routes in effect during late May

May 05, 2017 in "Walt Disney World Monorail System"

Posted: Friday May 5, 2017 8:19am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney World Monorail system will be operating modified routes during the second half of May 2017.

Dates for the modified routes are May 16, 17, 23, 24 2017, from 11:30am to 6pm.

The Resort Monorail will travel between Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Magic Kingdom. It will not service the TTC or Contemporary Resort.

The Express Monorail will make a stop at the Contemporary Resort in addition to its regular stops at the TTC and Magic Kingdom.

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Phantom MickeyJul 21, 2017

--------------- Oh good! Legally, the monorails have at least another 25 years of run time before they can be forced to retirement. ENJOY!

rob0519May 10, 2017

The slowness of the scanners is a technology issue. That could eventually be resolved with a faster band/scanner combination. I've said in earlier posts it allows Disney to empty the parks quicker using both tracks. The other side of that is of course, if someone is paying $500 plus a night for a room at the CR, Polynesian or GF, should they have to wait 30 minutes in line with the non-resort guests just to get back to their hotel on what is designated the "Resort Monorail Line"? It's never going to change, so it's all a moot discussion.

RiderMay 10, 2017

Allowing non resort guests to use the resort monorail also allows them to spread the crowds between two lines. Sure there are a few short periods where true resort guests might be able to fill all the cars on the train but most of the time they would be empty. The excess capacity spreads the load and lowers the lines for express. Also if you think Fast pass lines are crazy imagine trying to scan all the resort guests getting on the monorail right after fireworks. The line would be longer than express!

blueslegendMay 10, 2017

I have an evil plan......walk!

rob0519May 07, 2017

Honestly, in all our visits, I don't think we've ever returned from Epcot that late. Historically, I think Epcot closes an hour before the MK. Since monorail service ends an hour after park closing the last Epcot monorail should arrive at the TTC around 10:10-10:15, so yeah, that might be cutting it close for MK resort quests. That problem could be solved at the entrance to the monorail at MK by using the Magic Bands to only allow Monorail Resort Guests to access that side of the tracks. Stopping at TTC would no longer be a problem because other guests would not be boarding there headed back to the park. Again, good for the resort guests, bad for everyone trying to get to their cars.

IMFearlessMay 06, 2017

Unless they are returning from Epcot to a monorail resort.

Monorail RunnerMay 06, 2017

I think it's kinda cool for a handful of hours, you can board the Express line on the other end of the platform. View it as a unique experience!

Biff215May 06, 2017

Don't worry, there's no vacation to ruin, he's just here looking for something to rip Disney for. I'm not 100% happy all the time with WDW, but if I was even 1/1000 as unhappy as he is then I would sell my DVC and I certainly wouldn't be hanging around here!

jaxonpMay 06, 2017

You no u is wrong when you pulz the gramma cardz.. ✌

yensid67May 06, 2017

Ford91explorer, you are not inconvenienced at all! There is still Monorail service to the Contemporary, just not the Main Line. If that is all it takes to get you riled up then you need to really take a LLLLOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGG time out and reevaluate your feelings over something as trivial as this! Now, if you paid for the CR and Disney made no concessions at all, then I would welcome your rant. But when you said you were a DVCer, my initial thought was you were a person who thought they were entitled! But I am wrong for thinking that way! As a guest, you ARE entitled to expect that things are going to be a certain way! Disney has made concessions to make sure that guests can still get from point A to B, will little or no impact. It might mean that you will have to make other plans than previously thought, but there is still a plan! Don't let this ruin your vacation!

larryzMay 06, 2017

No reason you can't take a lap around the lagoon...

PolydwellerMay 05, 2017

So, you don't bother to read that the Contemporary is going to have service via the express line (so not screwed at all) and then have several posts ranting about a problem that doesn't exist and complaining about Disney when they actually are considering their guests. One has greater credibility when they don't do the same rant in every thread and they bother to get the facts first. Might be time for you take a timeout.

Figment2005May 05, 2017

So much love here. They are replacing the hurricane doors on the resort side. Too much noise to perform at night.

LuvtheGoofMay 05, 2017

They had to have been, or else he wouldn't have a point. Oh wait...