PHOTOS - Second Ferry boat loading dock under construction at the Transportation and Ticket Center

Feb 12, 2014 in "Magic Kingdom Ferry boats"

Posted: Wednesday February 12, 2014 10:41am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Transportation and Ticket Center is undergoing a significant upgrade with the addition of a second ferry boat dock.

Remember the much talked about structure that could be seen from the monorail near to the Grand Floridian? This is that structure, and it is now clear that this is a new dock which will serve as a second loading dock for the Magic Kingdom's Ferry boat service.

The new dock will allow simultaneous load and unload of two ferry boats at the same time, which should dramatically improve the efficiency of the service.

It is expected that the dock will be operational by the busy Spring season. Click the gallery for more photos.

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ToTBellHopMar 31, 2019

I’ve found the monorail to be much more reliable during recent visits. Largely only down due to weather (as always).

Brad BishopMar 31, 2019

It sucks that we all just accept this as standard operating procedure now. At one time you wouldn't think, "...when the monorail is down..," because: 99.8% uptime. Now, it's just accepted, "When the monorail is down..." I'd say that they'd need a new ferry dock either way, though, with increased crowds and the 50th coming up.

mm121Mar 30, 2019

Nice to see the TTC getting desperately needed upgrades. Did the 2nd dock ever have a shade structure to begin with, cant really see one in aerial views?

WDWtravelerMar 30, 2019

Photo update as of Friday, March 29, 2019. I don't like to start a new thread, when an old one will do. Subject: Ticket and Transportation Center ferryboat dock waiting area. The large trees that used to shade the waiting area for the Magic Kingdom ferryboat at the Ticket and Transportation Center have been removed. A new steel structure is being built over the west dock area as shade for the expanded waiting area. As many of you will recall, the original shaded waiting area was too small for large crowds and many guests had to wait "up the ramp" in the hot sun. I expect another steel structure to be built for shade over the east dock area when this one is completed.

jt04Apr 29, 2014

Excellent news.

wdwmagicApr 29, 2014

PHOTOS - Transportation and Ticket Center second Ferry Boat dock now in service

jt04Apr 04, 2014


zulemaraApr 03, 2014

New docks are scheduled to be utilized beginning April 22nd

mm121Apr 02, 2014

never said monorails can't go fast, just that mag lev's go faster, japan built a mag lev that can go 581km/h.. DAMN!! that would be to the coast in like 20 minutes.

kap91Apr 02, 2014

Maglev would be cool (and there actually is a guy trying to build one along the beach line - different story) but it is a common misconception the monorails can't go fast. Their speed is artificially governed and minus that I believe the top speed is around 120mph.

kelknight84Apr 02, 2014

Some pilots did but it was against the rules.

Hoop RaebApr 02, 2014

Could have swore we came in the east side entrance before. My bad.

mm121Apr 02, 2014

dont know why they didn't do this years ago. love the dreams here.. to port canaeral would be super cool, though that would need to be a maglev so it could go way fast... they could build a beach theme waterpark :) by the actual beach.

kelknight84Apr 01, 2014

On the TTC side you should be able to still to park in the middle. I havent seen it in person yet though.