Gangway installation underway at the Magic Kingdom ferry boat dock for second level access

28 days ago in "Magic Kingdom Ferry boats"

TTC Ferry Boat dock construction for second level access - September 20 2021
Posted: Tuesday September 21, 2021 10:39am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The first piece of the new second-level access gangway is now in place at the Magic Kingdom ferry boat dock.

The new gangway is positioned between the two existing entry and exit ramps for the ferry boat. When completed, the new gangway will allow guests to enter and exit the second level of the ferry boat directly, without using the staircase onboard the boat.

On the shore near the Contemporary Resort, the elevated gangway is being assembled on a barge ready to be moved into position at the dock.

And finally, here is a look at the Admiral Joe Fowler, where the second-level access points at the front and back of the ferry are now completed.

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DHoy6 days ago

It's not a good looking structure. Wonder if they have something planned to make it less of an eyesore.

Vegas Disney Fan6 days ago

And any gap on the boat will be filled by the boats gates opening outward, which will overlap the inside of the ramps rails.

lazyboy97o6 days ago

The guard rails are on the gangway.

freediverdude7 days ago

My concern looking at it is there is no railing on the ferry around the area where the gangway will lower and connect with the ferry. So people will be walking off the gangway to the second level of the ferry with a small area there where there is no railing. And we know what idiots the general public are/people looking for a lawsuit. Maybe they're planning on a cast member standing right there by the edge.

HauntedPirate7 days ago

I forgot they built the security stations at the TTC...🤦‍♂️

TimeTrip7 days ago

Why would this change lining up for security? That happens before entering the TTC.

HauntedPirate7 days ago

“Introducing Disney Ramp+!! For only $49.99/person/trip, you can walk directly from the TTC to Magic Kingdom Park and back via our MAGICAL Ramp over Seven Seas Lagoon!! (Stopping for photos is an extra $99.99/person/trip)” I am curious to see what this does for ferry traffic, from embarkation to lining up for security.

flynnibus7 days ago

Can we just make a ramp over the whole lagoon ? :)

lazyboy97o7 days ago

It’s mostly stairs. A ramp would be very, very long.

Gillyanne7 days ago

I haven't keep up on this. Does access to the 2nd level via gangway have a ramp? Could this help spread out strollers/wheelchairs/EVC from the first level?

peter114357 days ago

It doesn’t appear to take that much more time. And it’s irrelevant anyway because that doesn’t impact the overall amount of time that it will take between dispatches of the boat. But it will decrease the amount of time that it takes to fill the boat thus decreasing the amount of time between dispatches and it will increase the amount of guests that you can easily put on the boat.

Vegas Disney Fan7 days ago

Even if it takes 10 seconds for the top ramp instead of 2 seconds for the bottom ramp it will still allow them to load the boat in roughly half the time. The end result will be a massive time savings.

flynnibus7 days ago

Except the fact the lower gangway moves like 2ft in one segment... and the upper gangway drops about 4ft and 3ft in two different sections. So yes, there is reason they don't move the same.

Vegas Disney Fan7 days ago

This is probably testing at a reduced speed, no reason the top gangway can’t open and close just as quickly as the lower one.